Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's Alans birthda on Thursday & we are off to Kruger National Park courtes of our children, what a great gift as Alan loves KNP.

So I made him this framed double l/o as he is off in Joburg on business & I could get it finished.

I have also scanned 171 photos so that I can get my old photos scrapped & came across one of the two Jenny Engelbrechts in NZ in 2002 so of course I need one in 2009 to complete a really good l/o.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a week its been so far

With school swimming gala, school governing body meeting & then open day tomorrow,,whew glad it'll be Friday & then a hopefully quiet weekend. Well in our house probably not but still no fixed arrangements.
The heat has been terrible & we have been cooling off in the pool only to get out and start sweltering once more.
My menfolk went fishing yesterday at 3.30am ....yes that early, they had chartered a boat in December but apparently everytim they wanted to go out it wasn't the right winds,tide etc. So they came back with fish, fresh dorado & tuna & were very pleased with themselves and so are we.
Good news our New Zealand holiday & scrapping is on track with all our flights booked & confirmed ( one & a half tickets paid for LOL.) and Senz tickets booked & paid for courtesy of my wonderful SIL in Wellington. She's a doll isn't she .....
So here's to everyone having a great weekend.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Its rugby season in full swing here and while I enjoy watching the Natal Sharks & the Sprinboks, All Blacks, etc sometimes ......its a bit daunting to have my DH & our two sons with four of their friends yelling and shouting at the tv in the lounge. They all suddenly become expert coaches, refereees and know everything, they are passionate supporters win or lose.

Its the yelling at the top of their voices as if the players or ref can actually hear them that gets to me...... my neighbours thankfully are rugby supporters as well otherwise I think we would be in big trouble.

I am not complaining because this is my time to scrap or read or just chill out because they are so absorbed in the game, before after & during with the interviews and comments so Viva rugby season even with its noise !!

Thanks to Jenny for my award!

One nice thing about the man in my life: (gee only one...) My darling husband is my best friend and supports me in every way.

Now six ways in which I measure success in my life (thought provoking)

  1. My DH & I have been together 29 years and weathered all the storms big and small, so that means we must have learnt respect & tolerance.

  2. Our three off spring have grown up to be responsible young adults who are well adjusted and ready to jump into the river of life.

  3. A home of which we are justifably proud of which is always full of youngsters who have become adopted family & who chat to us as if we were friends. (sometimes too much information .....)

  4. The fact that I have a super position at work & good friends rather than colleagues.

  5. The fact that I have learnt to look at two sides of a story before coming to a conclusion ( very difficult for me sometimes.)

  6. The fact that my faith in God once lost in my life has been restored and sustains me everyday.

And now I pass this on to : Andrea, Linda,& Little Shop of Sketches & anyone else who really would like this award.

By the noise level we must have just scored a try so I am off to escape into my bedroom with my book.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A good relaxing weekend

Wow its Sunday already & we have had such a nice weekend. Quiet & chilled out.

Mark turned 25 on Saturday & we had a lovey lunch at Umhdloti with him & his girlfriend Maddie, the day was stunning & the view was quite something. I took a few pics which I will upload. It was the lazy kind of lunch that took three hours of just chatting & eating some delish food ( and I wonder why my clothes are tight !!!) Mark has so matured in these last few years its quite something to see him become such a super young man.

I actually had time to scrap yesterday & today, and will try to upload my l/os.

1. This was just finished off - a course I did with Desire Fourie at Makarnga Gardens in Nov last year - very busy for me but fun to be out your comfort zone.

2. Steven - he is such a water boy & I have been going to do some of him & so have started.

3. Alan & Adrian taken last year before Alan's 50th birthday & they are just so nice to see the brothers so chilled out. Adrian came out from New Zealand for it & I have lots of fantastic photos of them together which is very unusual.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks for the award.

Thank you to Helen for this award. I am very chuffed. I will do all my nominations before the weekend as at the moment its just too hectic.
Still have the auditors probably till Friday ( shame my poor family take this quite hard because I tend to be a bit stressed & grumpy.) & then I can relax.
Of course it would help if my adult children would stop bickering, this drives me crazy & I am putting it down to the heat....for all of you who thought they turn into "perfect" beings with age - think again. I think bringing outside partners into the equation also has an effect too and I am just grateful that they all seem to get on most of the time.
We have like most Durbanites been sweltering in this heat so its late night dips in the pool most nights where we just wallow. Last night my brother phoned from Chester (UK) & was so excited about the snow, they have had snow lots of times before but definately not like this, so it was onto skype to see his latest photos which are fabulous, I must admit to being really envious of all that beautiful snow !!! It was really good just to touch base with family again & catch up on what they're up to and how their lovely grandchildren are. My neice is really good about photos and news when she gets a chance she has three little ones, Lacy is 5, Brogan turning 3 & Rowan is 18 months - yes a handful. They are thinking (my neice & dh & family) of maybe going to Australia which has really unsettled my SIL but she wants them to be happy in the long run, its just for them to follow at their age is quite a huge ask but they would really miss the grandchildren terribly - anyway we'll wait & see.
Does anyone cook meals & freeze them for a weeks planning or even longer ? I am trying to work out if it would be worth my while "timewise" to do this.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday night Vinesong Concert

I am just home after a Vinesong Concert at our church. It was fantastic, uplifting & totally praising God. I loved it. If you get a chance to see Vinesong (based in England but originally South African) on their world tour - do yourself a favour & go. Their music is fabulous.

Thanks to Helen for my award I will sort it out tomorrow & thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate the help I get.