Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a week its been so far

With school swimming gala, school governing body meeting & then open day tomorrow,,whew glad it'll be Friday & then a hopefully quiet weekend. Well in our house probably not but still no fixed arrangements.
The heat has been terrible & we have been cooling off in the pool only to get out and start sweltering once more.
My menfolk went fishing yesterday at 3.30am ....yes that early, they had chartered a boat in December but apparently everytim they wanted to go out it wasn't the right winds,tide etc. So they came back with fish, fresh dorado & tuna & were very pleased with themselves and so are we.
Good news our New Zealand holiday & scrapping is on track with all our flights booked & confirmed ( one & a half tickets paid for LOL.) and Senz tickets booked & paid for courtesy of my wonderful SIL in Wellington. She's a doll isn't she .....
So here's to everyone having a great weekend.


Andrea said...

Sounds like a busy week!


Jenny said...

You're right your SIL is a doll! LOL. I have the Senz tickets stuck on my cupboard right now. One motel is booked and the other will be booked tomorrow - yay!

Helen Tilbury said...

Sorry I missed this post...please take lotsa pics of Senz for your blog. Would love to see it. Lucky you!!! You must be so excited...If it is on the South Island you must go & visit Tanya Leigh from Little Shop of Sketches (see my blog) as she has a Scrapbooking shop there-Stampin' Scrap. What r yr dates?