Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working this morning

Yip I am at school to help out, I love the staff & children but being in the office by 7am noooo am so over that. I used to start at 6.30am ..... yip & loved it.
Now I go into my "home" office at 7.30 or 8am depending on my work load & enjoy it.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means scrapping morning & I have to bring tea ? what to do - muffins or cupcakes ?

So grateful lately about being "me" and all my family, home & life right now & the fact that I am able to deal with most of my situations with God's help & come through them stronger.


Jenny said...

I only get up at 6.40am - can't imagine getting to work by 6.30am! Have fun tomorrow! Oh, and take cupcakes

Lynette said...

That is still the middle of the night;-D I struggle out of bed at 7:30 after DH dosed me on coffee.

Andrea said...

You sound in a good place Jenny and it is so wonderful to hear.....ENJOY!