Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So close

Ok the books are up to date, the hard slog has paid off.
All returns done & submitted to SARS.

Hair is cut. Pedicure tomorrow.
Pack on Thursday night & off to Mauritius on saturday.(Leave Durban at 06.30am ouch.)

We are off for 9 days to Mauritius to relax ( LOL need it after these 2 weeks) & visit with my best friend Debbie who has terminal cancer. She is nearly finished her 3rd lot of treatment & is taking a lot of strain. She is also very excited that we are coming and her family are over the moon. The boys have already organised fishing etc so Debbie & I will be staying & catching up on all the goings on.

Our family will be running the businesses here in SA while we are away & I am not sure how DH is going to cope not being in control - he needs a break but letting go ouch thats very hard for him.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 22 October 2009

Life is not easy, as soon as you get into a real comfort zone - you are going to be challenged.

When you are challenged you always rise to the occasion - thats our human nature.

I am nearly caught up with my data crisis - books up to date & running day to day.

LOL I am backing up everyday.

Patience is really hard sometimes and I am learning to "slow down" we don't have to run everywhere.

Life is not easy but its good and I am blessed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer blues

Ok don't say it or think it or anything....... my main business pc crashed- dead - zip - gone! No back ups were done for the last 8 months.. I spent the last Sunday running back ups for both other pc's !!!! Durban had a huge storm on Monday late afternoon & in my responsibility I decided to close down & unplug them. A small quiet voice said "do a back up " but in my haste I ignored it. Well my pc just couldn't start on Tuesday morning much to my disgust but I didn't panic as I have fantastic "IT" guys - well they couldn't help my data, my harddrive is now in ICU & they are trying to get something off it.
Guess who is doing the last 8 months over again, I am busy, over the self recriminations (really did nothing to help me.)have heard it all from my family, friends, clients - everybody.
The positive is I have a super fast new upgraded pc with all the bells & whistles. I have upgraded mu Pastel to a super new edition (mine was ancient but worked) & so I am busy busy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week so far

  • My DH & DS are away on a business buying trip.
  • My DD & I are left doing, deliveries,sales & everything in between.
  • We have coped really well & enjoyed working as a team.
  • We have been able to scrap/craft every evening without cleaning up the dining room table. ( we eat at the table every night normally)
  • We have been sorting out our scrap stash & giving a whole lot to our church craft day - yay its made a bit of space.
  • Our microwave died - we need to get a new one.
  • Our water has been off as the corporation are fixing "something" in our road- its amazing how much water means to us.
  • I am learning to let God lead my life & I am trying not to control everything.
  • Its been a great week so far.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flamingos & Kilimanjaro

Mark at the summit

A sea of pink flamingos- wish I had a better zoom.

My week has been hectic but really great.
My DH & I went on a whirlwind business trip,leaving on Wednesday4am to Kimberly & Joburg & back to Durbs in 3 days - believe me its a lot of hours in the car. We did however see the most amazing sight just outside Kimberly, hundreds of flamingos. They were so pink & unfortunately they were glinting n the sun too, so we stopped on the side of the road & took some pics not the best but it was just great to see them.
In Joburg we spent a very short time with Mark our son & I got some pics from his Kilimanjaro trip & got to see his offices & meet his boss etc - it was great to put faces to names & meet these really pleasant people. It really has put my mind at rest & I feel much better about him seeing him settle into his new cottage & work. Children do grow up - moms just never stop being moms !!
We got back to Durbs at 6.30pm & by the time everything was unpacked, caught up with all the kids news we were bushed. It was up early for tea duty at the fete this morning, a great team & fun. We survived. Needless to say we had a very much needed "nanna nap" as my kids call it and this evening we have just blobbed on the couch watching rugby & an old James Bond movie.