Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun with fish & a birthday !

On Saturday afternoon we, DH,DD & myself went off to Body & Soul Spa to indulge in a Dr Fish foot massage........we went to the Protea Hotel in Gateway & it was lovely, the ambiance, the family togetherness. There we were all excited & as Kylie has done it in Singapore said DH & I should go first.
Oh my word, its weird & good at the same time, I lasted half the time & they all laughed at me, DH & DD just had extra time they relaxed & enjoyed. Still it was good to experience it & the little Garra ruffa fish are incredible but I don't think I will be repeating it.

Saturday was also our youngest son's birthday - 26 years old woo hoo. Steven is a gorgeous, generous friendly man ( not my little boy anymore but always my baby.) He had been celebrating since Friday with friends, dinner with the family on Saturday & finishing off with the Dolphins verses Sharks cricket on Sunday, so needless to say he had a good time.

We are due to go to Mozambique on Sunday coming but thanks to cyclone Dando & another one on the way, we are going to change our plans. I am disappointed because our time in Jan & Feb every year is "our" time, we plan our year ahead, talk about goals we want to achieve, restore ourselves, chill out, relax together & enjoy each others company, enjoy the serenity & beauty.
So we are contemplating...........

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 started without me......

Well thats how I feel, 2012 just started without me but I have caught up finally.

We have had our house full from the 09 th Dec 2011 & I have loved all the comings & goings but I have also found it quite overwhelming too. My three adult children are wonderful but still do not get on all the time, throw in other halves & thats not always a recipe for happy families & Mom is always in the middle. This is stressful & I must admit I can do without it. My DH & I are escaping next year lol. In saying that we had great times, and the family on the whole get on really well & I am like a mother hen I like my chicks close to me.

On Friday our son & girlfriend left & I could feel the relief (i love & adore them but need my space) ! So Friday night hubby & I went out to dinner, we toasted my SIL's birthday in & just loved being on our own, it was peaceful & fabulous. We came home to a quiet house, neat & tidy & loved loved it. There is something about just getting up to make tea or get water & not worrying about putting on a dressing gown etc - freedom for me.

We spent Saturday, chilling out, planning our year & swimming or maybe just wallowing in the pool as Durban's heat & humidity was extremly high. Got a bit too much sun which is yuk but so so nice to just be. We started our list for our first trip to Mozambique & half heartedly decided hubby needs a new camera (not sure if thats a wants or needs) so decided to get out all the current cameras to have a look at - 4 cameras in one house hold is too much, so the deal is sell 3 & yes he may have his new camera.

Sunday dawned & we wizzed off to church, just loved the message of hope & love & came home to chill. Our loving children have named our home pool as "Hippo Hollow" as we spend so much time there lol & thats what we did - wallowed. Then we were treated to lunch as a thank you for their December ( makes me feel gulity to think they all drove me batty at times) but it was great.

Back to work tomorrow & hope 2012 is kind & considerate for everone.