Friday, September 3, 2010

Tourist Africa v Real Africa

Back home & pondering....... why tourists pay relatively small amounts for the dollar/pound/euro is so strong & think they have seen Africa ! No I am not anti tourists I think they are so valuable to us in South Africa but do they think the Africa experience is real life ?
Sabi Sabi is truly wonderful & fantastic but real life hmmm not sure about that. You go on "safari" at 6am after being woken by "your ranger/guide" and you are served hot coffee, tea & muffins on the deck watching a superbly placed waterhole. As you get into your trusted (open)landrover, there are blankets & hotwater bottles, the tracker sits upfront & your guide takes you to see the absolutely wonderful animals. The lion's moving to water, no problem you just follow off road - the experience is mind boggling. Elephants, leopard,buffalo,kudu,lion, etc etc to name a few, birds too many to recall. Then its a pit stop where you have hot coffee,tea or juice & back to your adventure. Back in camp (think 5 star all the way) you have a breakfast fit for a king or queen. Then its a walk with your ranger & a midmorning sleep to tide you over for lunch - a sumptious buffet (including crocodile, impala etc). Sleep for an hour then its high tea on the deck & off on safari at 4pm to enjoy the African sunset & sundowners in the bush. Back at 7.30pm for dinner & drinks.
Your suite is fantastic, inside & outside shower, bathroom (as big as my bedroom!!) the decor is stunning & its mind boggling.
Its just luxury through & through & while I REALLY loved it I was so aware of this was "not real life" maybe I am just too aware that life isn't like this. We were the only South Africans & the people in our group were New Zealanders & Aussies - the tri nations !! They were fantastic and then we had the Americans who were very funny but so unaware of real life ( no I am not anti Americans I enjoy their company.)
Anyone who lives overseas really must try it if you are heading our way its outstanding( our trip was a gift from my eldest son) & when I get the next offer I will grab it with both hands.

So to Mark, thank you boy for an experience of a lifetime it was just awesome.


Lynette said...

YOu are so right....they don't really experience Africa...they are pampered and taken right to the animals. But if that is what it takes to get them to come back every time...I guess it works.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience though

Andrea said...

Sound incredible - sometimes it is nice to suspend "real life" for a while.