Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding pics

Whole family, brother & sister & families.
Hayden (firstborn), Deena, Antony,Chloe (second born) & baby Darren.
Deena & Antony. 26 March 2011.

Prayers are answered, these are of my nephew & his bride for the second time & their family.

We could not be there as it was in Keri Keri New Zealand.

They are small but it was so great geting them as we love them lots & miss them tooo much.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Off to Joburg & the Cape

Well I so enjoyed sleeping in this morning as its a public holiday & we are packing for a business trip to Joburg & then off to the Cape via Bloemfontein. Its a long trip but DH & I stop & look, have coffee & cake breaks & just enjoy the time together. I am the one who books accomodation etc & plans the mileage etc & generally it runs smoothly - of course we have had a few surprizes along the way but we both have a sense of humour & adventure - helps a lot.
I am so blessed to be able to travel with DH & always remind myself of this when, he's in a meeting that tends to go on & on, he is busy packing leather etc. I always take my journal, camera & a book or two.
Bon voyage.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on life in Durban

Its hot & humid, really hot !!

Our friend with the emphysema is coping really well & surprising all of us, I am glad for her but still worried. Her youngest son is in the British Army & is going back to Afghanistan in April, he doesn't need this in life & we are trying hard to be totally unbiased - not easy believe me. Her hubby on the other hand is fretting & missing her terribly. It has made me realise that when we have someone whom we love - love them everyminute & tell them too.

Debbie is busy with chemo & its not good news, the blood tests are not good so now we wait. I must admit to sometimes forgetting God has the master plan & I do not. My DH calls me Mrs fix it !!!

On the other hand there is good news, my nephew & his ex wife are getting remarried at the end of March so we are so pleased & thankful. Thy have had an on off, divorced etc relationship & now its been ten years and they have decided to commit themselves.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad tales

Its the 2nd of March 2011, not only is the year flying but i am really having a hard time with everything right now. Coping with 3 financial year ends is not helping.

A couple who we have been friends with for over 25 years are in huge trouble, their two children are the same age as our daughter and eldest son. Well on Friday night everything blew up & they are now seperated, it was ugly & devastating. The wife just locked the husband out - unfortunately she has emphysema from smoking all her life & can hardly do anything (20% lung function.) from bathing to making a cup of tea. Its been devastating because she has always been such a motivated energetic person. She has for the last 6 years been so depressed but will not take medication & wallows in this which has made her bitter & difficult to be around. To the point that my DH told me it was even affecting me when I spent mornings with her. Her hubby is dear, he adores & loves his wife & its tragic. I don't know what to do & its difficult my DH & I are trying not to be biased but its difficult. I want to fix it (yes I am such a Pollyanna) but am struggling with the ugliness.

My best friend's cancer is in late stages & I am finding that harder especially with the distance between us (Mauritius) & I am even finding it hard to chat to her because all I want to do is cry & right now thats not what she needs. I am praying for a miracle as are lots of people but its devastating to see her going through yet another bout of chemo & probably radiation, her hair is again falling out she is sick & the cancer is query not operable this time. Her family are devastated, her two boys are the same age as our two boys & they are so dear. Yesterday Damien told me to come & stay in Mauritius because his Mum listens to me when I talk to her & I help her, needless to say its heartbreaking. Please pray for Debbie all those who believe.

My DH & son are on a business trip & will be back on the weekend, I really can't wait but of course won't upset them either so just put the brave face on whenever we speak.

Life goes on regardless though.