Saturday, June 26, 2010

DH is up & walking

Oh my prayers have so been answered, he's walking full time - officially from the doctor on Friday. Driving - alas no & believe me he's finding it just as trying as I am, he doesn't like being a passenger...... I am getting used to being told which lane to drive in, which petrol pump to go to & where I should park...... I have patience & generally am easy going . Lets just say the petrol pump guidance didn't go down that well LOL infact I think my mouth opened before my brain was in gear.
This morning we went to a church 'English ' breakfast raising funds for our local old age home, it was fun & yummy & was the start to Alan's first full morning out. Then it was off to the shopping center to grab some yummy food for our trip to Joburg tomorrow, then a stop at our favourite coffee shop for a superb capuchinno & terrible piece of chocolate cake. We shared a piece thankfully because it was not eaten only to find out that the ownership has changed quite sad really. Anyway we won't be stopping in there again. Needless to say he's back with his feet up & has to decide what sport to watch or record or just miss out on !!!
We are off to joburg tomorrow and I am his driver & chief do whatever, but he only has two meetings, a consignment to check up on & collect & its back home again. I am anxious about the Joburg traffic but sooo looking forward to seeing the aloes that are in full bloom on our way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winter wonderful

Durban is cold at the moment & I am loving it... winter in Durbs (as much as we ever get) is lovely clear crisp days with blue blue skies. I love it, the colours are sharper & everything seems so crisp & fresh.
I did dig out my "overseas" warm clothes that only get brought out either for a long trip or when its really nippy.
Mark flew into Durban this morning & both him & Steven are off fishing to Mboytie in the Transkei with a group of mates. They leave at 4am tomorrow and I love that the two brothers enjoy very similar sports etc & they have fun but to have both my boys(26 & 24 but still my boys) on the road together in one car just makes me a bit wobbly. I never show it or put a damper on any of their adventures but until I get a call or sms to say "we're here & ok" I do worry. They are very good at always contacting us & I am grateful for that. As a result the lounge has fishing gear of all shapes & sizes everywhere while they pack.
As the children are all here today & its a public holiday, they have decided to celebrate fathers day doing a dinner for Alan ( orchestrated by DD of course) & that means my kitchen already is in a mess but I love having them all home & even for a short while can enjoy the mess & noise !!!