Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pilansberg to Kruger

Whew we are in Kruger today after a week in Pilansberg National Park with my sister & BIL.

They are very special people to us & we all love being together but 5 days goes so quickly.

We went for game drives, talked & talked, ate lots of treats & just relaxed.

They went back to Joburg & we drove to Kruger National Park & tomorrow we go into Sabi Sabi game lodge for 2 nights courtesy of our eldest son Mark as a gift - its still wow we can't quite believe it.

Well we had a camera disaster in Pilansberg after taking some (more !!)stunning elephant shots & some of us messing around - we had a digital failure & went to upload to the laptop to get "No images" ......believe me both DH & I couldn't believe it. So now we have been uploading everyday "in case of". As a result I am in trouble fo forgetting the spare memory cards for the camera as well. I normally am responsible for making sure nothing gets left behind etc oh well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet home

i love having my DD & DS meet us at the airport.
i love my bed & pillows.
i love my own shower.
i love the fact that i can just throw a load of washing in the machine & tumble dry it.
i love my own kettle & making tea at home.
i love being able to come back home & be happy.

i don't like my fridge being empty.
i don't like my office full of queries & paper work LOL.
i don't like getting up early.

I am happy to be home & will have enough time to repack & organise for leaving on Sunday after church.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mauritius time is nearly over

Our time in Mauritius is nearly over and while I get sad leaving good friends behind I have had a wonderful time & look forward to being home for 4 days LOL & then onto special time with my sister & BIL in Pilansberg.

My friend Debbie is in remission (from cancer) & its been an answer to our prayers. Debs is so practical & is so full of faith but knows its a matter of time so she makes her time count. It humbles me to think that maybe I don't make my time count enough. Also she has a huge heart & is loved by many & I thank God she has always been a special friend to me.

So my thought for today & tomorrow, make my day count & do as Jesus would - love everyone as best I can.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

50 years old - ouch

The family.
Best girlfriends(all avid scrappers ) pouring over one of the albums

The fun !!!

Whew 50 years old !!! I am incredibly blessed to turn fifty & still feel 20... okay maybe more 40 lol.

I am not a front row person I like being in the background so as the time was approaching my family kept saying lets have a party, dinner etc etc I kept saying no no NO. Eventually DH said lets have a braai with my good friend & her hubby - yes ok thats fine. This girlfriend & I share lots of years friendship & confidences. I thought no more about it.

So on Saturday as I was on laundry duty, off I went & the family asked me to do odd things in the morning & my laundry staff even checked up on me doing things but I didn't think anything about it.

DH decided he needed the car I had & would fetch me, nothing unusual in that except I was stuck at the laundry..... no big deal. DH phoned & said he's on his way & we would go for coffee on the way home ( strange since its rugby afternoon !!!) anyway but he had forgotten his wallet off we went home. I did say babe why are there balloons on the gate & door, oh why are there cars in our drive way ?????? and walked straight into a surprize birthday party..... WOW its wonderful & the family had worked hard & it was wonderful, good friends, good braai, washed down with good wine & fresh strawberries, cream & cake.

It was a lovely birthday surprize & it was so appreciated. My DD has been making me a scrapping album for my birthday which I knew about but had not seen, nor seen her do any either. Well its 2 albums & they are Incredible with my family in SA & NZ contributing to so its just Incredible. I will post pics as soon as I can. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

To top it off I had a call from Jen & Adrian in NZ (who knew all about this !!) & that was so special.

So its wonderful to turn 50 & I am so glad to be alive, to have a fantastic family & friends.

"Happy Birthday to me ".