Friday, July 31, 2009

YAy yippee our NZ luggage arrives

Yippee tonight just before 6pm our 2 suitcases (sent unaccompanied 54 kgs of clothes, Senz l/os & samples,gifts from my SIL & cuttlebug & lots of 12 x 12 papers and and and )arrived. You can imagine our excitement & pleasure.
Kylie & I thought it was Christmas & needless to say the cuttlebug has been tested thoroughly - by ALL the family ! Boys with toys - what can I say.
It also meant 2 loads of washing & another 2 to go but tomorrow is another day.
I was only home 3 days when my DH had to go to Kimberly on business & he decided I was coming with, off we went & I loved it. Since I had never been to kimberly I did the tourist thing ( quite strange in your own country !!!) and toured the Big Hole,old town, memorials & Macgreggor museum. There are one or two things I didn't see but was pleasantly surprised. We travelled back leisurely & enjoyed our midweek break.
Today I visited school, it was glorious & fun & of course I overstayed my estimated time but came home happy & at peace.
My home office is taking shape, its tidy & I am up to date with the core business books but still have both laundries to get up to speed - not too bad ! Even my DH is impressed (long may it last.) There is method in my madness I want to scrap in the week and can only do that if I am up to date............

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back home but not with it

We (DD & I )are back in SA & wow its good to be home but we are so not with it. Its all a bit fuzzy right now & I will catch up on all my blogworld friends & their happenings & do a proper post later this weekend.
I must however just say to Jenny in New Zealand a HUGE thank you for a wonderful time on our holiday with her it was amazing & I can't wait to do it again. Of course that means saving like mad again & as I have joined the ranks of unemployed (ha ha) my DH will have to pay me handsomely for my work - not in kind either !!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & if you live in Durbs its cold !!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So spoilt in NZ

Well I have been so so so spoilt in Wellington by my SIL Jenny, she has made such SUPER quilted bags for all 4 of us !! not only that but it was full of goodies - a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Jenny in NZ. Wow how great is that !!!! ITs so great being here (chilly but so clean & bright.)
I will post some pics but right now we are trying to save all the pics to a couple of cds so i can take more of course.
Then we hit Kiwi Scraps - so so nice & decided to get a few 12 x 12 papers ( well 56 NZ $ worth) & then onto Central scraps of course I found a few just have to haves..... Then we joined my BIL for a delish lunch - what a great day it was so much fun.
We also found some lovely heritage photos in my BIL albums - after he was bemoaning he had no heritage photos !!! wait till he gets home from work. We will of course copy those photos too & they are doubly precious because they are not with us anymore. So we will be scrapping a lot.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Zealand so far

Antony,Darren,Hayden, Deena & Chloe in Keri Keri
Keegan giving me a "watch me ".
Andy, Kyle, Kylie & Keegan having a relaxing paddle.

We landed in Auckland at 9.55pm on Wednesday evening, flew through customs, got our hired car sorted & were met by my gorgeous neice Ashley & Andy. A friendly south african had popped in to baby sit as of course the two boys were fast asleep. We chatted till the wee hours of the morning & of course were woken up by two very excited boys in the morning at some very early hour. So we had to take Keegan to kindy(3 year old) & Kyle to year 1 (5 years old 6 on the 07 July). Off we went to do sim cards etc so we were back in communication with SA - phoning them at midnight to say hi !!!! oops forgot the 10 hours ahead bit!!!!
We have been to the Skytower, Kelly Tarltons,mueums & kayaking on the Waitakere river mouth & I am not sure who had the most fun - us or the boys. Ashley & I even dressed up as penquins at Kelly Tarltons !!!! We were introduced to the most delish cheese cake shop & NZ scrapbooking shop - oh wow its a wonderful shop & we were extreemly restrained & looked only as SENZ is the main event.
After 4 days it was off on my own (after little Kyle saying please don't go - very heart breaking but I will be back there in 2 weeks) driving down to Keri Keri to see my nephew & family. I was given explicit directions from Auckland but managed to take the scenic route(got lost) but still get onto the main motorway. Well to us in SA - its not so much a freeway like we know but a one lane road with passing on hills. Its wonderful driving down to keri Keri there are so many little stops on the way & such exquisite scenery. I met up with Deena ( my nephews wife) in Kawa Kawa as she had been on call & had to work - very well timed. I followed her the last 20 kms to their house. Oh my I have so missed my nephew Antony,Deena, Hayden, Chloe & Darren - again we talked till wee hours in the morning & skyped home & chatted to DH.
Keri Keri is a "tiny touristy coastal" town but its surrounding bays & beaches are beautiful - Antony has tried to show me everything in 12 hours - I am exhausted. Kylie (DD) is off on her tour of the South Island & glaciers etc.
Off to bed as the children & I are off to Russell tomorrow