Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scrapping weekend

Yay all we are doing is scrapping.....

My DH & BIL are at Mighty Men Conference so yesterday my sister arrived to spend the next four days with me. Its our annual scrapping bonanza. As Cath lives in Joburg she has access to lots more scrapping goodies than Durban although our prices are much cheaper, so she brings bling & things & we provide papers & card stock - its just so much fun.

At lunchtime yesterday the men were off to Greytown, we hit the local scrap shop & from the time we got home it was scrapping, my DD arrived after 5.30pm & joined us. We did manage to do a quick spagetti bolognaise for dinner throw a salad together & then it was back to scrapping.

Mark is down from Joburg on business & he casually mentioned "whew don't you ever get tired of scrapping" it was very late I must admit but we all very clearly told him NO. At least he shared his stash of left over easter eggs & made us coffee so was forgiven.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday 10 April

Today we are all running around and doing our "weekend" chores of shopping, Mothwa meetings, getting dinner ready for tonight with our kiddies and I am on laundry duty. That means I hit the jackpot because I have the "A" team working this weekend, I was there early & the team were already working & laughing and told me to go home....... as I have a meeting DH will do the other checks & then by the time I get home everything is closed.
Tomorrow DH & I are leaving early for Joburg (about 5am) & then we will stay over at his normal hotel but using Sun rands which he accumulates during his normal stay overs & then we can use only on the weekends but its great because Southern Sun & Garden Court Holiday Inns are all over South Africa. The bonus is we see Mark & Maddie for the afternoon & thats wonderful.Its business on Monday morning & then on our way home to Durban.
These are such pleasant trips as we really travel well together (we always have) & we chat & listen to music & stop here & there and I look forward to "our" time as we call it. Then one or both of our Durban based children move into our house & enjoy all the mod cons they don't have like DSTV & aircon & the pool...... we are never short of volunteers & Kylie & Steven say they love catching up on all the movies,programs oh & of course my fridge & freezer are always full LOL.
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter to all

I love Easter , because Jesus died for us & rose again to give us everlasting life.

We all love Easter eggs in our family, yes my children are very grown up but quess what I buy them a stash of eggs & bunnies every year & I doubt will stop. I do miss the egg hunts & games & dying eggs etc but am waiting for grandchildren one day ....sigh.

So to everyone have a Blessed Easter.