Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Well its the 24th of December 2011 & I can't believe its here. Where has the year gone.

This year has been one of great joy, family fun & a family crisis which is ongoing and has hurt many people. I am praying that 2012 will be a more peaceful year.
I always try & count my blessings before Christmas day & know that i am really blessed & grateful for everything.
This year I was more organised & everything was done in advance & its really a good feeling, it also allowed me to not be caught up in all the busy hub bub & thats been fabulous.
Crackers are made, salads are done or halfdone, meat is prepared just need to be cooked tomorrow, table is laid & we are ready. DD is busy dipping strawberries into chocolate, hope some are left for pudding tomorrow.

Our family always have a simple dinner tonight, off to church & back to put out presents & sleep. We are blessed having, extended family & friends to spend the day with us tomorrow.

A Blessed Christmas to everyone & keep the hope & love & joy in your heart all year through.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family 2011

This was taken by Miquel Lopes Capelo Photographic, he was such a laugh put us at ease & was finished with us in 25 minutes. The family were there under duress but hey it worked. For any Durbanites - his contact number is 074 1020234 & he is so super, very casual & confident.

We have been away since Monday 19th at Pongola Game reserve & it was blissful, quiet & lots of family fun. Fishing, fishing oh did I mention fishing. I am glad to be home but the traffic & crowds are too awful for words but its back to real life. Photos for another blog right now I want to shower & relax before doing my last grocery shopping before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December rush

November was so busy, we had so many functions & people staying over it was lovely but rushed, and now December is trying to rush me too & its very very very hot & humid here in Durban.

My SIL from Johannesburg spent some time visiting & it was lovely but stressful too, she is an orthodox jew & I had to do a lot of special cleaning, sort my fridges out so no meat & dairy were together etc & make sure we had nothing offensive in the fridges. So it was lots of salads & veges & fish, no meat or chicken for her at all. It was paper plates & plastic knives & forks etc. We did have fun & went out on her last night to a super restaurant that was so lovely to us too.
I was glad she visited & was quite glad to see her go - lol sounds awful but she is 15 years older than my DH & is very settled in her ways. I am just very grateful that they both make an effort to see each other. Their aunt & uncle came for lunch & they are in their eighties, fit & able, but they are very rigid in some ways - eg they eat lunch at 1'oclock not twenty minutes later etc - I was so glad to see them being taken home as between SIL & them - they demanded attention ! LOL I have told my kids welcome to a preview of your life, it was quite funny after they had gone.

Our DD turned 30 on the 20th of Nov 2011 & don't ask me where the time has gone - its staggering but we all enjoyed a lovely evening out at Ile Maurice in Umhlanga where we all indulged in sumptious food & wine, followed by sinful puds & irish coffees. Very yummy. Her celebrations continued with a braai at our house on the Sunday for family & friends - so casual & relaxed but equally good. Photos to follow my pc isn't playing nicely today.

My hubby returned home from Aus & NZ with lovely photos, memories & a lovely stash from me from my darling SIL - woo hoo a big thanks to Jen, she is one special lady. He had such a great time & I do feel sorry for him because he is really missing his family overseas its so hard at this time of the year.

My best friend came out from Mauritius with her hubby & we just loved being with them, its very special as she has cancer & being able to travel was such a blessing to us. Both hubby's give up because we always have so much to talk about & never get tired, even though we normally only see them once a year its like yesterday & we just have never lost that special bond & I know we never will.

I am glad to be ticking off last things eg last Mothwa meeting, last Bible study for this year, Christmas lunches etc - they seem to just be all on top of me but I am trying to keep my equilbrium - long may it last.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RIP Jean Elizabeth Curtis

RIP Jean, a very dear friend in every sense of the word.

She was just Jean, we were a trio, Sharon, Jean & Jenny - we were meant to meet for scrapping tomorrow as usual - she didn't cancel, she didn't say goodbye.......... she just died.

Theres a hole in my heart Jean & while I will cherish everything we have shared, I am so terribly sad and bewildered.

Our boys have been friends since they were toddlers, there is no distinction between yours & mine and I feel their hurt, loss & sadness.

God's love & mercy on your dear family till we meet again and be at peace now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

01 November 2011

Can you believe it, its the first of November & I feel as if I am on a treadmill and just going nowhere.
Not that I have been unproductive, my DD had an idea to make Christmas bunting for her laundries to cheer them up over the festive season, it was a great idea until, I realised I was the one doing the sewing & then it was oh not such a good idea. Needless to say the weekend was spent cutting, sewing & finally we finished it tonight. Whew or so (sew) I thought, then it was her open day for her craft shop coming up so we needed some pretty pink bunting. Mmmmm I am thinking conspiracy here.
DH is winging is his way to Auckland today & has been so enjoying his family visit, I can't wait to see the photos.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

Linda, Cathie(Birthday girl) & Gwen !!!! Fun fun fun

Posing for the official photo - friends are precious.

This cake was made by a lovely friend Lianna who has only made two before !!!!!

This month has been hectic, the first of October was our church fete, hard work, good fun & it went so well with funds being raised.

The 08 of October we had a surprize birthday party for my sister's 60 th birthday in Joburg, we live in Durban & it was quite busy getting everything organised but it went off so well & though we were all tired travelling back to Durbs on the sunday - I would do it again in a heart beat. We had a garden party theme such fun & my DD did so much work with flowers & decor.

The 13 of October & I was winging my way to Cape Town for a Mothwa conference with 16 other Durbanites, it was fun & festive but hard hitting too as we had to make hard decisions about the Mothwa Havens we all help run & raise funds for. Sunday coming home our plane was delayed by an hour and a half - needless to say we were ready to come home.

This Thursday my DH left for Australia & New Zealand & boo hoo I am at home maintaining the status quo with the businesses.

So I for one am really glad its Friday, even though I am working this weekend, scrapping with friends in the afternoon & then its going to be shoes off & feet up LOL.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boys & their toys

Life is hectic & I am exhausted, that seems to be my constant cry right now.

We are in Johannesburg on business, its fast & the traffic is oh so busy. My DH is involved in automobile leather so we were vip visitors to the SA Motor Show today, it officially opens on Saturday for the public & WOW - it was incredible, I have never seen so many men drooling over cars, trucks, hot rods & 4 x 4 toys. There were so many 4 x 4 ramps etc & there were no shortage of guys waiting for their turn.

There were so many foreign vips & it had a fantastic vipe. I must admit I was impressed but oh my feet were sore after six hours.

Tomorrow there are two meetings & I am off to Sandton to relax & maybe shop.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Collage from picasa

My first collage done in picasa - if anyone has any tips for this very frustrating picasa please pass on.

Rugby World Cup 2011

WOW & congratulations to New Zealand on the most amazing opening of the RWC 2011.

I wish I could have been there it was incredible, now my boys will be busy for 6 weeks breathing,eating & sleeping rugby, rugby oh & more rugby.

Enjoy the RWC 2011.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photos for last post

These trees were stunning to me.

Reflection after we had all finished

Walking in the red lanes - the black represents walls or hedges.

St Stithians & Pilansberg

We visited the labryinth at St Stithians in Joburg it was really incredible & I enjoyed it, we all walked it in silence & even though there were 5 of us it was so peaceful & serene.

I really would like to see the one at Margaret Roberts Gardens I believe its lovely.

There is so much available to us to see & do & often we don't look in our own areas.

Back home too soon

We spent the last 8 days with my sister & brother in law in Johannesburg & then onto our time share in Pilansberg. It was great & we laughed & had such fun, took lots of game drives even squeezed in a neck, shoulder & back massage. Just bliss - this is time my sister & I just catch up on everything & we love the special time. Both our hubbys are close & good friends and the 4 of us just enjoy it.
Friday morning dawned & my darling hubby was seriously ill with a tummy bug, so we packed up & my BIL lead & I drove from Pilansberg through Joburg & then we said tearful goodbyes & I drove straight to Durban - a 10 hour journey in all. Lots of stops along the way but I arrived at Entabeni Hospital at 8 oclock.
The E & A staff are great, took one look & said we'll take him through, you go & park & then do the paper work.
Well 4 hours later, 3 drips later & meds & blood work, we left the hospital & got home - oh yay it was good. Hubby showered & collapsed into bed I followed.
This morning our kids arrived, unpacked the car, bought flowers for Dad (he loves them) shouted at me for not stopping at a Jhb hospital - which we did think about but made the decision to push on. Told us to relax & they will bring us dinner tonight ! Now they are not always angels but today I am soooo grateful for them.
Hubby is watching rugby in bed & we are both just chilling out - we have decided its a pj's day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Friday started off in such a good positive way, but then my kid's house was burgled & I felt all kinds of emotions, but being a Mom you suck it up as you need to give support to your kids.

The two teenagers who broke in through a trellidoor burglar guard in the bathroom, vandalised the entire house, nothing remains in a cupboard, drawer, table except the kitchen - didn't even bother to go in there.

DD had all her jewellery stolen but the did drop some of it as they ransacked the place, and the only piece that was so precious to her they left behind. It was my Mums rings made into a ring of her choice for her 21st birthday. Needless to say we are all grateful. She was devastated & its awful as a mom when you can't fix things, its frustrating & heart breaking.
DS is away only gets back today but his computer is fine thats all he was worried about.

The positive thing was the police were there very quickly, were very nice & sympathetic. They said its typical of a drug related robbery where they just need a quick fix, so stuff their pockets & my kids back packs with as much as thy can.
We are still waiting for the fingerprint guys though.
The trellidoor people were very helpful & secured the window guard again, a new one arrives on Monday,
We were given permission to pick up the clothes only, and 8 bags later these were dropped off at our laundries to be washed & ironed again.

So as we were on our own last night DD & I sat up watching tv & eating comfort food.
Both of us didn't sleep well & this morning we decided to get as much done as possible & relax.
DH & DS will be home about 5pm today & I will be very happy to have them home.

We don't have alarms in our both of our houses & I think its time we got one but I hate the thought of having one & de activating & re acivating an alarm yuk, we also don't have electric fencing etc & I suppose thats an option too. Both DD & I think we just need to get 2 puppies each - we are trying to put that one forward first.

I love Africa & its freedom but theres always a price to pay for freedom.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bubbling with Joy

Today I am bubbling with joy. Yoo hoo.
I have a fantstic group of ladies who meet together every Wednesday for bible study, fellowship etc.
Every month we celebrate birthdays by going out to tea & having a good time.
Today we celebrated three birthdays mine included & the morning spent with special friends having fun is wonderful. We were all spoilt but its the friendship thats the best thing, knowing you can confide in, be supported, laugh with & cry together is extra special.

So today is a wonderful, fantastic day & even though I am at work now, I am still glowing with tht special feeling. Even my hubby who is away said he could hear my happiness.

Hope everyone has a fabulous, God blessed day.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Fish in Mozambique

Really lovely decor for the HPS fundraiser

Tracey's l/out was the first of the day.

Photos I hope. Blogger has been driving me mad.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo post of Hillcrest Primary Fundraiser & Mozambique

The Saturday before we left for Mozambique, 3 of us went to the second HPS Fundraiser with Tracey Shimper & Vanessa Matthews - as always those two ladies are outstanding. We had great fun & to think that the school hall was transformed into such yumminess. Great time was had by all , looking forward to the next one.
Mandy from Crafts from the Heart is also having a spring scrapping day on 03 September.

I am always amazed by the fish that are carved are from wooden blocks & I always wonder at people who create such incredible things out of nothing.

Travelling back to SA on Tuesday was my birthday, it was different but nice, hubby & I just chilled out & enjoyed our day, exhausting though we left at 4am & got home by 6.30pm, a long time in the car. I also drove for quite a while so hubby could nap & it was the first time I had driven in Mozambique, so I was quite pleased with myself. We got home to a cooked dinner thanks to DD & YS. Always so nice to not have to cook and we caught up on all the news. I had a great day & received so many messages & wishes it was fabulous. We had dinner said goodnight, kids went home & we slept so peacefully in our own bed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Travelling to & from Mozambique

We left very early on Friday morning (4.30am) through Swaziland into Mozambique, through the hustle & bustle of Maputo into the calm of Tofo, Inhambane. Passing through Xai Xai, Bilene etc. I love the trip once we are out of Maputo & I enjoy the changing scenery, through the flats, over the mighty Limpopo river, through the marsh lands into the coastal areas full of cocoa nut trees & beautiful blue blue sea.
We came through heavy rain, and I wonder how the locals manage but they do, they really are inspiring - they are friendly, hospitable, very artistic with their local arts & crafts & so so practical.
We went to do business & hubby loves dealing with the locals.
Needless to say we dined on prawns & crayfish & local pau (bread). As we just had a short time we didn't get any fresh fish & I missed that. Our cottage is becoming like a second home at this stage but I think thats the travelling for this year over.
Tomorrow we leave for home at 4.00 am to be home by six - six thirty depending on the border posts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You know you are in Johannesburg when

  • the traffic is crazy & never stops.

  • your gps wants to take you a route that doesn't exist anymore because of continuous road works.

  • its freezing cold (especially for Durbanites).

  • your son says its close mom only an hour away !

  • you spend most of the time in the car gettin somewhere.

I kid you not its a crazy busy place & while I love visiting Joburg especially family its really daunting to me, and driving here - oh my gosh give me Durbs any day.

Hubby is on business & I get to meet up with family & friends, I enjoy the quaint coffee shops & fabulous shopping malls & the scrapping stores really put Durbs back in the dark ages LOL.

Home tomorrow via a friends farm in the bush somewhere & looking forward to my own space.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shongweni Market

This morning at 6.00am we went off to Shongweni Market, about 30 minutes out of Durban, it was dark & freezing, 5 degrees when we got there. Myself,DD & YS headed into the market, its outside & it was not quite light but oh my so cold. Its a beautiful area, & the whole hedge is just Red Hot Pokers & they were stunning - i didn't take my camera - silly girl.
Fortified with hot coffee, we set off & explored. Its wonderful & we bought hormone free meat, fresh veges, newly picked mushrooms, lovely cheese, DD bought a geko blank to mosaic, YS bought a key holder out of some arty metal very nice (bit too arty for me lol) & we had breakfast - potatoe rosti with bacon & tomotoes, poached egg & hollandaise sauce, simply yummy. I saw lovely wellington boots - you just choose your pattern & they make them into designer wellies.

We came back to Durban very happy & mellow. DD went off to have her hair done, YS went fishing as the sardine run has hit Durban & we have been having fresh fish thanks to him.

Then its rugby, royal wedding number 2, start of the Tour de France (my favourite sport event) & oh yes more rugby.

I have been so busy that I am just relaxing this weekend & feeling good about it too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18 2011

We are back home after being in Kruger National Park for pleasure & then in Mozambique for business.
I love travelling but I miss my regular routine too.
I love being with DH & we travel so well together but I miss my friends too.
I love coming home & flopping on my bed, showering in my shower & being able to do what I want to do.
Yes i sound like a spoilt brat but thats just my true feelings LOL.
Today has been a long meeting for me with Mothwa & checking up on our local Haven(residential home for 22 ladies with minimum finances), we are all volunteers & its fun but its also serious & sometimes we get caught up in our residents' drama & squabbles (average age 70 & they still fight like kids !!!) & today was one of those days.
My hubby on the other hand has been watching rugby, which means up very early for some New Zealand games & now is engrossed in the Sharks versus the Bulls ! This is a crunch game & I try & do something else - they take it far too seriously for me.
Not sure how much sleep we'll be having over the Rugby World Cup!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tired but Happy

Today was hectic, up early to set up a scrapping stationery stall for our local church, man it till relieved at 10am.
Off to an Emmaus reunion at Serepta Church in Gillits, a lovely church & wow such powerful praise & worship. Woo hoo I love to sing (don't do it too well but tough !!!) & a bring & share lunch.
Off to my last meeting of the afternoon with the Mothwas & then home. Whew hectic but great to put my feet up & enjoy coffee with the family. Our eldest son is down from Joburg & I LOVE having my family altogether. I chatted with my brother & wife in the UK (Kent)last night & its so nice to catch up but it makes me miss them too.
Boys are now settled into watching the rugby, DD has gone to her house to read under her duvet as its a bit chilly in Durbs lately, which leaves me to get dinner "thought" about & get going, as all the family come to us if we are all together.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Voting day

Ok we all voted after 2 hours in a queue, I must admit the people around us were fun & it wasn't too bad a wait. There were times when I thought I should come back later but no we stuck it out.
On a really fun note our youngest off spring, produced a David Cassidy / Partridge Family LP for me as he was asking me about my teenage years "favourite music" it was really great & hilarious to listen to it. Wow that was a fair while ok.
After that my DH took me for brunch & I bought some new shoes !

Not a bad voting day at all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011

Whew half way through May 2011 already & I am not sure of where its gone.

I am sure of the following though ;

  • I love my DH more every day & can lean on him ( a lot lately).

  • My children are very special to me but definitely are adults in their own right.

  • My home is my refuge & I praise God for it daily.

  • I am not too sure I should be working from home - I miss people.

  • I am so sure my weight is affecting my energy levels but am loathe to do anything.

  • I am battling to get my positivity back & need to work on that.

  • I am finding my walk with God difficult sometimes & need to work on that.

  • I am so grateful to be able to work on the Emmaus walk 91 this weekend.

  • I am out of sinc & it shows in most of what I do or don't do these days.

  • I am definitely going to vote tomorrow.

  • It looks like I need to put myself back into "the tough get going mode " & dump the "woe is me mode" lol.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love or hate

Wow strong words but I am hurting & angry. I thought I would just vent for myself so maybe I can see or justify someone elses decisions.

  • A very close family member is off seeking himself ? what about the family he has left behind - I love him dearly but right now hate what he is doing to his wife and children.

  • Am I wrong in being upset ? does he have a right to just leave ? what about his children & wife - what about their feelings.

  • I know life sometimes gets to you( it sure does to me too) & I would like to run away too, sure I would like to have no responsibilities or put up with lifes messes & irritations. But isn't that where we just get stronger & it does get better.

  • Yes I know sometimes children drive you round the bend (mine are still doing that & I love them for it) and rules & boundaries get pushed, broken - even torn down. But you need to be there picking up the pieces & dusting yourself down.

  • Am I being one sided am I judging here - yes I quess I am but it still makes me mad.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fishy Tales

Vetchie's Beach with competition sponsors etc.

My lot!

Howard College after the Easter Service - the gardens are lovely.

Being Easter weekend means its the annual fishing competition in Durbs ! Which means our youngest son is up at 4am every morning as well as we are because Dad drops him & his jet ski off at the Durban Ski Boat Club before five to be launched with hundreds of other mad fishermen !!! Dad drops him off so he doesn't have to worry about parking his truck etc - still spoiling him at 25 !!!! He lives up the road from us & its easy for Dad to just jump in as he comes past - I don't think either of them would have it any other way but I would love to sleep in for once LOL.

So while we went off to a beautiful sunise Easter service at Howard College steps (UKZN uni) we came back to be his support. I really thought our days of seconding in competitions, bike races, marathons etc were over but I am constantly reminded its never over.

So we spent most of the afternoon at the beach with numerous others, I must admit it was cool but still there are children playing & swimming in the water & it was lovely to see so many boats & people enjoying the beach.

There were lots of new "toys" on show & I cannot get over how many men(including mine) can drool over, motors, boats, safety equipment, radios etc but they did & do.

Still it was great to see the enjoyment of all, we walked & chatted to a lot of boats beached on the shore all the same story - not many fish & a multitude of explanations ! LOL.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Blessed Easter

A very Blessed Easter to all.

Praying for Hope



Monday, April 18, 2011

What a week take 2

Ok deep breaths;

  • DH had an accident on Wednesday between Izilgolweni & Harding - remote rural area, he was very blessed & is at home alive , not so for his trusted LDV. Not a good phone call.

  • My sil's Dad passed away after a debilitating illness. Not a good phone call.

  • My best friend has become resistant to her chemo therapy & both tumours have increased in size. Not a good phone call.

  • On thursday my DH & DS were involved in a fender bender in son's LDV. Whew not good.

It was really a trying week but onward we go & I hope everyone has a fabulous Holy week leading up to Easter & a Christ filled break. We need it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Yay its Friday.

I am babysitting DD's favourite bears as she is in the process of unpacking boxes stored while she lived in the UK ( 2 years ago !!!!). She is going to take them to her house soon & the rest of it stacked now in the spare room.

Whew I am so glad its Friday, firstly my boys including DH have gone off to Harrismith to have a hunting weekend, I know the farm is wonderful but I decided to stay at home alone !

Just to catch my breath & have some peace & quiet, I love my boys dearly (including most of the friends too) but am just wanting some down time. Its already peaceful & quiet, my domestic is finishing off to also go home & start her weekend. DD visited to see if I wanted to go out with her tonight to a movie - no thanks.

Bubble bath, candles & a good book.

Eating when I feel like it & of course a clean tidy kitchen.

Chilling out & just doing what I want to do yayyyyy.

Hope everyone's weekend is great.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding pics

Whole family, brother & sister & families.
Hayden (firstborn), Deena, Antony,Chloe (second born) & baby Darren.
Deena & Antony. 26 March 2011.

Prayers are answered, these are of my nephew & his bride for the second time & their family.

We could not be there as it was in Keri Keri New Zealand.

They are small but it was so great geting them as we love them lots & miss them tooo much.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Off to Joburg & the Cape

Well I so enjoyed sleeping in this morning as its a public holiday & we are packing for a business trip to Joburg & then off to the Cape via Bloemfontein. Its a long trip but DH & I stop & look, have coffee & cake breaks & just enjoy the time together. I am the one who books accomodation etc & plans the mileage etc & generally it runs smoothly - of course we have had a few surprizes along the way but we both have a sense of humour & adventure - helps a lot.
I am so blessed to be able to travel with DH & always remind myself of this when, he's in a meeting that tends to go on & on, he is busy packing leather etc. I always take my journal, camera & a book or two.
Bon voyage.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on life in Durban

Its hot & humid, really hot !!

Our friend with the emphysema is coping really well & surprising all of us, I am glad for her but still worried. Her youngest son is in the British Army & is going back to Afghanistan in April, he doesn't need this in life & we are trying hard to be totally unbiased - not easy believe me. Her hubby on the other hand is fretting & missing her terribly. It has made me realise that when we have someone whom we love - love them everyminute & tell them too.

Debbie is busy with chemo & its not good news, the blood tests are not good so now we wait. I must admit to sometimes forgetting God has the master plan & I do not. My DH calls me Mrs fix it !!!

On the other hand there is good news, my nephew & his ex wife are getting remarried at the end of March so we are so pleased & thankful. Thy have had an on off, divorced etc relationship & now its been ten years and they have decided to commit themselves.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad tales

Its the 2nd of March 2011, not only is the year flying but i am really having a hard time with everything right now. Coping with 3 financial year ends is not helping.

A couple who we have been friends with for over 25 years are in huge trouble, their two children are the same age as our daughter and eldest son. Well on Friday night everything blew up & they are now seperated, it was ugly & devastating. The wife just locked the husband out - unfortunately she has emphysema from smoking all her life & can hardly do anything (20% lung function.) from bathing to making a cup of tea. Its been devastating because she has always been such a motivated energetic person. She has for the last 6 years been so depressed but will not take medication & wallows in this which has made her bitter & difficult to be around. To the point that my DH told me it was even affecting me when I spent mornings with her. Her hubby is dear, he adores & loves his wife & its tragic. I don't know what to do & its difficult my DH & I are trying not to be biased but its difficult. I want to fix it (yes I am such a Pollyanna) but am struggling with the ugliness.

My best friend's cancer is in late stages & I am finding that harder especially with the distance between us (Mauritius) & I am even finding it hard to chat to her because all I want to do is cry & right now thats not what she needs. I am praying for a miracle as are lots of people but its devastating to see her going through yet another bout of chemo & probably radiation, her hair is again falling out she is sick & the cancer is query not operable this time. Her family are devastated, her two boys are the same age as our two boys & they are so dear. Yesterday Damien told me to come & stay in Mauritius because his Mum listens to me when I talk to her & I help her, needless to say its heartbreaking. Please pray for Debbie all those who believe.

My DH & son are on a business trip & will be back on the weekend, I really can't wait but of course won't upset them either so just put the brave face on whenever we speak.

Life goes on regardless though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is good today 17 Feb 2011

Loved this sign !!

My kind of boat !!

Today is Maddie's birthday (DS girlfriend) & she is lovely, so happy happy birthday Maddie hope it was a day of dreams.

The only thing that drives me nuts here in our little bit of paradise is mozzies ! They bite me not hubby why who knows. I have tried everything, at about 4pm I get about 8 lots of mozzie repellant coils & start burning them - I think they make no difference. So anyone with answers or tips please help. They even get under the mozzie net.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inhambane Town

The rain coming in

We ventured into Inhambane this morning, to get gas, electricity vouchers (we have a meter here) fresh pau (local bread) and some chocolates of course.

Inhambane is a town recovering from a long drawn out civil war, there is a feeling of hope & progress here, the people are so happy & friendly. Our cottage fridge has given up the ghost after 14 years not bad & there is no one to fix it that we can find so we went looking for fridges too not expecting much. Well we were pleasantly surprised the local chinese and a couple of indian shops had some. We eventually narrowed it down to a defy for 17500 mets - the exchange rate today was 4.29 rands to the met. We emailed the committee to get the go ahead - still waiting. In the meanwhile we are using one of the freezers as a fridge and we are fine.

The sun shone brightly this morning but at about 2pm the wind picked up and turned the sea on its ear & the rain squalls began - we had got a touch of sun this morning in town walking around and of course in the pool after town so I had a lazy afternoon sleep woken up by hubby with coffee.

Last of the fresh fish tonight with chips & salad & we are going to enjoy chocolate ice cream later mmm no wonder we love relaxing here.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to Mozambique

We left on Friday morning, travelling up to Blue anchor inn just 50kms outside Maputo. It was such a lovely trip & the borders were a breeze both Swaziland & Mozambique side. We left Blue Anchor early 4.30am on Saturday morning & were at our Tofo cottage by 10am unpacked & relaxing.
We had bought a fresh baracuda from the rowboats on the beach by 12pm - its fantastic to go down as they come in & buy fresh fish. Needless to say fresh fish & salad for dinner.
I love Mozambique, the scenery is gorgeous, the sea & Tofo bay is wonderful, the beach sand squeaks as you walk on it & its very hot, very hot - we are blessed to have a small pool & we live in it if we are not on the beach or swimming in the sea.
The local Mozambique people are lovely & laid back & happy. We support the local market for fresh produce & of course the fisherman in the boats & we have got to knw a few quite well.

The best part for me is only hubby & I here, so I get lots of me time - its quite & peaceful, I can read, scrap & walk on the beach for miles just swim when you get hot and relax. Its just so blissful & I must admit it restores me. I love the time for me to read my Bible when the sun is coming up or going down - its incredible.
I know we may not get up here again this year because we want to visit the Kalahari but still I just make the most of everyday.
Well off to stir fish curry for dinner & a nice cold drink will be great now. Its hot but the wind is picking up apparently there is a cyclone hitting Madagasgar which means we will get the bad weather too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sad today just for a while.

Its the 2nd of Feb 2011 & I am sad ! My very good friend has another tumour & its not an option to operate at this stage - so its back to chemo followed by radiation & lots of prayers. The worst thing is she lives in Mauritius far away & today we were chatting but she really just needed a hug. Its hard & makes me sad.

My SIL has issues with her Dad & she lives in New Zealand - no hugs either or taking them a meal so she can visit with her folks or just being there. I find it hard on me & more so on them. I so believe family lives are meant to be intertwined.

I guess sometimes there is time for quiet sadness but I don't deal with it very well, so I think getting it down & out there is my way of just trying to deal with it.

These roses make me smile and remember that even something so beautiful still has thorns & life isn't always sunshine & flowers.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27 January 2011 - life as it is

Ok yesterday we celebrated our 31st wedding aniversary, we are blessed with a fantasic marriage, we've survived the swings & roundabouts, dips & pits & had wonderful fun, extreeme pain & tons of love, laughter & partnership. I love Alan absolutely & hope to spend lots more years together.

Kylie (DD) had her car window shattered & her hand bag & laptop stolen. It was awful & we have done the new ID, new drivers license & am dealing with the car insurance etc. I have to admit to having to say lots of prayers and remember - forgiveness & love. She was parked right outside the bank !!!

I started going to a new Bible study on a Wednesday morning with a fantastic bunch of ladies, its fun & fellowship at its best & I am so enjoying it.
We had our first craft of 2011 on Tuesday evening & made cards, great fun & we spent lots of time catching up & being productive, its a group of about 30 women.

Steven turned 25 on the 21st of Jan(oh my gosh he's our baby.) & we went out for sushi with him on Sunday lunch time, as he had a party for his actual birthday night, went for his traditional birthday dive on the Saturday so he enjoyed. He can't believe he is "old" - his words but was ok when he realised his sister will be 30 this year LOL.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Even More Layouts !!

Definitely having fun catching up.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

still more



A few layouts

a few layouts done while working at the laundry this weekend, we were reasonably quiet after a hectic two weeks & one of the ladies is on leave so for the next 2 weeks I am working. I also have 6 months of project 12 to do (yes 6 months) & I have done 2 except for the journalling so I am getting there.

I don't mind & I get to finish a lot of I actually leave all my tote etc in the cupboard & so only bring home finished layouts. I am enjoying the fact that I am now doing mostly done l/outs so I can put them in my album & actually move on.

The photos are not great, my DS dropped my camera into the sea whilst fishing & he has bought me a newer model, more features etc - well I am gratful but really loved my old camera. So have been loathe to use this one & decided to get on with it. I have got lots of work to do lol.

Well I am off to bed as it's an early start for me tomorrow.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a fantastic SIL & my dearest wish is to spend one birthday day with her.

Hope you have a fantastic day & enjoy. We are thinking of you all day.

My SIL & I are both " Jenny Engelbrecht" we are married to brothers & we are family. Jen & I both have no trouble in knowing who is being spoken to when we are together & have a great deal of fun together.

Love & Hugs