Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks for comments

Thanks for all your comments I really needed that. Its so good to have some encouragement.

I have just discovered my three darlings have all got bets on how long I will stay at home ! !!! What a cheek so I am now more than ever determined to make this work.

On a more serious note our son Mark is off to climb Kilimanjaro early in September & while I am excited for him I am also anxious too. Its awfully hard letting your kids go ( LOL he is 25 !!) but its still not that easy. He's climbing with four very good friends & they are making the trip in memory of James Dwyer who was killed in action on 27 December 2006 in Afghanistan, I am glad for them all just will be happy when they are all back home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Positive thinking

I have been a bit unsettled of late, probably because I am used to being busy busy & with people all day long. Please note I am not unhappy just out of sorts.

So I decide to take the advice of Bernie about positive thinking on her blog a while back.
  1. I have faith & am loved by God.

  2. I have a warm loving home with two out three children still home.

  3. I have a fantastic husband & even after 29 years are just so together - he is my best friend.

  4. I work from home & am enjoying it. I have freedom & am enjoying it.

  5. I enjoy my bed at the end of the day & I so enjoy long hot showers.

  6. I have good friends who share.

So here is to a fantastic new week to everyone.

On a really positive note Kylie & I went to Giselle the ballet & it was stunning, the dancing, music & just everything. Kylie decided we had to dress for the occasion & I am so glad we did as for once the Durbanites out did themselves.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some holiday pics

Some adhoc pics from our trip.
Kylie in front of the Merlion in Singapore.
Kylie feeding birds in the butterfly park in Sentosa, Singapore.
Jenny (SIL) Jenny & Kylie at the view point in Napier NZ.

Great day by all

This was my last day at school 26 June 2009 with my daughter Kylie & youngest son Steven.

Well I can say I had a fabulous morning. Going to school sports as the guest of honour sounds "grand" it was just so much fun !! Nothing grand just really being part of the supporters, chatting to all & sundry & fun fun fun. Knowing all the children getting trophies was great & it was good old fashioned sportsmanship all round.

Afterwards it was a quick change into jeans & sneakers to play bowls with the local schools... oh my we had 3 teams entered but our team lost both our rounds, we did not quite grasp this sport !! but again it was fun & laughter all round. Being with all my friends & ex colleagues was great. The best part was I won a frozen chicken .... so we know what we are having for lunch tomorow.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having a whinge....

I am back after visiting Kimberly again (not much to do the second time around) and then the big city of Johannesburg. Its always great seeing my sister & brother in law more so as my son is lodging with them at the moment. We haven't seen him in three months & it was fantastic catching up with Mark. He is trying to find his own flat & is seeing lots but nothing has appealed yet. Hopefully soon he finds the one because he is needing a bit of his own space.

My DH always has travelled every week I was always at home because of school, well now I am with him most of the time but its tiring & hotel food is not great all the time - am I abnormal ? or just crazy. I had this "picture" in my head of how it would be ( you know the one of warm fuzzy perfection.) Well its really not. I have been back since the 24 of July but at home for 6 nights altogether. Hmmm we may have to rethink this one.

I have not had time to scrap, or have my hair cut, go to church craft evenings etc etc- yes I am acting like a spoilt brat. I am as a result not going anywhere next week but poor old DH is off to Joburg once more.

On a more positive note its school sports day tomorrow & I am off to be the guest of honour, when asked what I had to do .... keep the principal happy while we get on with it & hand out trophies. I can do that I am so pleased to be off to school.

Monday, August 3, 2009

First day today

Well today was my first real day in the "office" at home. I worked from 8.00 to 14.00, and it was great.......

Then I went off to see my very dear friend Debs in hospital again with another tumour & I was very shocked because I have been away & the chemo has taken all her hair - I mean all her hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no arm hair and it was really a shock. I faulted thinking I was in the wrong room until she spoke to me. Oh my it was just good old Debs. I ended up being asked to leave we chatted till 16.15 and I will be back tomorrow.

I am thankful for my health & all my blessings, but really more so after chatting with Debs & she reminded me to cherish everyday.