Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend at last

Yay its the weekend after a very long week. We interviewed five candidates at school yesterday afternoon & one shone through, we are all very pleased and once she has accepted and signed a contract I can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. I am delighted as I am very passionate about my school and take everything far too seriously according to my family. We started at 2.30 and I got home at 6.00pm.

To celebrate my DH took me out to dinner in Florida road,which is a vibrant buzzing road with all kinds of restaurants up & down it. We had a super dinner at our favourite fish place (outside in the lovely night) but was quite saddened to see so many hawkers & car guards & it really did take the shine off the evening. we particularly like to sit outside because our weather is always so good & its enjoyable...... well we both decided we would give that a skip for a while. I quess its the sign of the times.

This morning after sleeping in (yay) we had to go to the bank as DH deals with an international company & had to do a couple of international transfers, well I so pleasantly surprised as it took him all of 5 minutes to do... so we were able to do everything we needed and get home intime for him to watch his rugby. He is now happily watching his super 14 rugby.

Our son Mark has been in Johannesburg for his second week now in his first real job after qualifying as a CA & is loving it so far. We on the other hand are missing him something terribly which is crazy as we( Alan & I ) really are looking forward to having our home to ourselves - selfish yes but we still have two at home still and a very good family friend has moved in for awhile !!!!! its obviously not on our cards to be quite and peaceful. Our family range from 27-25-23, Kylie having been in the UK and back again and they all are noisy, demanding & very lovable but messy and noisy. So for all you who thought children grew up to be quite, tidy adults - think again. Although on the other hand its so nice to come home to laundry done, dinner done & a tidy kitchen when they feel like it. Its also nice when they come & jump into your bed on those lazy Sundays (yes still at that age.....) so I am not complaining just contemplating...........

Its raining & grey right now so I am off to make tea & snuggle down with a book.


Jenny said...

So glad that you have appointed the right person!

AT least yours do some of the cooking and cleaning, although mine cooked today

Andrea said...

What a lovely happy home it sounds like you have....I hope my kids hang around for years to come as the thought that Megs may move out in just 7 years at the age of 18 fills me with dread.

Well done on filling the post!

Helen Tilbury said...

What a lovely post that was Jenny! When do we get to see pics of these crazy kids??? I know what you mean about the messy & the noisy - I just can't relate to the coming home to dinner cooked & everything done - that would be a first for me! Luckily I have a brilliant maid that doesn't steal or loaf off but the kids make dinner...???...not that they have the time poor things...maybe one day! Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my blog about the teaching & layout designing, etc! It has been a bit nerve-wracking as I, like you, take everything very seriously but France loved my first design. I am only going to teach one evening a week at the moment though & will stand in for her if she's sick - otherwised she does the morning classes. I am preparing a workshop for 4 Saturdays in a row though - quite a commitment I know but it is something special - will give you the details when it is all ready ;-)