Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You know you are in Johannesburg when

  • the traffic is crazy & never stops.

  • your gps wants to take you a route that doesn't exist anymore because of continuous road works.

  • its freezing cold (especially for Durbanites).

  • your son says its close mom only an hour away !

  • you spend most of the time in the car gettin somewhere.

I kid you not its a crazy busy place & while I love visiting Joburg especially family its really daunting to me, and driving here - oh my gosh give me Durbs any day.

Hubby is on business & I get to meet up with family & friends, I enjoy the quaint coffee shops & fabulous shopping malls & the scrapping stores really put Durbs back in the dark ages LOL.

Home tomorrow via a friends farm in the bush somewhere & looking forward to my own space.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shongweni Market

This morning at 6.00am we went off to Shongweni Market, about 30 minutes out of Durban, it was dark & freezing, 5 degrees when we got there. Myself,DD & YS headed into the market, its outside & it was not quite light but oh my so cold. Its a beautiful area, & the whole hedge is just Red Hot Pokers & they were stunning - i didn't take my camera - silly girl.
Fortified with hot coffee, we set off & explored. Its wonderful & we bought hormone free meat, fresh veges, newly picked mushrooms, lovely cheese, DD bought a geko blank to mosaic, YS bought a key holder out of some arty metal very nice (bit too arty for me lol) & we had breakfast - potatoe rosti with bacon & tomotoes, poached egg & hollandaise sauce, simply yummy. I saw lovely wellington boots - you just choose your pattern & they make them into designer wellies.

We came back to Durban very happy & mellow. DD went off to have her hair done, YS went fishing as the sardine run has hit Durban & we have been having fresh fish thanks to him.

Then its rugby, royal wedding number 2, start of the Tour de France (my favourite sport event) & oh yes more rugby.

I have been so busy that I am just relaxing this weekend & feeling good about it too.