Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shongweni Market

This morning at 6.00am we went off to Shongweni Market, about 30 minutes out of Durban, it was dark & freezing, 5 degrees when we got there. Myself,DD & YS headed into the market, its outside & it was not quite light but oh my so cold. Its a beautiful area, & the whole hedge is just Red Hot Pokers & they were stunning - i didn't take my camera - silly girl.
Fortified with hot coffee, we set off & explored. Its wonderful & we bought hormone free meat, fresh veges, newly picked mushrooms, lovely cheese, DD bought a geko blank to mosaic, YS bought a key holder out of some arty metal very nice (bit too arty for me lol) & we had breakfast - potatoe rosti with bacon & tomotoes, poached egg & hollandaise sauce, simply yummy. I saw lovely wellington boots - you just choose your pattern & they make them into designer wellies.

We came back to Durban very happy & mellow. DD went off to have her hair done, YS went fishing as the sardine run has hit Durban & we have been having fresh fish thanks to him.

Then its rugby, royal wedding number 2, start of the Tour de France (my favourite sport event) & oh yes more rugby.

I have been so busy that I am just relaxing this weekend & feeling good about it too.


Jenny said...

Lovely shopping at good markets. Hope your day was very relaxing

cat said...

Hi Jenny - good to "meet" you - saw you at Lynette's. Sounds like the farmers market here in Pretoria