Monday, May 25, 2009

a small wobbly

I have a month to go till I leave school.
It's suddenly become very real to me, crazy as that sounds I am very happy to be able to be at home - but its also very nerve wracking giving up my solid school routine.
Just a small wobbly as I suppose is normal and then I think I will be able to go to day time scrapping & this whole wonderful warm feeling fills that space..... okay back on track.

Things I know for sure this day

I love my husband more now than I did when I married him, we have weathered lots of storms and there has been lots of sunshine. Even now when he is away I don't like it.

God has a sense of humour, when everything seems perfect there is always a twist in the tail. Thankfully God normally has the answer too.

I miss my splintered world wide family but a phone/skype call or a new blog to update us just makes my day.

I will never be the size I was 10 years ago, just buy the bigger size LOL. Accepting that has been quite liberating.

My children will always be my children even though they are "adults". Especially when they need something !!

I am happy in my life, it has twists & turns & sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choices but have to live with the consequences but above all I am happy.

Durban has the best winters & right now is my best season.

Scrapping has bought out the creative side of me, as a bookkeeper this has taught me not to be so rigid and its not easy. ( according to my arty daughter this is quite an achievement.)

Accepting your childrens choice of friends or partners etc is not always easy & keeping your opinions to oneself is difficult BUT it generally pays off.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday morning - Excitement building

Its a wonderful crisp winters morning for Durban LOL (16degrees) so thats a jumper, winter shoes & hot coffee........ nevermind that by 9am it'll be warm & lovely.

I am excited to realise that a) its 6 weeks & 1 day till my DD & I leave for New Zealand !!! The last time we were there was 2002 so its really exciting for me to see my nephews who were "little" boys & are now teenagers ! and of course my dear SIL & my BIL.
Also my own neice & her little ones ( I call them my honourary grandchildren my sister & I share happily ) & my nephew & his family who has grown so much . Blowing kisses on skype is wonderful but as I said to Andy (my neices husband) I need one of his big bear hugs.

b) its 4 weeks till my DH & I spend the long weekend in Nottingham Road at Fordoun !!! That will be wonderful & I am grateful that we are able to go to special places and spend very precious time together.

and its only 4 weeks till my new colleague comes into my office to work together till the end of the second term - wow. I am so looking forward to handing over to a "super new bursar".
While I am very sad to be leaving "my" school I am not leaving my friends, I will be able to visit the school at special times & just enjoy.

My DH is very excited that I will be in our home office and its quite contagious to think of having extra time to myself.(my DD just laughs & says Dad will keep you so busy) Selfish well maybe a little, but I do deserve "me" time. Also DH travels every week & I will pick & choose when I go with him.

So no Monday blues for me just a huge excitement building ............

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend at last

Yay its the weekend after a very long week. We interviewed five candidates at school yesterday afternoon & one shone through, we are all very pleased and once she has accepted and signed a contract I can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. I am delighted as I am very passionate about my school and take everything far too seriously according to my family. We started at 2.30 and I got home at 6.00pm.

To celebrate my DH took me out to dinner in Florida road,which is a vibrant buzzing road with all kinds of restaurants up & down it. We had a super dinner at our favourite fish place (outside in the lovely night) but was quite saddened to see so many hawkers & car guards & it really did take the shine off the evening. we particularly like to sit outside because our weather is always so good & its enjoyable...... well we both decided we would give that a skip for a while. I quess its the sign of the times.

This morning after sleeping in (yay) we had to go to the bank as DH deals with an international company & had to do a couple of international transfers, well I so pleasantly surprised as it took him all of 5 minutes to do... so we were able to do everything we needed and get home intime for him to watch his rugby. He is now happily watching his super 14 rugby.

Our son Mark has been in Johannesburg for his second week now in his first real job after qualifying as a CA & is loving it so far. We on the other hand are missing him something terribly which is crazy as we( Alan & I ) really are looking forward to having our home to ourselves - selfish yes but we still have two at home still and a very good family friend has moved in for awhile !!!!! its obviously not on our cards to be quite and peaceful. Our family range from 27-25-23, Kylie having been in the UK and back again and they all are noisy, demanding & very lovable but messy and noisy. So for all you who thought children grew up to be quite, tidy adults - think again. Although on the other hand its so nice to come home to laundry done, dinner done & a tidy kitchen when they feel like it. Its also nice when they come & jump into your bed on those lazy Sundays (yes still at that age.....) so I am not complaining just contemplating...........

Its raining & grey right now so I am off to make tea & snuggle down with a book.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a week so far

We got back to school after having two long weekends & short school weeks which is nice but very disruptive. Any how we had had two huge electrical storms over the weekend & the school phone system was out - our lines damaged by the storms & our server hit by some electrical surge - well no phones & no computers not fun at all.
We are back and running thanks to Telkoms really efficient service & our IT guys. The only thing is they have upgraded us to Vista & oh boy its taking a lot of getting used to. Why do they always want to upgrade us ????
On to better news we start interviewing on Friday for my position and we have 5 good interviews set up so Iam looking forward to that being done.
On Saturday my DH who was sick suggested I go shopping for my trip to New Zealand so I did, as crazy as this is we are hving beautiful weather but our stores are gearded up for winter.....but since it'll be really cold there I decided to take advantage of my hubbys was fun and sad to say I am not a shopper but I did myself proud. New cords (3 different colours) 2 long sleeved shirts, a fleece & a pair of trainers.
Off to have a cup of coffee with hubby who is better but not great, needs lots of TLC.