Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boys & their toys

Life is hectic & I am exhausted, that seems to be my constant cry right now.

We are in Johannesburg on business, its fast & the traffic is oh so busy. My DH is involved in automobile leather so we were vip visitors to the SA Motor Show today, it officially opens on Saturday for the public & WOW - it was incredible, I have never seen so many men drooling over cars, trucks, hot rods & 4 x 4 toys. There were so many 4 x 4 ramps etc & there were no shortage of guys waiting for their turn.

There were so many foreign vips & it had a fantastic vipe. I must admit I was impressed but oh my feet were sore after six hours.

Tomorrow there are two meetings & I am off to Sandton to relax & maybe shop.....


Jenny said...

Have fun at Sandton!

Lynette said...

Have fun...I am pretty sure your DH will.