Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks for the award.

Thank you to Helen for this award. I am very chuffed. I will do all my nominations before the weekend as at the moment its just too hectic.
Still have the auditors probably till Friday ( shame my poor family take this quite hard because I tend to be a bit stressed & grumpy.) & then I can relax.
Of course it would help if my adult children would stop bickering, this drives me crazy & I am putting it down to the heat....for all of you who thought they turn into "perfect" beings with age - think again. I think bringing outside partners into the equation also has an effect too and I am just grateful that they all seem to get on most of the time.
We have like most Durbanites been sweltering in this heat so its late night dips in the pool most nights where we just wallow. Last night my brother phoned from Chester (UK) & was so excited about the snow, they have had snow lots of times before but definately not like this, so it was onto skype to see his latest photos which are fabulous, I must admit to being really envious of all that beautiful snow !!! It was really good just to touch base with family again & catch up on what they're up to and how their lovely grandchildren are. My neice is really good about photos and news when she gets a chance she has three little ones, Lacy is 5, Brogan turning 3 & Rowan is 18 months - yes a handful. They are thinking (my neice & dh & family) of maybe going to Australia which has really unsettled my SIL but she wants them to be happy in the long run, its just for them to follow at their age is quite a huge ask but they would really miss the grandchildren terribly - anyway we'll wait & see.
Does anyone cook meals & freeze them for a weeks planning or even longer ? I am trying to work out if it would be worth my while "timewise" to do this.


Jenny said...

Well, you can look forward to the cold in July. I'll even take you to the Mountain for some snow! Adult children bickering? Don't we know two brothers who can also have a good bicker at times?

Helen Tilbury said...

I know I am also envious of all the lovely snowy pics I see coming out of UK at the moment, but I suppose if we were there we would be complaining! Please don't tell me the kids are still going to bicker when they are adults, I thought it wouls all be over then,lol! ;-)