Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home from holiday

We are all home safe & sound & for me its bliss. Christmas was a hot sunny day in Mozambique with a lovely seafood lunch buffet at the local restaurant & walking on the beach & swimming in the beautiful sea.

I love my family & enjoy our time together always but it can be whew overwhelming. Our cottage in Mozambique has a wonderful view & Alan & I like to sit on the deck overlooking the sea absorbing the quiet, peaceful ocean serenity. Try that when everyone wants you to do things with them, be with them & look at things. Our quiet times were very few & far between.

I am not complaining, I love the fact that our adult children always want to include us & that our sons want their Dad to go fishing, jet skiing etc with them - its fabulous but exhausting. I love walking early every morning when its not too hot, we started off a "tribe" of 7 - yes family & friends. Then we would walk & off would go one to swim or look at the latest fishing boat or dive boat or they met up with friends - so Alan & I plod along enjoying the squeaky white sand & blue waters - cooling off every now & again. Walking back they fell into line with us again we must look like the pied piper - picking up people as we walked.

My sons girlfriend (who is an only child) finds our family overwhelming & she coped really well, but when I would go for an afternoon nap she would join me with her book & it was quiet & peaceful for a short time. Between the three ladies of our group we read about 9 books - which were passed around in turn.

We are now just catching up with all the bits & pieces that need to be done before the new year - its quite scarey for me to think we will be in 2011 so soon.
I have to admit to finding Durban incredibly hot & humid & our lawn looks like a mini jungle from all the rain we have had.

I wish everyone a fabulous 2011 and hope its a year of excitement, growth & peace.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Blessed Christmas to all.

This year has flown by & I really only have the energy to wish everyone

A very Blessed Christmas filled with peace, joy, love & hope.

May all your dreams come true & may you be loved & love.

Love & hugs

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back home & feeling blah

Back safely in Durbs & a really enjoyable trip but I feel so blah, theres too much traffic, the shops are too busy, the phone keeps ringing, the office is full of work !! Just don't seem to have the get up & go that I normally do.
I actually read other single parent blogs & think wow they just get it done & on their own & I just don't want to really do anything.......
Maybe its just this time of the year when everything starts becoming crazy and I still have a fair amount of Christmas shopping & making to do yet.
So its Friday & hope the weekend is spent getting my mojo back.
Happy bonfire night to all & have fun.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Missing in action - yes I am in Mozambique at Tofo !
Bliss and peaceful.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oops pics fom last post

Married for 40 years wow !!!

Early morning sharing champagne & fun.

An oscar (made of chocolate) Ta da

11 October 2010 Ideas on scrap & chat needed

Today is my sister Cathie's birthday, she's a wonderful, caring & loving person & fabulous big sister (my only sister but I have special sister in laws too.)
Yesterday Cathie & her husband Bruce celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary Ruby I believe - wow what a fantastic milestone, we spent the weekend with them & it was just so special. They bought us tea & rusks in bed just because !!!! We had dinner out on Friday to celebrate the anniversary & birthday as we were off to an Emmaus service on Saturday evening followed by a moonlight picnic. During the service we had a typical highveld storm, lots of dramatic lightening, thunder & rain, which stopped just in time for us to picnic - there was lots of laughs & fun.
We drove home with heavy hearts on Sunday wishing we could spend more time with them but glad to have been blessed with what we had.

My DD is thinking of opening a scrap & chat area in one of her shops - any ideas anyone please !!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sat 25 September 2010

Its amazing that Sept is nearly over, for me anyway.

DH is on an Emmaus Walk with our church, he left on Thursday afternoon, minus his trusty mobile phone & watch (both of which I am in charge of) not sure how he is going to cope without either. Just hope he is enjoying it.

Friday was a public holiday & I scrapped all day with friends, while their hubbies went to cricket, it was a win win all round. We had such fun & I am reminded how social scrapping is for me anyway.

I was on duty for the laundries this weekend & had the A team working - its just such a pleasure & things went smoothly. I also manged to bake biscuits (lots & lots) for our church Kairos mission. DS & friend came to visit just at the right time (i swear he smells the baking !!) and they had to test , you can imagine I am a couple of dozen short !!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working this morning

Yip I am at school to help out, I love the staff & children but being in the office by 7am noooo am so over that. I used to start at 6.30am ..... yip & loved it.
Now I go into my "home" office at 7.30 or 8am depending on my work load & enjoy it.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means scrapping morning & I have to bring tea ? what to do - muffins or cupcakes ?

So grateful lately about being "me" and all my family, home & life right now & the fact that I am able to deal with most of my situations with God's help & come through them stronger.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life never stands still...

Life never stands still..... DS & girlfriend drove down from Joburg arriving at midnight (oh to be that young again LOL) up at 5am to go fishing, we went to a church breakfast at 7am and then off to shop. Our fridge was empty & the crust of bread mouldy so it was time to stock up.

Then it was a Haven meeting followed by a normal Mothwa meeting.

Tonight its a 21st !!!

Whew lets hope we can sleep in tomorrow at least & that the fishermen creep out at 5am no noise - well we can hope.

The best news is my boss (who loves me LOL) has agreed that Thursday mornings can be my scrapping morning at my local scrap book shop - Ta Da. I will be joined by 3 other friends so am looking forward to it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sabi Sabi leopards

White rhino they are so prehistoric.
This was one of two cubs & the mother

Time to go !

Tourist Africa v Real Africa

Back home & pondering....... why tourists pay relatively small amounts for the dollar/pound/euro is so strong & think they have seen Africa ! No I am not anti tourists I think they are so valuable to us in South Africa but do they think the Africa experience is real life ?
Sabi Sabi is truly wonderful & fantastic but real life hmmm not sure about that. You go on "safari" at 6am after being woken by "your ranger/guide" and you are served hot coffee, tea & muffins on the deck watching a superbly placed waterhole. As you get into your trusted (open)landrover, there are blankets & hotwater bottles, the tracker sits upfront & your guide takes you to see the absolutely wonderful animals. The lion's moving to water, no problem you just follow off road - the experience is mind boggling. Elephants, leopard,buffalo,kudu,lion, etc etc to name a few, birds too many to recall. Then its a pit stop where you have hot coffee,tea or juice & back to your adventure. Back in camp (think 5 star all the way) you have a breakfast fit for a king or queen. Then its a walk with your ranger & a midmorning sleep to tide you over for lunch - a sumptious buffet (including crocodile, impala etc). Sleep for an hour then its high tea on the deck & off on safari at 4pm to enjoy the African sunset & sundowners in the bush. Back at 7.30pm for dinner & drinks.
Your suite is fantastic, inside & outside shower, bathroom (as big as my bedroom!!) the decor is stunning & its mind boggling.
Its just luxury through & through & while I REALLY loved it I was so aware of this was "not real life" maybe I am just too aware that life isn't like this. We were the only South Africans & the people in our group were New Zealanders & Aussies - the tri nations !! They were fantastic and then we had the Americans who were very funny but so unaware of real life ( no I am not anti Americans I enjoy their company.)
Anyone who lives overseas really must try it if you are heading our way its outstanding( our trip was a gift from my eldest son) & when I get the next offer I will grab it with both hands.

So to Mark, thank you boy for an experience of a lifetime it was just awesome.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pilansberg to Kruger

Whew we are in Kruger today after a week in Pilansberg National Park with my sister & BIL.

They are very special people to us & we all love being together but 5 days goes so quickly.

We went for game drives, talked & talked, ate lots of treats & just relaxed.

They went back to Joburg & we drove to Kruger National Park & tomorrow we go into Sabi Sabi game lodge for 2 nights courtesy of our eldest son Mark as a gift - its still wow we can't quite believe it.

Well we had a camera disaster in Pilansberg after taking some (more !!)stunning elephant shots & some of us messing around - we had a digital failure & went to upload to the laptop to get "No images" ......believe me both DH & I couldn't believe it. So now we have been uploading everyday "in case of". As a result I am in trouble fo forgetting the spare memory cards for the camera as well. I normally am responsible for making sure nothing gets left behind etc oh well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet home

i love having my DD & DS meet us at the airport.
i love my bed & pillows.
i love my own shower.
i love the fact that i can just throw a load of washing in the machine & tumble dry it.
i love my own kettle & making tea at home.
i love being able to come back home & be happy.

i don't like my fridge being empty.
i don't like my office full of queries & paper work LOL.
i don't like getting up early.

I am happy to be home & will have enough time to repack & organise for leaving on Sunday after church.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mauritius time is nearly over

Our time in Mauritius is nearly over and while I get sad leaving good friends behind I have had a wonderful time & look forward to being home for 4 days LOL & then onto special time with my sister & BIL in Pilansberg.

My friend Debbie is in remission (from cancer) & its been an answer to our prayers. Debs is so practical & is so full of faith but knows its a matter of time so she makes her time count. It humbles me to think that maybe I don't make my time count enough. Also she has a huge heart & is loved by many & I thank God she has always been a special friend to me.

So my thought for today & tomorrow, make my day count & do as Jesus would - love everyone as best I can.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

50 years old - ouch

The family.
Best girlfriends(all avid scrappers ) pouring over one of the albums

The fun !!!

Whew 50 years old !!! I am incredibly blessed to turn fifty & still feel 20... okay maybe more 40 lol.

I am not a front row person I like being in the background so as the time was approaching my family kept saying lets have a party, dinner etc etc I kept saying no no NO. Eventually DH said lets have a braai with my good friend & her hubby - yes ok thats fine. This girlfriend & I share lots of years friendship & confidences. I thought no more about it.

So on Saturday as I was on laundry duty, off I went & the family asked me to do odd things in the morning & my laundry staff even checked up on me doing things but I didn't think anything about it.

DH decided he needed the car I had & would fetch me, nothing unusual in that except I was stuck at the laundry..... no big deal. DH phoned & said he's on his way & we would go for coffee on the way home ( strange since its rugby afternoon !!!) anyway but he had forgotten his wallet off we went home. I did say babe why are there balloons on the gate & door, oh why are there cars in our drive way ?????? and walked straight into a surprize birthday party..... WOW its wonderful & the family had worked hard & it was wonderful, good friends, good braai, washed down with good wine & fresh strawberries, cream & cake.

It was a lovely birthday surprize & it was so appreciated. My DD has been making me a scrapping album for my birthday which I knew about but had not seen, nor seen her do any either. Well its 2 albums & they are Incredible with my family in SA & NZ contributing to so its just Incredible. I will post pics as soon as I can. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

To top it off I had a call from Jen & Adrian in NZ (who knew all about this !!) & that was so special.

So its wonderful to turn 50 & I am so glad to be alive, to have a fantastic family & friends.

"Happy Birthday to me ".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July is nearly over

This was taken on one of our football fridays !!!

July is nearly over & I am exhausted July & August are always busy months for us business & social wise. We have had business going on full steam for June & July (thanks to the world cup the boost was wonderful - hard work but really good.) & its time for my charity agms and back on the committees ( I believe God gave us 2 hands so - one to recieve & one to give) which means new people on the team always challenging & fun.

Plus it means we travel in these months, July we have been up to Joburg, south coast, eastern cape & in August it means Mauritius (pleasure for me a tiny bit of business for DH) & then back in Durbs for 4 days & off to Pilanesberg for time out with my sister & bil. THen through the north eastern transvaal & home via Swaziland. We actually don't slow down till December so I need lots of energy & really I don't have much lol.

I am also trying to get going on my Christmas list so December is not a shopping frenzy, and I have made a small start and am hoping that I gain momento.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

layout finished off lol !!!

Didn't like the empty space on the top right so voila !

So this is better than the last posted l/out.

A couple of layouts

I actually did a bit of scrapping today after Alan & I had tea at Umhlanga after church. I have to admit to not having my camera in my bag as I have just changed bags & the view from the Oyster Box in Umhlanga is so beautiful especially its red & white lighthouse...... gorgeous.

We came back I was full of energy, Alan slept under a blanket (in Durban !!!) but it is a bit chilly here today.

Actually I was thinking of all the lucky ladies who have been at Senz in Christchurch this weekend - i have been wishing that I was there too LOL.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home sweet home

Maluti mountains in the Mount Alyff area quite a contrast.
Gee even the lifts were "soccerized" very nicely done

Alan & flags of the nations

So colourful & soccer friendly

Well we've been to Joburg and back, all good & I survived the traffic and cold. LOl and Alan even survived the shopping (Joburg has such nice shops ) so all in all a success.
Then on saturday morning at 4am we set off for Port Elizabeth via East London via the Transkei, well it was a wonderful meandering trip with the most gorgeous african scenery including the Maluti mountains being capped by snow. No wonder the game in PE on saturday night was so rainy & cold.
We were in East London on saturday night warm & snug in our hotel room but the whole hotel was just so festive & full of soccer cheer. After a lazy sunday breakfast in East London we stopped in at Kidds Beach, Kenton on Sea, Port Alfred and then onto Port Elizabeth. It was so nice to be able to stop & look & we really enjoyed it. Not so Monday, it was business in Port Elizabeth & then Uitenage & then home via a night in Umtata (now Mthata) which has grown since we were last there twenty years ago !!!!!!
Getting back home to a hot pot full of stew & veg care of our DD was magic & of course your own bed. Needless to say today I am not full of beans I wonder why !!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

DH is up & walking

Oh my prayers have so been answered, he's walking full time - officially from the doctor on Friday. Driving - alas no & believe me he's finding it just as trying as I am, he doesn't like being a passenger...... I am getting used to being told which lane to drive in, which petrol pump to go to & where I should park...... I have patience & generally am easy going . Lets just say the petrol pump guidance didn't go down that well LOL infact I think my mouth opened before my brain was in gear.
This morning we went to a church 'English ' breakfast raising funds for our local old age home, it was fun & yummy & was the start to Alan's first full morning out. Then it was off to the shopping center to grab some yummy food for our trip to Joburg tomorrow, then a stop at our favourite coffee shop for a superb capuchinno & terrible piece of chocolate cake. We shared a piece thankfully because it was not eaten only to find out that the ownership has changed quite sad really. Anyway we won't be stopping in there again. Needless to say he's back with his feet up & has to decide what sport to watch or record or just miss out on !!!
We are off to joburg tomorrow and I am his driver & chief do whatever, but he only has two meetings, a consignment to check up on & collect & its back home again. I am anxious about the Joburg traffic but sooo looking forward to seeing the aloes that are in full bloom on our way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winter wonderful

Durban is cold at the moment & I am loving it... winter in Durbs (as much as we ever get) is lovely clear crisp days with blue blue skies. I love it, the colours are sharper & everything seems so crisp & fresh.
I did dig out my "overseas" warm clothes that only get brought out either for a long trip or when its really nippy.
Mark flew into Durban this morning & both him & Steven are off fishing to Mboytie in the Transkei with a group of mates. They leave at 4am tomorrow and I love that the two brothers enjoy very similar sports etc & they have fun but to have both my boys(26 & 24 but still my boys) on the road together in one car just makes me a bit wobbly. I never show it or put a damper on any of their adventures but until I get a call or sms to say "we're here & ok" I do worry. They are very good at always contacting us & I am grateful for that. As a result the lounge has fishing gear of all shapes & sizes everywhere while they pack.
As the children are all here today & its a public holiday, they have decided to celebrate fathers day doing a dinner for Alan ( orchestrated by DD of course) & that means my kitchen already is in a mess but I love having them all home & even for a short while can enjoy the mess & noise !!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

10 days to go to the Fifa World Cup opens

I am not sure why but Durbanites have been gripped by soccer fever, we really do support our events, contrary to the common belief we are indifferent. Anyway as well as Football Fridays when we all(all businesses, schools etc) wear soccer shirts & jeans ( mostly the bright yellow Bafana bafana ones) the cars & houses are adorned with different countries flags its really fun. Our laundries are decorated with a few flags & vuvuzelas & our staff love football fridays.
I know nothing about soccer/football except that its good for the city to embrace their events & give it some support. I have only just discovered that you can only buy Fifa "stuff as in memorabilia etc" in the country holding the Fifa WC - so I have gone out to buy shirts for my big nephews in New Zealand & blister packs of pens etc for all the others as its a one time event for us & its fun.
Alan has got the all clear to walk around now for short bursts as the doctor put it & is loving being mobile - as are we !!! He went up to Joburg with Steven being his chaffeur & they had a good business session but his feet were very swollen & he was exhausted - LOL as was Steven ! Anyway he's on the mend although will not be driving for another 6 weeks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy busy

I have been busy in everything I do lately, not sure why I feel as if I am a hamster on a wheel & can't get off....... I am also back at school for the last two months which is also taking up a lot of my time even though I come & go as I please.
I have been chief cook, nurse & bottle washer 24 /7 - its more the fact that Alan is not sick but not mobile either that is the most frustrating for him and I. Alan has been incredibly good during all this & its as tiresome for him as me. The children also have been super they come & visit him & keep him company. Steven is driving him around today & Alan says to see the outside world is great. Hmmmm we do take an awful lot for granted.
Last night I escaped to craft & started a mosaic which was great fun, the company fantastic & just so nice to be away from home - all 3 hours of it.
The worst thing about being house bound is that we have watched quite a bit of tv, especially cooking programs that I have enjoyed but now am experimenting in the kitchen & Alan is my quinea pig..................we invited the children for dinner over the weekend & Steven said to Alan, "Dad is it safe food !!!!!!" LOL .....we all survived

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sore feet

Well Mighty Men was awesome according to our men & what a blessing. Cath & I went to Shalom for the Sunday family service & that was "Incredible", to hear 400000 plus men singing & praising the Lord is wonderful.

Straight after that my DH had foot surgery or should I say feet surgery, both feet done at once, well he has been very brave since coming out of hospital but its tiring for me & I am not whinging just letting off steam at least he is allowed up to the loo now - a huge blessing for both of us. Still after seeing the specialist not allowed(another 10 days) to stand except for the loo & "bum breaks" as the doctor calls them just to get out of bed to allow yourself a break. He has not complained & I know he's been really sore & its very frustrating for him as he is not sick.

We need to do a business trip to the south coast this coming week & the doctor has given him permission to go as long as he relaxes & does not walk, well thats going to be fun !!!!

Its May the 1st !!! Can you believe this year ? I hope everyone has a great May day & enjoys their long weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scrapping weekend

Yay all we are doing is scrapping.....

My DH & BIL are at Mighty Men Conference so yesterday my sister arrived to spend the next four days with me. Its our annual scrapping bonanza. As Cath lives in Joburg she has access to lots more scrapping goodies than Durban although our prices are much cheaper, so she brings bling & things & we provide papers & card stock - its just so much fun.

At lunchtime yesterday the men were off to Greytown, we hit the local scrap shop & from the time we got home it was scrapping, my DD arrived after 5.30pm & joined us. We did manage to do a quick spagetti bolognaise for dinner throw a salad together & then it was back to scrapping.

Mark is down from Joburg on business & he casually mentioned "whew don't you ever get tired of scrapping" it was very late I must admit but we all very clearly told him NO. At least he shared his stash of left over easter eggs & made us coffee so was forgiven.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday 10 April

Today we are all running around and doing our "weekend" chores of shopping, Mothwa meetings, getting dinner ready for tonight with our kiddies and I am on laundry duty. That means I hit the jackpot because I have the "A" team working this weekend, I was there early & the team were already working & laughing and told me to go home....... as I have a meeting DH will do the other checks & then by the time I get home everything is closed.
Tomorrow DH & I are leaving early for Joburg (about 5am) & then we will stay over at his normal hotel but using Sun rands which he accumulates during his normal stay overs & then we can use only on the weekends but its great because Southern Sun & Garden Court Holiday Inns are all over South Africa. The bonus is we see Mark & Maddie for the afternoon & thats wonderful.Its business on Monday morning & then on our way home to Durban.
These are such pleasant trips as we really travel well together (we always have) & we chat & listen to music & stop here & there and I look forward to "our" time as we call it. Then one or both of our Durban based children move into our house & enjoy all the mod cons they don't have like DSTV & aircon & the pool...... we are never short of volunteers & Kylie & Steven say they love catching up on all the movies,programs oh & of course my fridge & freezer are always full LOL.
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter to all

I love Easter , because Jesus died for us & rose again to give us everlasting life.

We all love Easter eggs in our family, yes my children are very grown up but quess what I buy them a stash of eggs & bunnies every year & I doubt will stop. I do miss the egg hunts & games & dying eggs etc but am waiting for grandchildren one day ....sigh.

So to everyone have a Blessed Easter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Queen Mary 2 sails from Durban

What a fantastic sight, we went down to the beach to watch her sail out. She was due to sail at 6pm but only sailed past at about 7pm. It was magical. The whole of Durban turned out (well it seemed like it anyway) & it was fantastic. It was like a floating palace with all her lights on & her horn blowing.

The ship is magestic & HUGE.

Oh & by the way I forgot my camera ........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confession time

Yip I went & splurged on some scrap stash, after I have been doing so well on the "will not buy anything" until I need it. Well "need" is a very difficult word to determine LOL thats my version & I'm sticking to it.
So some lovely new papers (more than a few just because they are gorgeous colours .)
Some SA themed papers ready to be shipped to New zealand.
2 bottles of "glimmer mist " oh I love it - burnt orange & tanzanite blue.
Some of the local enmarc die cuts, hearts & words & frilly bits.
Pearls & bling, I just love that combination.
Ok I wasn't all that bad I did have a gift voucher left over from Christmas from hubby but it didn't quite stretch that far but you know what I am over the moon and its really going to be the last for a while ........till the need arises.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Feb layout

Ok so I am up to date now with my project 12 challenge. While I was playing I was meant to be doing my shopping list for tomorrow - yuk grocery shopping not my favourite especially when I should have gone this morning but got involved with work and forgot about it. As Durban just sweltered today this afternoon was spent in the pool with DH & DS and it was the place to be.
A quick dinner of borevors rolls as its too hot to really cook plus its not messy - I love Friday evenings the whole weekend stretches in front of you.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project 12 jan l/out

Yes its late & I really battled with it, why because I thought I would be clever & finish a UFO & do the Jan l/o in one. Well lets just say using something half done is not easy or quicker.

My DH & DS (baby) are restoring Grandad Louis's old workbench. He died the year before we were married & my hubby has had this wooden monstrosity for ever but DS has become very interested in restoring - he did Grandad Louis's cupboard in Jan this year & so enjoyed doing it, I have to confess that at times I thought it would not be put back together but I was wrong.

I have good news that my BF Debbie is improving everyday & should be in remission by June of this year, we are still praying & thanking God for every improvement. Its been a lesson in patience & how not to indulge in self pity for me but Debbie has had faith and perserverence the whole time .

Monday, March 1, 2010

1st of March 2010

Wow I really can't believe it, where is this year going.

We had such a nice weekend with Mark being home & all the family going fishing on saturday & sunday (no fish LOL) and just relaxing. It was very quiet when all the brood went to their various homes. Makes our house seem empty but it didn't take us long to enjoy it again. Spent a lot of time in the pool & Durban is very very hot at the moment, even if it rains it just pushes up the humidity level.

This morning DH had to go to Empangeni (a sleepy place about 2 1/2hrs up the north coast) I went along for the ride & its lovely the north coast, you have the ocean on one side & a sea of green sugar cane the other.

On a very positive note my financial year end is done, whew what a relief & welcome to the new financial year. Still have to do the two laundries but thats not too bad.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Alan.

Tomorrow is Alan's birthday & I hope he has the best day ever & lots more.

Poor guy will be at the Durban airport at 05.30am (yes thats right )for the red eye to Joburg where he has a meeting with some importers & then home by 3 pm in time for a dinner date with Kylie & I as both boys will only be home on Saturday but he is quite happy to go out again !!!!!

He is an amazing man, who has a fantastic capacity to love, provide and nuture.
I love him more now than ever before and hope all his dreams come true.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Our little cottage on top of the hill.

A windy day & fire in the bush on the other side.

One of our views & where we swim.

We're back & its great but busy & I guess thats normal life.

Heres a few pics of paradise where we just chill out & enjoy.Thats one of the perks of not having to worry about school holidays.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Africa is Awesome.

We have been very blessed to travel extensively in & around the UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Argentina etc & we love travelling still so many places to see.

But my best travelling is done in Africa, whether its locally in South Africa, or Swaziland, Nambia, Zimbawe, Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique or futher afield Mauritius & Madagascar.
Africa is awesome, apart from the exquisite beauty and vast openess of the landscape vistas the PEOPLE of Africa are amazing.

We are in Mozambique, business done we are now in our cottage (shared by 17 familes) and I am always amazed by the people. They use anything, everything & carve out a living not an existance. They are happy & as their economy is starting to bloom so it shows. The government here is very big on schools, clinics etc & you can be in the middle of the bush and there will be a school and clinic. We have been coming here for 16 years & the changes are incredible - long may it last & I just hope that it blooms without becoming over commercialised. I walked to get fresh bread "pau" here - its baked in an open outside oven and is delicious......

Friday, February 5, 2010

friday at last & all packed to go.

Side view & Alan's old faithfull packed & ready to go.
A side/ front view without the garden area which is a mess.

I made it through the week(with lots of prayers & faith) & am so glad to say yay its finally Friday...... Am posting some pics of our newly painted house not a full front because we are redoing the tiny front garden as a combined anniversary plus DH's birthday pressie at the end of this month. Its long overdue & looks like a demolition site but the landscaper has assured us when we get back it'll be done !!!

So we will be away for a week or ten days & our youngest son runs the business ( I think he loves it when we are away) & we are leaving at about 4.30am and will overnight in Maputo and then be at Tofo (Inhambane) by lunch time on Sunday. Just a bit of paradise in Africa - its incredibly beautiful, the people so wonderful (dirt poor) and motivated. They use everything & create with nothing I am always humbled when I see how happy they are with so little.

On Sunday Mark turns 26 years old & I have sent off a care package because he's in Joburg. His siblings here in Durban thought that was crazy - he'll be home for the weekend end of Feb but still I am a "mom".

Monday, February 1, 2010

Should you worry over people who really don't care !!

I really needed to think this through before I blogged about this but its still bugging me & so here goes.
I learnt to scrap(about 6 years ago) & enjoyed many hours at a prominent scrapbooking shop in the northern suburbs of Dbn & like the majority of us spend more than I should but really loved it, the people, atmosphere, friendliness etc. Even my DH has been known to visit a certain someone on birthdays & Christmas time & has always commented on the friendliness.
This has changed really drastically & in the last three (yes 3 ! I am a slow learner) I have been stung by the unfriendly don't care attitude & thought maybe it was me ! Well on Saturday off I went because I needed a special thing for a RAK swop & knew I could get it there albeit at a higher price but I just thought of all the positive things - well I came out of the shop with my purchases a bit disgruntled but still thinking it was me & I was met in the parking lot by such hostility ( over a parking space LOL which I was vacating !!) and decided thats it!!! I came home my DH & DD took one look at my face & said whats happened - thinking it was something terrible - I told them the whole sorry story & both of them said they had noticed too.
Well I cried not sure why except I feel quite a loss !
On saying that there are many scrapbooking shops in Durban & I support them especially my local as I call it & please I am not in anyway labelling all the Durban & surrounds shops in a similar manner.
On a positive note my rak has been posted in good time & I am looking forward to this week as we prepare to go on a mixed business/ pleasure trip to Mozambique next week.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 th Anniversary & life

Wow its come & gone our 30th wedding anniversary & we had such a relaxed enjoyable day just Alan & I. We went for tea ( as I had craft that evening LOL) & we always discuss where we are going, what we have achieved & how we go forward. Its just such a tradition for us to talk about us and our life together - it gives us purpose & the way forward for the next year.

Thank you for all the wishes we received.

We have had a really trying time lately and its been back to basics for us, and we have been walking so close to God & all I can say is its really been a learning curve in faith, trust & leaning on God.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Makiti found.

It boggles my brain to think that a shipment can get "lost" in transit & instead of being off loaded at Durban be transported to Joburg !!!! Anyway it was found & DH & I did one of our quick turn around trips to the big city to collect the lost assignment - it entails leaving Durban at 10.30am Friday with our huge heavy load trailer so its not a fast journey & overnighting in Joburg, picking up at 7am on Saturday morning & a very slow ride back to Durban. Joburg is only 5 & 1/2 hours away but the pick up point is in Brits about another hour away in the back of beyond, anyway all went really well & we are home ( I so love my home LOL) & we stopped to refuel truck, trailer & ourselves at a tiny place called Makiti - 23 kms from Warden ( sorry folks but in the middle of nowhere.) It was so unique - just have a look at the photos really lovely.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This week so far has been

This week so far has been testing ......... I am a control freak (I admit it freely) & running your own business while its exciting, hard work, rewarding it comes with no guarantees & that's very difficult for me.
We are blessed & I am grateful, we work hard & are rewarded, we try to do everything in the right manner & upfront. Sometimes things get taken out of your control - like a shipment being overdue which in our case is a catastrophe & its frustrating, nerve wracking & most of all really bad for business. So I am stressing inside but having faith in the Lord, baby steps & letting go - which for me is soooo difficult. I also need to support DH who stresses worse than I do but i suppose in all this there is a lesson to be learned.
Its at times like this that I feel very vulnerable & am susceptible.

More pleasantly I spent my Christmas gift money today on a new butterfly embossing & die cut for my cuttle bug - can't wait to try it out.
I do need to make a birthday card for my "baby" who turns 24 tomorrow - but I don't think he would appreciate butterflies - pity about that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Senz layouts finally

All good things must come to an end & thats my last layouts.

Just finishing them off bought back so many wonderful memories of our New Zealand trip & now they are safely in my Kiwi album given to me by Jenny in NZ.

We have had a lazy sunday, after church we have just chilled out, watched the cricket & Steven is now pestering me to cook crab curry - as he has fresh cleaned crabs so I guess its clean up time after my scrapping & take pity on him & do it. Thats what moms are for after all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

More layouts - hubby is away.

DH is on business & I am scrapping.
The kids decided to come over & bring me dinner - how great (cooked in my kitchen so theirs did not get messy LOl.) & I scrapped. They caught up on their tv programs (they don't have dstv !) It was a win win all the way round.
Excuse the reflections but I wanted my SIL to see I am finishing off the Senz lay outs even 6 months later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scrapping Sunday

So today it's been good as I have made a card for DH's uncles birthday, in the post already wow ! You can see the use my dining room table is put to today.

Then decided to finish two layouts started at Senz 2009 in Auckland & I was really pleased with the results. Got another couple to go & actually enjoying them, I think because most of the work has been done .......

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleepless nights

Its 11.35pm & I can't DH is watching a rerun of Hunt for the Red October, I am not a movie person.
I was thinking of how much we are learning to spend together again on our own. After being a big family of 5 plus friends always.

We sit at the table for dinner.......set just for two.
We have coffee together after work at about 5ish & catch up on our day, no tv or noise on just us.
We have tea & coffee in bed every morning early while the day starts breaking & the birds wake up.
We swim early evening no noise & splashing & craziness just peace & quiet.
The best part of all this is we are so enjoying our quiet times at first it drove me crazy but now its great.
We still miss our children & enjoy their visits tremendously but its great to have our house to ourselves........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny in New Zealand

A very Happy Birthday to Jenny somewhere between Keri Keri and Auckland and en route to Wellington New Zealand.

Jenny is a family member & really great friend . Bonus to have such a super SIL.

Have a super day & enjoy, hope you are treated like a queen for your special day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Photos from last post....

Suncoast casino & north beaches

Going up.....

A glimpse of the country club, sea & Marks favourite toys - a helicopter.

Durban from Moses Madhiba Stadium .

Mark & Maddie & friends went off & did the tour, they were really impressed by the staff who were friendy & efficient & the views of Durban. It was a clear day & they said the views were awesome.
You can walk up for R80 each or go up in the glass car at R50 each they opted to ride up.
Alan & I are going to do it too except for the fact that DH put his back out yesterday & is laid up in bed - not a happy chappy but yay for medication.
Mark left for Joburg today & as much as I am sad for him to go back, I am also glad to have some peace & quiet in the house too - because Mark has been home we have all the chldren home plus the normal friends plus the new ones & its great but I never thought I would say it "its great when thy leave too" wow I certainly have come a long way in a few months. He did help me take the Christmas tree down & all the decorations & ornaments, so thats over & done with too.
Photos to follow blogger is being difficult....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas layout

This one was my gift from Maddie ( Mark's girlfriend) which is lovely unfortunately the light was not great. Photo was taken in 2008.

The first one is my first Christmas 2009 layout & I have had such a nice lazy afternoon doing it. I did the basics in a scrapathon with Tracey Schimper - its her design.