Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home from holiday

We are all home safe & sound & for me its bliss. Christmas was a hot sunny day in Mozambique with a lovely seafood lunch buffet at the local restaurant & walking on the beach & swimming in the beautiful sea.

I love my family & enjoy our time together always but it can be whew overwhelming. Our cottage in Mozambique has a wonderful view & Alan & I like to sit on the deck overlooking the sea absorbing the quiet, peaceful ocean serenity. Try that when everyone wants you to do things with them, be with them & look at things. Our quiet times were very few & far between.

I am not complaining, I love the fact that our adult children always want to include us & that our sons want their Dad to go fishing, jet skiing etc with them - its fabulous but exhausting. I love walking early every morning when its not too hot, we started off a "tribe" of 7 - yes family & friends. Then we would walk & off would go one to swim or look at the latest fishing boat or dive boat or they met up with friends - so Alan & I plod along enjoying the squeaky white sand & blue waters - cooling off every now & again. Walking back they fell into line with us again we must look like the pied piper - picking up people as we walked.

My sons girlfriend (who is an only child) finds our family overwhelming & she coped really well, but when I would go for an afternoon nap she would join me with her book & it was quiet & peaceful for a short time. Between the three ladies of our group we read about 9 books - which were passed around in turn.

We are now just catching up with all the bits & pieces that need to be done before the new year - its quite scarey for me to think we will be in 2011 so soon.
I have to admit to finding Durban incredibly hot & humid & our lawn looks like a mini jungle from all the rain we have had.

I wish everyone a fabulous 2011 and hope its a year of excitement, growth & peace.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Blessed Christmas to all.

This year has flown by & I really only have the energy to wish everyone

A very Blessed Christmas filled with peace, joy, love & hope.

May all your dreams come true & may you be loved & love.

Love & hugs