Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photos for last post

These trees were stunning to me.

Reflection after we had all finished

Walking in the red lanes - the black represents walls or hedges.

St Stithians & Pilansberg

We visited the labryinth at St Stithians in Joburg it was really incredible & I enjoyed it, we all walked it in silence & even though there were 5 of us it was so peaceful & serene.

I really would like to see the one at Margaret Roberts Gardens I believe its lovely.

There is so much available to us to see & do & often we don't look in our own areas.

Back home too soon

We spent the last 8 days with my sister & brother in law in Johannesburg & then onto our time share in Pilansberg. It was great & we laughed & had such fun, took lots of game drives even squeezed in a neck, shoulder & back massage. Just bliss - this is time my sister & I just catch up on everything & we love the special time. Both our hubbys are close & good friends and the 4 of us just enjoy it.
Friday morning dawned & my darling hubby was seriously ill with a tummy bug, so we packed up & my BIL lead & I drove from Pilansberg through Joburg & then we said tearful goodbyes & I drove straight to Durban - a 10 hour journey in all. Lots of stops along the way but I arrived at Entabeni Hospital at 8 oclock.
The E & A staff are great, took one look & said we'll take him through, you go & park & then do the paper work.
Well 4 hours later, 3 drips later & meds & blood work, we left the hospital & got home - oh yay it was good. Hubby showered & collapsed into bed I followed.
This morning our kids arrived, unpacked the car, bought flowers for Dad (he loves them) shouted at me for not stopping at a Jhb hospital - which we did think about but made the decision to push on. Told us to relax & they will bring us dinner tonight ! Now they are not always angels but today I am soooo grateful for them.
Hubby is watching rugby in bed & we are both just chilling out - we have decided its a pj's day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Friday started off in such a good positive way, but then my kid's house was burgled & I felt all kinds of emotions, but being a Mom you suck it up as you need to give support to your kids.

The two teenagers who broke in through a trellidoor burglar guard in the bathroom, vandalised the entire house, nothing remains in a cupboard, drawer, table except the kitchen - didn't even bother to go in there.

DD had all her jewellery stolen but the did drop some of it as they ransacked the place, and the only piece that was so precious to her they left behind. It was my Mums rings made into a ring of her choice for her 21st birthday. Needless to say we are all grateful. She was devastated & its awful as a mom when you can't fix things, its frustrating & heart breaking.
DS is away only gets back today but his computer is fine thats all he was worried about.

The positive thing was the police were there very quickly, were very nice & sympathetic. They said its typical of a drug related robbery where they just need a quick fix, so stuff their pockets & my kids back packs with as much as thy can.
We are still waiting for the fingerprint guys though.
The trellidoor people were very helpful & secured the window guard again, a new one arrives on Monday,
We were given permission to pick up the clothes only, and 8 bags later these were dropped off at our laundries to be washed & ironed again.

So as we were on our own last night DD & I sat up watching tv & eating comfort food.
Both of us didn't sleep well & this morning we decided to get as much done as possible & relax.
DH & DS will be home about 5pm today & I will be very happy to have them home.

We don't have alarms in our both of our houses & I think its time we got one but I hate the thought of having one & de activating & re acivating an alarm yuk, we also don't have electric fencing etc & I suppose thats an option too. Both DD & I think we just need to get 2 puppies each - we are trying to put that one forward first.

I love Africa & its freedom but theres always a price to pay for freedom.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bubbling with Joy

Today I am bubbling with joy. Yoo hoo.
I have a fantstic group of ladies who meet together every Wednesday for bible study, fellowship etc.
Every month we celebrate birthdays by going out to tea & having a good time.
Today we celebrated three birthdays mine included & the morning spent with special friends having fun is wonderful. We were all spoilt but its the friendship thats the best thing, knowing you can confide in, be supported, laugh with & cry together is extra special.

So today is a wonderful, fantastic day & even though I am at work now, I am still glowing with tht special feeling. Even my hubby who is away said he could hear my happiness.

Hope everyone has a fabulous, God blessed day.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Fish in Mozambique

Really lovely decor for the HPS fundraiser

Tracey's l/out was the first of the day.

Photos I hope. Blogger has been driving me mad.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo post of Hillcrest Primary Fundraiser & Mozambique

The Saturday before we left for Mozambique, 3 of us went to the second HPS Fundraiser with Tracey Shimper & Vanessa Matthews - as always those two ladies are outstanding. We had great fun & to think that the school hall was transformed into such yumminess. Great time was had by all , looking forward to the next one.
Mandy from Crafts from the Heart is also having a spring scrapping day on 03 September.

I am always amazed by the fish that are carved are from wooden blocks & I always wonder at people who create such incredible things out of nothing.

Travelling back to SA on Tuesday was my birthday, it was different but nice, hubby & I just chilled out & enjoyed our day, exhausting though we left at 4am & got home by 6.30pm, a long time in the car. I also drove for quite a while so hubby could nap & it was the first time I had driven in Mozambique, so I was quite pleased with myself. We got home to a cooked dinner thanks to DD & YS. Always so nice to not have to cook and we caught up on all the news. I had a great day & received so many messages & wishes it was fabulous. We had dinner said goodnight, kids went home & we slept so peacefully in our own bed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Travelling to & from Mozambique

We left very early on Friday morning (4.30am) through Swaziland into Mozambique, through the hustle & bustle of Maputo into the calm of Tofo, Inhambane. Passing through Xai Xai, Bilene etc. I love the trip once we are out of Maputo & I enjoy the changing scenery, through the flats, over the mighty Limpopo river, through the marsh lands into the coastal areas full of cocoa nut trees & beautiful blue blue sea.
We came through heavy rain, and I wonder how the locals manage but they do, they really are inspiring - they are friendly, hospitable, very artistic with their local arts & crafts & so so practical.
We went to do business & hubby loves dealing with the locals.
Needless to say we dined on prawns & crayfish & local pau (bread). As we just had a short time we didn't get any fresh fish & I missed that. Our cottage is becoming like a second home at this stage but I think thats the travelling for this year over.
Tomorrow we leave for home at 4.00 am to be home by six - six thirty depending on the border posts.