Thursday, December 31, 2009


To everyone may you all have a Happy New Year and may all your dreams for 2010 be fulfilled.

a few of my dreams........
To be more compassionate & less selfcentred.
To travel lots with DH.
To be healthy all year through.
To have a happy, healthy family.
To see my overseas family.
To do the Alpha course.
To lose some weight before next Christmas.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Family fun & sharing Christmas 2009.

Family Christmas 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Its Christmas eve & everythings done that needs to be. Kylie cooked us all a lovely dinner, we all cleaned up & now its off to relax a bit, shower & off to church at 11pm. Its raining still and has been all day. Hope the sun shines tomorrow as we were hoping to set out the tables outside, otherwise its a bit of a squash but we'll manage it.

To everyone a blessed Christmas full of love, joy & peace.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Yip its that time of the year when we as a family can relax. Its wonderful to be able to sleep in & have coffee in bed leisurely. Normally we are all at work before 7am & its so good to not set alarms and have no staff waiting for us.
Yesterday the whole family went out to lunch to Ballito, it was a late fun relaxed lunch with a wonderful view of the sea. Why ? because Mark is missing the sea being in Joburg & we had to make sure he enjoyed his view. Alan & I commented on how the family really enjoyed being together & it was just a fantastic opportunity for us to see our grown up family laugh, joke & tease each other. We are off to Umfolozi on the 27th as a family for the day - leaving at 3.30am !!! in a hired caravelle (all 6 of us or 7 as there are always friends) this is at the request of the kids......... and back to Durban in the evening. It takes us two & a half hours to get there so it'll be fun.
Today all my boys are off fishing, while Kylie & I check on laundries & generally relax.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holidays at last

Steven's pride & joy " Nkunzi ".
Holidays are here. My DH officially closed today, all staff are off & yay we can relax. Well as much as you can when you run your own business, as DH still gets calls & makes sales but its so relaxed & we just chill. Laundries are running smoothly so heres hoping for late mornings & quite lazy days walking on the beach & in the pool.

As i catch up on all my last minute Christmas cards etc & overseas parcels ( yip they will be late again ... sorry its just me.) DH is doing his last wrapping up of gifts & watching James Bond at the same time. This is good normally he does it on Christmas eve.

Mark & Steven are off fishing tomorrow( if the rain & wind hold off) & that means we are likely to have some very nice fresh dorado or shad. Steven's boat is called Inkunzi - which means young bull & I really think he loves that boat more than anything else !!! Its so nice to see our boys off together & enjoying the outdoor life we have.
I am off to bed & the thought of sleeping in tomorow is just blissful. Good night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming.

Festive feelings are definitely growing in me ! I am usually singing carols & decorating everything, baking etc by mid October.
Well this year it just hasn't happened, not really sure why except maybe its been too many changes & not my normal routine. Still sitting on my bed wrapping gifts last night I was getting into the festive mood, maybe its the case of our tree is up & DH & I sit in the lounge with just the tree lights on mmmm.
Today is a public holiday here, so I am off to get my last 2 gifts & then I can relax & start planning Christmas lunch. This year we will go to Christmas eve church service & we are having a houseful on Christmas day. Its tricky because my SIL is orthodox Jewish but this is her second year of spending the holidays with us, so it takes careful planning & we manage well. She stays with her son in a B & B around the corner from us (a Kosher one) & we have 2 fridges so seperate things & we get pretty paper plates etc. Yes we do do a gammon on the weber outside & it doesn't get carved inside & my SIL helps in everyway. My nephew David eats everything & so its fine. To me having them with us is worth it.
Our one business closes on Friday & that will be a relief, as I can close the office too. The laundries are busy but we all pitch in if needed & they run well under Kylie's management so we all get time off now.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy & healthy, love filled Christmas. May you be blessed with peace and God's love.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday 13 December

  • Our Christmas tree is up & looks good - we always have a live tree its family tradition so had to wait for Mark to come home for the weekend to pick it out.
  • We always get it from the Round Table Charity sales so as to help them help someone not as fortunate as us. Always takes us awhile to choose the "right one."
  • Mark is at the airport & waiting for his flight back to the big city & our house is very quiet once more. Kylie & Steven back at their place & its just Alan & I. Must admit its nice but we do miss the kids.
  • Alan & Steven should finish off their leather sales on Friday but the laundries work right through except for three days over Christmas & a couple of days over New Year.
  • This year our charity choice will be a the Stella Road Presbyterian Preschool - we try & choose a worthy cause & make a committment to the chosen for three months of the next year. This little preschool feeds & schools only poor children - who very often don't have any other food except the breakfast, snack and lunch at the church school. The mothers (mostly domestic workers) give their time by keeping the school clean, cooking at the school etc & its a most incredibly happy clean place with a retired head mistress giving her time in running the school & helping the teachers etc. There are 78 children & we are very impressed.
  • Alan & I are off to church at six and looking forward to that, I love the festive feel right now & the fellowship.
  • I had school lunch on Friday, enjoyed the company very much was a bit unsettled after I came home & I think I must not attend so many school functions next year. I was snippy & horrible at home afterwards & not sure why.
  • Alan & I did a big grocery shop to tide us over this crazy period as I do not like shopping with hordes of people & especially at this time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday blues

Why do some days just get worse & not better. Today was sunny for Durban absolutely wonderful but my day just collapsed in a series of silly & minor problems but they just seemed insurmountable at times, my pc went on the blink (business one that generates invoices etc) so it was manual invoices & moans from everyone. The printer then went on the fritz - so no bank statements downloaded etc, then the new bed for our guest room which was going to arrive at 9am didn't till much later holding all kinds of things up.My DH left for Ladysmith at 4am this morning & it was a beautiful morning it just did not live up to its promise after realising that I was making everything seem like a huge catastrophe I decided to just pray for patience & serenity. My pc was fixed & the printer, the bed arrived & looks great in the room & my DH came home early than expected. I am a person who likes my plans to fall into place & am very impatient ...... I need to learn to not sweat the small stuff & pray for patience. Needless to say we all are up to date and ready to go .

For the last three days its been all hands on deck at our family laundries, the rain has kept us extra busy & boy had I forgotten what it was like to fold & pack laundry.....especially for six straight hours. Our laundry ladies are great & have no problem telling me its not folded right, we had lots of fun & very sore feet by Sunday afternoon. We all help when its like this especially the closer we get to Christmas, we get very busy & its quite nice to see brothers & sister, mom & dad all doing their bit & we do enjoy it, as I say our ladies enjoy us being there and on Saturday we were singing & working & giggling. We have a tradition of doing our bonus & gift day on the 15 December as the 16 is a public holiday & one of our older ladies asked me if I would bring my camera & take some photos of the staff with the family. Its a great afternoon we all finish the work early have a Christmas tea & give out gifts & of course the more important bonuses but every year we try & think up new ideas to wrap the gifts in, last year it was material bags from Kruger National Park which they loved. This year I have hit a blank !!! help its next week Tuesday, the gifts themselves are wrapped but what to put them into.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rain rain rain

Ok I know we need the rain but lets say just abit of sunshine inbetween would be great. Its a bit like our world is damp & grey in Durban at the moment.

Dh & I have to set the table for 2 ! Its very weird but exciting too. Cooking is very easy & thats a plus.

There is an uncanny quiet every evening now.

We are cleaning out our old wall unit in the lounge as its a bit damaged but we have salvaged a lovely scrap cupboard for me too & will move it tomorrow & pack into it. Really pleased.

I have wrapped some of our Christmas gifts so am pleased with that. Trying to be more organised this year.

We were invited to the childrens "house" tonight & Kylie cooked us dinner - very nice & we were pleasantly surprised at how they have settled so quickly. Its a super feeling to see them so independent & capable (which you know really but have to see it in action.)

Off to have my hair cut tomorrow - really looking forward to that. Then off to make table gifts for school Christmas lunch on the 11th of Dec - 34 or so of them. So now I am off to bed.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Well our babies finalised their move yesterday. They left behind dust & a few odd rubbish things lying in their rooms - it looks very forlorn !!!
Mavis my wonderful maid is busy cleaning up two empty rooms & she is horrified they have gone - in her culture its not done.
So we do have plans, the granny flat where Steven lived is to be a new store place for all Alans exotic coloured leather stock & all our camping gear etc - yay some space.
Kylies room will be our spare room, all we have to do is paint it out, get a new double bed ( hers went with her!!) & a new table or dresser. The build in cupboard will house our extra linen, pillows etc making room for me to put craft & scrapping stash into the linen cupboard in our room.
Mark's room is still full of stuff that he will be moving up to Joburg after Christmas & that will be a craft room for me - really can't wait.
Awful but great !!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kylie's picnic

Kylie decided as she was away for her birthday at a friends wedding we would celebrate this weekend with a picnic in Durban's botanical garden. By the lake & in the sunshine. It was lovely & Mark was down from Joburg so we had fun.
The children had fun with ball games with all the "big" children & fed the ducks, hadeedaas & watched the pelican catch & eat fish - really quite amazing.
The female adults were kept amused by all the wedding photos being taken in the gardens - a beautiful setting & wow we saw beautiful brides & colourful bridesmaids- red, burnt orange, green, lilac, purple, champagne, pink & blue. Really nice to see people enjoying & using the gardens.
Here are some pics and now as my menfolk are watching rugby I am going to have a well deserved afternoon nap.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Back home again

Its great to be home after a week on the road. DH & I travel really well together & enjoy the time, I have learnt patience while he does business & normally head for the local shopping center & browse & end up having coffee & reading my book.
We did the last trip up through Polokwane, Louis trickhard, Tzaneen, Hoedspruit & onto Nelspruit & into Kruger National Park for 3 days R & R. Wow I love the serenity,scenery, any creature we watch big & small ( I am a closet birder) & just being in the open bush. Lucky for us it was midweek so not at all busy just very very pleasant.
Time to catch up with laundry, emails and everything else in between.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday 19 November

Random thoughts on this day ;
  • Kylie our eldest turns 28 tomorrow.
  • Both Kylie & Steven are moving into a rented house on the 28/29 November,both Alan & I are very excited we will have our house to ourselves.
  • Scared too - it'll just be the two of us.
  • We are off on a business road trip on Saturday and get back the following Saturday.
  • I have been at school this week changing admin computer sysytems and just loved it.
  • Alan was not so enthusiastic about me being at school.
  • Our children are claiming all kinds of things out of my kitchen - oh I was given this mug 10 years ago by so & so !
  • We are having our house painted on the outside & due to rain every other day its still not finished a month later. Frustrating for both the painters & us.
  • Steven is sanding down his grandfathers cupboard to take with him & its bittersweet for Alan who is very pleased but finding it hard to let go.
  • Its raining again..........

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back home

Loved being with special friends in a magical place but its so nice to sleep in your own bed & wake up refreshed & ready to go. Well maybe not as refreshed as we would have liked as our darling kids had us up & filling them in on everything, plus they still can't wait for presents till morning!!

We really do not appreciate our health till its threatened & I for one really need to learn to appreciate everyday as a gift from God - while I thought I did before I really do now.

Debbie is courageous and practical & is doing the best for her and her family, it takes amazing physical and mental strength to fight the chemo & radiation effects on your body. We talked, cried and laughed everyday but she never once moaned or whinged or anything and I really admire her as well as love her dearly.
Her two sons are coping well, her husband is not he is angry,sad and petrified - how do you help him, he had good man to man talks with Alan & really was more upset than all of us when we left. Our prayers go out for them everyday sometimes I want to rant & rave about it being unfair but then I remember Debs saying "why not me ........"

Love your family & friends everyday, tell them, show them and just immerse yourselves in that love because we do not know what or if there is a tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pics of Maritius

On the yacht with La Morne in the background
At Gris Gris point taken by Debbie

From our balcony 5 steps down onto the beach at La Mariposa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


God created the earth & its awesome. He created so many paradise spots - Mauritius is definately one of them.
I am sitting on my balcony hearing the lapping of waves, watching the boats bob about and its fantastic.

Debbie & I have just chilled out, we have walked on the beach, slept on the grass in the shade (its hot hot hot) and swam in the crystal clear water. There is no better gift than time with a loved one and I have been given this. Her family are overjoyed that we have come to spend time with them.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day on a catamaran, swimming with the dolphins, island hopping and snorkelling on the reef.

God has give me this incredible blessing & I am so enjoying it to the full. Debbie & I have made a pact that if she is alive & well in 2011 - we are taking our spouses away to the rugby world cup in New Zealand so here's praying that will come to pass i could not bear to think of her not here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So close

Ok the books are up to date, the hard slog has paid off.
All returns done & submitted to SARS.

Hair is cut. Pedicure tomorrow.
Pack on Thursday night & off to Mauritius on saturday.(Leave Durban at 06.30am ouch.)

We are off for 9 days to Mauritius to relax ( LOL need it after these 2 weeks) & visit with my best friend Debbie who has terminal cancer. She is nearly finished her 3rd lot of treatment & is taking a lot of strain. She is also very excited that we are coming and her family are over the moon. The boys have already organised fishing etc so Debbie & I will be staying & catching up on all the goings on.

Our family will be running the businesses here in SA while we are away & I am not sure how DH is going to cope not being in control - he needs a break but letting go ouch thats very hard for him.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 22 October 2009

Life is not easy, as soon as you get into a real comfort zone - you are going to be challenged.

When you are challenged you always rise to the occasion - thats our human nature.

I am nearly caught up with my data crisis - books up to date & running day to day.

LOL I am backing up everyday.

Patience is really hard sometimes and I am learning to "slow down" we don't have to run everywhere.

Life is not easy but its good and I am blessed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer blues

Ok don't say it or think it or anything....... my main business pc crashed- dead - zip - gone! No back ups were done for the last 8 months.. I spent the last Sunday running back ups for both other pc's !!!! Durban had a huge storm on Monday late afternoon & in my responsibility I decided to close down & unplug them. A small quiet voice said "do a back up " but in my haste I ignored it. Well my pc just couldn't start on Tuesday morning much to my disgust but I didn't panic as I have fantastic "IT" guys - well they couldn't help my data, my harddrive is now in ICU & they are trying to get something off it.
Guess who is doing the last 8 months over again, I am busy, over the self recriminations (really did nothing to help me.)have heard it all from my family, friends, clients - everybody.
The positive is I have a super fast new upgraded pc with all the bells & whistles. I have upgraded mu Pastel to a super new edition (mine was ancient but worked) & so I am busy busy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week so far

  • My DH & DS are away on a business buying trip.
  • My DD & I are left doing, deliveries,sales & everything in between.
  • We have coped really well & enjoyed working as a team.
  • We have been able to scrap/craft every evening without cleaning up the dining room table. ( we eat at the table every night normally)
  • We have been sorting out our scrap stash & giving a whole lot to our church craft day - yay its made a bit of space.
  • Our microwave died - we need to get a new one.
  • Our water has been off as the corporation are fixing "something" in our road- its amazing how much water means to us.
  • I am learning to let God lead my life & I am trying not to control everything.
  • Its been a great week so far.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flamingos & Kilimanjaro

Mark at the summit

A sea of pink flamingos- wish I had a better zoom.

My week has been hectic but really great.
My DH & I went on a whirlwind business trip,leaving on Wednesday4am to Kimberly & Joburg & back to Durbs in 3 days - believe me its a lot of hours in the car. We did however see the most amazing sight just outside Kimberly, hundreds of flamingos. They were so pink & unfortunately they were glinting n the sun too, so we stopped on the side of the road & took some pics not the best but it was just great to see them.
In Joburg we spent a very short time with Mark our son & I got some pics from his Kilimanjaro trip & got to see his offices & meet his boss etc - it was great to put faces to names & meet these really pleasant people. It really has put my mind at rest & I feel much better about him seeing him settle into his new cottage & work. Children do grow up - moms just never stop being moms !!
We got back to Durbs at 6.30pm & by the time everything was unpacked, caught up with all the kids news we were bushed. It was up early for tea duty at the fete this morning, a great team & fun. We survived. Needless to say we had a very much needed "nanna nap" as my kids call it and this evening we have just blobbed on the couch watching rugby & an old James Bond movie.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy Day Monday

Its a wet rainy grey Monday morning. Its cold & miserable but I have a month end to complete & thats great because I am very productive in this weather.
Our good friends borrowed our tent & are camping at Scottburgh,so I hope the weather improves for them.
Its school holidays so traffic is wonderfully quiet in our suburb & I love that.
My eldest son spent the long weekend with us for the first time since moving to Johannesburg it was glorious having him home & painful bidding him good bye.
This will be a good week & we have a church fete on Saturday - where both DH & I are on tea garden duty so hope it is hot & sunny.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cards & more

Cards & more cards thats whats on the menu for this weekend.
Heritage day was spent catching up on birthday & good luck cards & this evening & weekend its Christmas cards. I have been to a few lessons/card making days over the last few years & never end up using them, but tonight I unearthed all the unfinished ones & just decided - lets do it. Its also a way to use up old stash so I can move on.
Unfortunately in classes you end up making quite big cards - not so good for posting but great for ideas anyway. I am not really a card maker but enjoy it anyway must be the child in me.
Anyway this Christmas I decided we should get back to old fashioned Christmas values & forget the ridiculous commercial hype that happens these I am on the look out for ideas please.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A whinge please bare with me......
Over the weekend I was told that a local scrapbookshop was closing down due to all kinds of reasons the main one being financial, needless to say I was saddened.
Today I decided to pop into the local shop in question to see for myself, its a small local & "thriving" shop - its not the snobbiest in Durban but it serves lots of scrappers like myself & we have good fun there too.
I asked ( I do tend to put both feet in often) what was going on & the owner just laughed there have been rumours even she has heard them - its not good for business obviously but these rumours are started by like minded scrapping enthusiasts which is worse !!!! Why do people get into a "negative mode " & enjoy it ????
Please support your local scrapbook shops & lets be more positive.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scrapping day

Here is my l/o from today. I found the photos when I got home from Wales Uk 2007 - they were just perfect.

It was a Christmas one & can you believe there are 12 or 13 weeks till Christmas - oh my how time flies.

It was fun to be with a whole lot of like minded people just enjoying the company & fun always involved when scrappers get togther. I really love the social aspect of scrapping & learning from everyone at your table is always enlightening. Making flowers is very definately not my thing but when you are been shown something - give it a go.

My DH has been engrossed in rugby today & is still thoroughly enjoying it - from the Aussie/All Blacks this morning to the Sharks/Cheetahs now, so he too has had an ideal day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

15 minutes on hold

LOL i hurt my back during all this cleaning up frenzy so much to our household's delight - the 15 minutes a day is on hold. I did however manager to clean out quite a bit.
Meanwhile I have a list of tasks everyone else can tackle.
I am off to the chiropractor today Heidi always works wonders & its raining in Durban so afterwards will relax & try & catch up with some reading.
I am off to a scrapping class tomorrow at the The Hobby Hut in Queensburgh for the first time so looking forward to it.

On wednesday I cooked dinner for my family & extra for a friend whose ill with emphysema & is on oxygen at the moment. Her mobility is poor but now she is grounded. Kylie dropped it off for me & they were so relieved as her hubby is getting home,cooking, doing a load of laundry & being a nursemaid - he does it all with love but as they are both in their 60's - its just not as easy to do than 5 or even 10 years ago. It just reminded me that small things done in love are very precious to others & I am ashamed to say that often I think about people but don't often do.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 minute clean up

I read in a magazine years ago about spending 15 minutes clearing your clutter everyday will leave you a "clutterfree" house - oh I SOOOOO want one of those !!!
So today having a bit of time decided I would try & just empty the little room off our bedroom we granduously call our "walk in wardrobe" in truth its a very very small room with 2 rails up for hanging clothes & all the floor space gets "stuff" dumped on it.
Well we have a church fete in 3 weeks time & I have been meaning to get some suff together for the white elephant etc - well my 30 minutes turned up 3 boxes & 2 bags full of "stuff".
So all those old magazines that didn't make it to our local old age home, all the pickle jars (washed & cleaned) for the church etc etc along with a good clean out of clothes that fitted me at least three years ago went with love.
I can now see the floor, I also discovered the two storage boxes for photos my son Mark ought me for my birthday so yay - photos to prove it !!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few layouts

These are l/os from our Pilansberg trip scrapping with my sister Cath(my NZ holiday pics) & today Kylie was busy scrapping up a storm so I did this funky KNP one.

I know i should wait for daylight to photograph them & LOL take the protective sleeves off.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10 th 2009

I should have blogged yesterday with 09-09-09, but didn't get round to it. Thats what is bugging me at the moment I don't seem to be doing as much as I used to & no its not getting older...
I get all my book work done, its easy & enjoyable but never seem to be able to scrap during daylight hours or nighttime come to think of it because I get distracted.
If I was out for tea or going with DH on his travels I could understand it but I seriously spend quite a bit of time "wastefully"(if thats ca real word LOL). I blog & then check out lots of others & I chat on skype mostly to family & friends around the globe - its very pleasant just not productive.
I used to work from 6.30am to 2.30pm, do the shopping, get my hair done, drop in on my fav s/b shops just to have a look etc ,cook dinner & then have an evening activity ..... well I don't do that anymore. I never seem to get things done........

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mark summitted Kili yesterday.

Yes he did & is safe, all his group summitted. He only arrives back in SA at midnight tomorrow.

This is the communication we received " Hi summitted yesterday, very hard. I have been sick from day 3. Please tell Maddie. Will phone when back in SA. Love you guys."

Praise the Lord I am just so glad they made it & will be so glad when he's home so we can check him out. His friend Reint & co climber once said Mothers are all the same Mark don't fight it !!!!!

Congratulations to our boy and all the group from a very proud Mom & Dad.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving our lives.

I love elephants (at a safe distance.) the little one was just so cute... At the Tropic of Capicorn in KNP.

A dainty Nyala doe

Hotair balloons in Pilansberg

Kimberly's big hole - its actually lovely & green .

Alan at Kimberly. He lets me take his pic with great reluctance but I don't stop LOL.

Please think about this !!!!!
We are so lucky (all of us) who have a roof over our heads,hot showers, beds & food to name but a few. Never mind the cars, tv's, dstv's, mp3 players, ps3's etc you know what I mean ( my cuttlebug etc)

I am a soft touch & when we were in the middle of Kruger National Park we saw two young (15-16 year old) Mozambiquan boys running through the park - obviously trying to escape to a better life in their point of view. These young boys looked petrified & had a water bottle (old recycled plastic one) & nothing else they ducked out of our view & although we had seen them we did not report them. We did hope they made it because they must have been so desperate to leave all they had and held dear - its not a planned immigration taking everything you can & having something to go to - its just sheer desparation to survive.
They had to face being out in KNP with its wildlife & then the zenophobia in South Africa - not much hope that I can see but they must have some hope. I only hope & pray they make it & something good happens.

Next time I am down in the dumps over nothing !!! I'll just try & remember what I have nor take for granted anythng or anyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call of the Wild

We have spent a week in Pilansberg & then off to Louis trichard for hubby to do business (the really small funny town) then into Kruger National Park at Punda Maria where its hot & dry.
The fish eagles are calling the most wonderful "call of the wild" - if people ask me what comes to mind about Africa I always say the fish eagles cry & the fever trees.
We are off tomorrow to Nelspruit where DH has business then home & I will be very glad to be home again.
My sister & I caught up in Pilansberg where we went for game drives, scrapped & just relaxed. My BIL & DH took us for a bush walk & we were lucky enough to see hot air balloons glide over us ( I am so going to do that one day) it was amazing these huge ballooons filled with excited people just sail through the air. Photos to follow when I am home.
On a more normal note, we got stuck in Louis Trichard so stayed in a AA recomended hotel, it was a comedy of errors - luke warm water, single beds, a conference going on so no extra pillows etc & then dinner took an hour to arrive !! My DH travels extensively & is very fussy no make that Extremely fussy - so he was ok it happens occasionally. The next mornng we were packed & ready to go & breakfast was lovely. We arrived at Punda Maria camp to find out our accomadtion was very unusual - rooms not a rondavel as expected, well tempers were a little frayed after we had travelled on an "african seondary dirt road". We both managed to hit our heads on a low beam & then a small temper tantrum (no it doesn't stop in childhood- 50 year old males are pretty good at it...) Anyway we went down to braai at the communal braais & met 3 lovely couples (one dutch couple) & had such a good evening. It just goes to show how everything really turns out in the end.
I am off now to join DH - he has finished his business calls & its time for sundowners by the river to watch the elephants as we are in Oliphants camp. Viva Africa !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks for comments

Thanks for all your comments I really needed that. Its so good to have some encouragement.

I have just discovered my three darlings have all got bets on how long I will stay at home ! !!! What a cheek so I am now more than ever determined to make this work.

On a more serious note our son Mark is off to climb Kilimanjaro early in September & while I am excited for him I am also anxious too. Its awfully hard letting your kids go ( LOL he is 25 !!) but its still not that easy. He's climbing with four very good friends & they are making the trip in memory of James Dwyer who was killed in action on 27 December 2006 in Afghanistan, I am glad for them all just will be happy when they are all back home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Positive thinking

I have been a bit unsettled of late, probably because I am used to being busy busy & with people all day long. Please note I am not unhappy just out of sorts.

So I decide to take the advice of Bernie about positive thinking on her blog a while back.
  1. I have faith & am loved by God.

  2. I have a warm loving home with two out three children still home.

  3. I have a fantastic husband & even after 29 years are just so together - he is my best friend.

  4. I work from home & am enjoying it. I have freedom & am enjoying it.

  5. I enjoy my bed at the end of the day & I so enjoy long hot showers.

  6. I have good friends who share.

So here is to a fantastic new week to everyone.

On a really positive note Kylie & I went to Giselle the ballet & it was stunning, the dancing, music & just everything. Kylie decided we had to dress for the occasion & I am so glad we did as for once the Durbanites out did themselves.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some holiday pics

Some adhoc pics from our trip.
Kylie in front of the Merlion in Singapore.
Kylie feeding birds in the butterfly park in Sentosa, Singapore.
Jenny (SIL) Jenny & Kylie at the view point in Napier NZ.

Great day by all

This was my last day at school 26 June 2009 with my daughter Kylie & youngest son Steven.

Well I can say I had a fabulous morning. Going to school sports as the guest of honour sounds "grand" it was just so much fun !! Nothing grand just really being part of the supporters, chatting to all & sundry & fun fun fun. Knowing all the children getting trophies was great & it was good old fashioned sportsmanship all round.

Afterwards it was a quick change into jeans & sneakers to play bowls with the local schools... oh my we had 3 teams entered but our team lost both our rounds, we did not quite grasp this sport !! but again it was fun & laughter all round. Being with all my friends & ex colleagues was great. The best part was I won a frozen chicken .... so we know what we are having for lunch tomorow.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having a whinge....

I am back after visiting Kimberly again (not much to do the second time around) and then the big city of Johannesburg. Its always great seeing my sister & brother in law more so as my son is lodging with them at the moment. We haven't seen him in three months & it was fantastic catching up with Mark. He is trying to find his own flat & is seeing lots but nothing has appealed yet. Hopefully soon he finds the one because he is needing a bit of his own space.

My DH always has travelled every week I was always at home because of school, well now I am with him most of the time but its tiring & hotel food is not great all the time - am I abnormal ? or just crazy. I had this "picture" in my head of how it would be ( you know the one of warm fuzzy perfection.) Well its really not. I have been back since the 24 of July but at home for 6 nights altogether. Hmmm we may have to rethink this one.

I have not had time to scrap, or have my hair cut, go to church craft evenings etc etc- yes I am acting like a spoilt brat. I am as a result not going anywhere next week but poor old DH is off to Joburg once more.

On a more positive note its school sports day tomorrow & I am off to be the guest of honour, when asked what I had to do .... keep the principal happy while we get on with it & hand out trophies. I can do that I am so pleased to be off to school.

Monday, August 3, 2009

First day today

Well today was my first real day in the "office" at home. I worked from 8.00 to 14.00, and it was great.......

Then I went off to see my very dear friend Debs in hospital again with another tumour & I was very shocked because I have been away & the chemo has taken all her hair - I mean all her hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no arm hair and it was really a shock. I faulted thinking I was in the wrong room until she spoke to me. Oh my it was just good old Debs. I ended up being asked to leave we chatted till 16.15 and I will be back tomorrow.

I am thankful for my health & all my blessings, but really more so after chatting with Debs & she reminded me to cherish everyday.

Friday, July 31, 2009

YAy yippee our NZ luggage arrives

Yippee tonight just before 6pm our 2 suitcases (sent unaccompanied 54 kgs of clothes, Senz l/os & samples,gifts from my SIL & cuttlebug & lots of 12 x 12 papers and and and )arrived. You can imagine our excitement & pleasure.
Kylie & I thought it was Christmas & needless to say the cuttlebug has been tested thoroughly - by ALL the family ! Boys with toys - what can I say.
It also meant 2 loads of washing & another 2 to go but tomorrow is another day.
I was only home 3 days when my DH had to go to Kimberly on business & he decided I was coming with, off we went & I loved it. Since I had never been to kimberly I did the tourist thing ( quite strange in your own country !!!) and toured the Big Hole,old town, memorials & Macgreggor museum. There are one or two things I didn't see but was pleasantly surprised. We travelled back leisurely & enjoyed our midweek break.
Today I visited school, it was glorious & fun & of course I overstayed my estimated time but came home happy & at peace.
My home office is taking shape, its tidy & I am up to date with the core business books but still have both laundries to get up to speed - not too bad ! Even my DH is impressed (long may it last.) There is method in my madness I want to scrap in the week and can only do that if I am up to date............

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back home but not with it

We (DD & I )are back in SA & wow its good to be home but we are so not with it. Its all a bit fuzzy right now & I will catch up on all my blogworld friends & their happenings & do a proper post later this weekend.
I must however just say to Jenny in New Zealand a HUGE thank you for a wonderful time on our holiday with her it was amazing & I can't wait to do it again. Of course that means saving like mad again & as I have joined the ranks of unemployed (ha ha) my DH will have to pay me handsomely for my work - not in kind either !!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & if you live in Durbs its cold !!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So spoilt in NZ

Well I have been so so so spoilt in Wellington by my SIL Jenny, she has made such SUPER quilted bags for all 4 of us !! not only that but it was full of goodies - a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Jenny in NZ. Wow how great is that !!!! ITs so great being here (chilly but so clean & bright.)
I will post some pics but right now we are trying to save all the pics to a couple of cds so i can take more of course.
Then we hit Kiwi Scraps - so so nice & decided to get a few 12 x 12 papers ( well 56 NZ $ worth) & then onto Central scraps of course I found a few just have to haves..... Then we joined my BIL for a delish lunch - what a great day it was so much fun.
We also found some lovely heritage photos in my BIL albums - after he was bemoaning he had no heritage photos !!! wait till he gets home from work. We will of course copy those photos too & they are doubly precious because they are not with us anymore. So we will be scrapping a lot.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Zealand so far

Antony,Darren,Hayden, Deena & Chloe in Keri Keri
Keegan giving me a "watch me ".
Andy, Kyle, Kylie & Keegan having a relaxing paddle.

We landed in Auckland at 9.55pm on Wednesday evening, flew through customs, got our hired car sorted & were met by my gorgeous neice Ashley & Andy. A friendly south african had popped in to baby sit as of course the two boys were fast asleep. We chatted till the wee hours of the morning & of course were woken up by two very excited boys in the morning at some very early hour. So we had to take Keegan to kindy(3 year old) & Kyle to year 1 (5 years old 6 on the 07 July). Off we went to do sim cards etc so we were back in communication with SA - phoning them at midnight to say hi !!!! oops forgot the 10 hours ahead bit!!!!
We have been to the Skytower, Kelly Tarltons,mueums & kayaking on the Waitakere river mouth & I am not sure who had the most fun - us or the boys. Ashley & I even dressed up as penquins at Kelly Tarltons !!!! We were introduced to the most delish cheese cake shop & NZ scrapbooking shop - oh wow its a wonderful shop & we were extreemly restrained & looked only as SENZ is the main event.
After 4 days it was off on my own (after little Kyle saying please don't go - very heart breaking but I will be back there in 2 weeks) driving down to Keri Keri to see my nephew & family. I was given explicit directions from Auckland but managed to take the scenic route(got lost) but still get onto the main motorway. Well to us in SA - its not so much a freeway like we know but a one lane road with passing on hills. Its wonderful driving down to keri Keri there are so many little stops on the way & such exquisite scenery. I met up with Deena ( my nephews wife) in Kawa Kawa as she had been on call & had to work - very well timed. I followed her the last 20 kms to their house. Oh my I have so missed my nephew Antony,Deena, Hayden, Chloe & Darren - again we talked till wee hours in the morning & skyped home & chatted to DH.
Keri Keri is a "tiny touristy coastal" town but its surrounding bays & beaches are beautiful - Antony has tried to show me everything in 12 hours - I am exhausted. Kylie (DD) is off on her tour of the South Island & glaciers etc.
Off to bed as the children & I are off to Russell tomorrow

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry pcs are amazingly fast a dream come true. We are at Singapore Airport at 06.15 local time, nothing open yet off to check out the shops till we can book in for Auckland at 07.45...... I am going to have a cup of tea while DD runs amok.

Singapore Terminal 3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Packing - why are suitcases not big enough.

Ok everything is ready to be packed, my DD Kylie is already packed & also full of cold !!! Yes its vitamin c, enchinoforce & calcivitas all round in our house.

I do not normally agree to take gifts for others but its always inevitable that I say yes if its small, not because I am mean or horrible its because I always like to take gifts myself & we have a riduculous 22kg weight limit...... well over the last few months I have been accumulating a "few" odds and ends for my family - very small. HA HA - well we had a whole dining room table of things that we had accumulated & we need to take a small suitcase just for the overflow that can't fit into both our cases.

Today we charged camera batteries, did last minute special washing, spent a few minutes catching up with both my BIL & SIL re plugs and adaptors etc. Crossed of lists of "to do's" and actually got a lot done. Needless to say the fact that it is very cold in Durbs today helped.

Very importantly we "packed our scrap bag" but only with bare essentials - oh boy it was awful taking out all your favourite "can't do without" to just pack things like craft knives, scissors, pencils,metal rulers, adhesives etc - really bare essentials - I was putting in inks & brads & flowers & DD was taking them out...... no Mom you can't take your stash of ribbons & flowers no matter how light they are. I am lucky to get my thin & normal double sided tape. Thank goodness my neices & SIL are willing to share... especially my SIL who has extra trimmers etc - so a very big thank you to her ...... I guess that whats so special about scrappers they share & care.

I hope I will update my blog a few times during our trip & see whats happening in blogland too.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow today was fantastic!!!
I was really nervous about having my farewell assembly which is a tradition at Manor Gardens Primary School, especially having to say thank you without crying !!!

The assembly to which my family was invited & all came except for Mark in Joburg... was awesum !!!! Its run by our children (not an adult in sight except for sitting in the audiences) and was amazing. The children read out their little messages which are soooooo cute & funny, and then sing to you about 4 songs all "money" orientated because I am "the money person" Too gorgeous for words & I spoke with a BIG lump in my throat & was so so so overwhelmed by it all. I was given a lovely wood & bronze wall clock (which I chose & shopped for LOL) for my home office & it'll just be another reminder of school. Luckily my colleagues are really good friends & we meet for tea & other crazy things like shoe shopping in Greytown often so I won't miss them too much.

We still had work to do & my ex principal & I were in trouble for taking too long over tea... anyway work done & dusted it was our normal staff end of term lunch & it was just fabulous to relax & enjoy it - its very hard saying goodbye to your comfort zone but I feel so positive about the future & am really at peace with my self. Thanks be to God.

Its back to finishing off my "home" office work and all the last minute goodies before leaving for New Zealand on Tuesday morning !!! Wow I can't believe its nearly here already.

Will post some pics taken at school later........ great that its school holidays & the weekend we can finally relax yay.

Friday, June 19, 2009

19 June 2009

Can you believe it ??? Half way through the year & 5 school days to go !!! Wow that amazing for me, I have 5 days till I leave school. This week has seen tears & goodbyes & lots of fun too (all 3 days of our week.)
My new replacement Janice is delightful & we are having fun, she has worked in another local school & we have met often in conferences etc so its been so easy & fun to hand over to her. Its made this time for me so so easy - so thanks Janice !!
My dear SIL has booked us our classes for Senz yay its just so exciting !!! Thanks to Jenny for her organisation & such quick decisions !!!
This weekend is for relaxation after my last Mothwa AGM I hand over on Saturday - yay.

My ta da list so far ............
  • Finished off Mothwa books & had financials done by auditor.
  • Reports done for Mothwa ladies on Saturday.
  • Scrap booking stash - sorted, tidied & packed !!!!! ( thats a biggie....)
  • All tickets, forex etc safe in my safe place ! ( Hope I remember where it is )
  • Senz classes decided & booked by my SIL.
  • Curry cooked for tonights dinner !!!!!!!

Have a great relaxing & fun weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday at last

This week started off badly for me as I was off sick for three days, but being back at school for two days is really just so hectic. Still we have a long weekend ahead of us as its a school holiday on Monday & a public holiday on Tuesday - yay.
DH & I are off to the Midlands to relax and destress & are so looking forward to it. Its also a last romantic weekend till I get back from New Zealand. We love the Natal Midlands and really feel peaceful there.
I have to say my lists of "to do" are getting done albeit slowly but we are ticking them off and I am glad to be closing chapters slowly.
I hope the weekend brings everyone happiness and peace.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow is it me or is this year flying

Its half way through the year, it feels as if January was just yesterday......

So life marches on and its hectic for our household (not unusual LOL) as this is the time of the year when hubby travels for business & he left last sunday was back on saturday & left at 4.30am this morning and hopes to be back on friday !!!
His travel agent is really a long suffering lady who does incredible things for him in minutes, Monica said once being a travel agent is not exciting its dependable until along came Alan. She is extremely calm & capable & just gets on with it.

DD is off to get her forex today for our New Zealand trip & is very excited, we are trying to get everything done so we don't have the last minute things to do - I am much more methodical than hubby LOL. On saying that we went to get our international drivers licenses & I was the one who forgot her ID !!!! so its another trip to the AA this afternoon.

Hope you day is good & week is wonderful.

Monday, May 25, 2009

a small wobbly

I have a month to go till I leave school.
It's suddenly become very real to me, crazy as that sounds I am very happy to be able to be at home - but its also very nerve wracking giving up my solid school routine.
Just a small wobbly as I suppose is normal and then I think I will be able to go to day time scrapping & this whole wonderful warm feeling fills that space..... okay back on track.

Things I know for sure this day

I love my husband more now than I did when I married him, we have weathered lots of storms and there has been lots of sunshine. Even now when he is away I don't like it.

God has a sense of humour, when everything seems perfect there is always a twist in the tail. Thankfully God normally has the answer too.

I miss my splintered world wide family but a phone/skype call or a new blog to update us just makes my day.

I will never be the size I was 10 years ago, just buy the bigger size LOL. Accepting that has been quite liberating.

My children will always be my children even though they are "adults". Especially when they need something !!

I am happy in my life, it has twists & turns & sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choices but have to live with the consequences but above all I am happy.

Durban has the best winters & right now is my best season.

Scrapping has bought out the creative side of me, as a bookkeeper this has taught me not to be so rigid and its not easy. ( according to my arty daughter this is quite an achievement.)

Accepting your childrens choice of friends or partners etc is not always easy & keeping your opinions to oneself is difficult BUT it generally pays off.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday morning - Excitement building

Its a wonderful crisp winters morning for Durban LOL (16degrees) so thats a jumper, winter shoes & hot coffee........ nevermind that by 9am it'll be warm & lovely.

I am excited to realise that a) its 6 weeks & 1 day till my DD & I leave for New Zealand !!! The last time we were there was 2002 so its really exciting for me to see my nephews who were "little" boys & are now teenagers ! and of course my dear SIL & my BIL.
Also my own neice & her little ones ( I call them my honourary grandchildren my sister & I share happily ) & my nephew & his family who has grown so much . Blowing kisses on skype is wonderful but as I said to Andy (my neices husband) I need one of his big bear hugs.

b) its 4 weeks till my DH & I spend the long weekend in Nottingham Road at Fordoun !!! That will be wonderful & I am grateful that we are able to go to special places and spend very precious time together.

and its only 4 weeks till my new colleague comes into my office to work together till the end of the second term - wow. I am so looking forward to handing over to a "super new bursar".
While I am very sad to be leaving "my" school I am not leaving my friends, I will be able to visit the school at special times & just enjoy.

My DH is very excited that I will be in our home office and its quite contagious to think of having extra time to myself.(my DD just laughs & says Dad will keep you so busy) Selfish well maybe a little, but I do deserve "me" time. Also DH travels every week & I will pick & choose when I go with him.

So no Monday blues for me just a huge excitement building ............

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend at last

Yay its the weekend after a very long week. We interviewed five candidates at school yesterday afternoon & one shone through, we are all very pleased and once she has accepted and signed a contract I can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. I am delighted as I am very passionate about my school and take everything far too seriously according to my family. We started at 2.30 and I got home at 6.00pm.

To celebrate my DH took me out to dinner in Florida road,which is a vibrant buzzing road with all kinds of restaurants up & down it. We had a super dinner at our favourite fish place (outside in the lovely night) but was quite saddened to see so many hawkers & car guards & it really did take the shine off the evening. we particularly like to sit outside because our weather is always so good & its enjoyable...... well we both decided we would give that a skip for a while. I quess its the sign of the times.

This morning after sleeping in (yay) we had to go to the bank as DH deals with an international company & had to do a couple of international transfers, well I so pleasantly surprised as it took him all of 5 minutes to do... so we were able to do everything we needed and get home intime for him to watch his rugby. He is now happily watching his super 14 rugby.

Our son Mark has been in Johannesburg for his second week now in his first real job after qualifying as a CA & is loving it so far. We on the other hand are missing him something terribly which is crazy as we( Alan & I ) really are looking forward to having our home to ourselves - selfish yes but we still have two at home still and a very good family friend has moved in for awhile !!!!! its obviously not on our cards to be quite and peaceful. Our family range from 27-25-23, Kylie having been in the UK and back again and they all are noisy, demanding & very lovable but messy and noisy. So for all you who thought children grew up to be quite, tidy adults - think again. Although on the other hand its so nice to come home to laundry done, dinner done & a tidy kitchen when they feel like it. Its also nice when they come & jump into your bed on those lazy Sundays (yes still at that age.....) so I am not complaining just contemplating...........

Its raining & grey right now so I am off to make tea & snuggle down with a book.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a week so far

We got back to school after having two long weekends & short school weeks which is nice but very disruptive. Any how we had had two huge electrical storms over the weekend & the school phone system was out - our lines damaged by the storms & our server hit by some electrical surge - well no phones & no computers not fun at all.
We are back and running thanks to Telkoms really efficient service & our IT guys. The only thing is they have upgraded us to Vista & oh boy its taking a lot of getting used to. Why do they always want to upgrade us ????
On to better news we start interviewing on Friday for my position and we have 5 good interviews set up so Iam looking forward to that being done.
On Saturday my DH who was sick suggested I go shopping for my trip to New Zealand so I did, as crazy as this is we are hving beautiful weather but our stores are gearded up for winter.....but since it'll be really cold there I decided to take advantage of my hubbys was fun and sad to say I am not a shopper but I did myself proud. New cords (3 different colours) 2 long sleeved shirts, a fleece & a pair of trainers.
Off to have a cup of coffee with hubby who is better but not great, needs lots of TLC.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd one

Last weekends scrapping results.

Cath my sister & I scrapped all weekend - both hubbies were at the Mighty Men Conference in Greytown. It was lovely & just so relaxing & most of all fun....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am still here just

my pc was struck by lightening at school & our phone systems etc - so its been fun & games.
At home blogger just isn't wanting to do a thing- so I am having a spot of bother.
Will catch up soon. I have l/os to post.......

Saturday, April 18, 2009

School has started.....

School has started with its normal chaos and fun, and it was so nice to have a short week.
I have got three very important tasks to do this weekend;

1. Shop for lace & stuff for my "heritage page l/o's " from my SIL Jenny in NZ - so a big thank you to her for the inspiration & hours of scrapping set for Sunday. I also have a gift voucher from my local scrap shop so what a pleasure. "Okay did this one & of course spent more than the voucher LOL."

2. Clean out my two trolleys on wheels which holds all my scrapping goodies etc as my DH has been moaning about it "spreading" which I have to admit it does. "Still not quite done."

3. Finish off our local Mothwa Haven books to go off to the auditors on Monday - probably should be no. 1 but lets be real here!!! Its the last time I have to do this as after 10 years I am giving up all my committee and volunteer work for a while I just need a break for me for a change. "This is not done yet........."

I honestly feel that life is hectically busy at the moment (probably the same as ever) but I just feel bogged down. So I am sure if I can get a few things sorted it'll actually start getting better. I hope everyone has a great weekend & please everyone VOTE on Wednesday 22nd.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oops here are the pics !!! from the last post...

What more can I say this is a wonderful little shop in the Natal Midlands......

My hunters & Jan at Platkop Farm.

Pizza & her two babies. She is patient & such a dainty dog. Alan & a fat baby.... called Donut !!!!!

God's promise of a beautiful day.

Puppies & Chocolate nothing better...

As its school holidays I went on one of my DH's business trips shew its exhausting, I think I will have more sympathy for him now.(That was probably his plan all along LOL.) Anyway I really do not like travelling over Easter anyway. We left Durban late on wednesday afternoon & drove up to Harrismith & spent the night - needless to say us Durbanites forgot any jackets or jumpers & at 05.30am when we left for Jhb it was freezing. Two clients later to deliver & pick up leather, two more in Pretoria & then drop off a load at SAA cargo for a delivery to Nelspruit we left for Durban. This all took till 2.30pm as in Jhb you drive for ages where ever you go !!!! Needless to say it was also the day before Good Friday so traffic up & down was horrific - we decided to stay at Fordoun in Nottingham Road overnight (our haven which we adore) & am so glad we did. The staff are tremendous & friendly & the atmosphere is wonderful & we just collapsed into bed after a super dinner. We woke up at 09.10am this morning - needless to say we did not get to church today but got home after a lazy breakfast & slow relaxed drive. We did stop however at the famous Belgian Chocolate Shop on the way home - pics above just to get our children some more Easter eggs - just couldn't resist.

The little bundle in DH's arms is one of a pair we so so wanted to bring home but they are already taken, you can see the Mom "Pizza" she is lovely & good natured & her puppies adorable.

The chocolate house !!!!

A South African sunrise - just nothing beats it.

My hunters on the farm at Harrismith .........don't bother I have heard it all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

School is out for Easter

Thank goodness school is out and we are on holiday for a very short Easter break.

I wish everyone a very Blessed Easter & a wonderful Holy week coming, its such a wonderful time of our christian lives.

I have after a lot of time pondering and discussion - resigned from school & will be leaving end of second term. Both really exciting & really scary!!!

Still DH & I did the grocery shopping (really blah) and Easter eggs for family (fun part of shopping) and I went off to relax and had a pedicure - what a lovely way to start the school holidays.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Life comes in all shapes & sizes.

We had a horrendous week last week, with my DH having one of his "loyal long working staff" caught stealing - leather hides. DH deals in leather so it was awful to hear about it, see the proof and then go to deal with the police (who were outstanding) and then have the police arrest him, go & search his house & find more evidence & then DH had to decide what to do ???
The staff member was put in a holding cell overnight & DH contacted his lawyer, then our doctor (who is a good friend) and then our minister at church ( luckily an ex policeman too) - well it was decided at a family meeting afterwards - the person needed to be charged & prosecuted, no jail as this is pointless (they come out hardened criminals) and a suspended sentence & his job back on conditions .... (this was hotly contested but we decided to go with the ministers Christian advice) well after DH bailed him out after one night it was terrible to see how scared and sorry he was and after the Friday of sitting at court actually going through the prosecution and sentencing it was awful BUT the correct thing to do. So it was over and done with & this morning a very bashful staff member was back at work and then had a hearing re his conditions etc.

Hopefully this week will be better and go well. DH is a great believer in people and he has been really badly affected by all this. So we go forward at a slower but more thorough pace and pray God gives us direction.

We spent the weekend at our friends farm in Harrismith & its beautiful, the cosmos are out all over, the blesbok are so stunning and they have 4 week old puppies - just 2 of them little jack russel puppies. We really would have loved to put them both in the car & kidnap them but no we didn't. So with the bad comes the good and life goes on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boys back home - Just another day in Paradise.

My boys are back home from a quick trip to our cottage in Mozambique, Tofo to be exact. They went up with a few other guys in the syndicate to do some repairs to the cottage. They are so brown from the beach & fishing & they thrive on it - I am quite envious after seeing the photos (some of which I have uploaded).
1. View from Casa Barry deck onto the beach.
2. One side view of & from our cottage.
3.Steven supervising the "workparty".
4.Steven's catch of the day on Friday 13 off his paddleski - oh wow he was over the moon.