Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Voting day

Ok we all voted after 2 hours in a queue, I must admit the people around us were fun & it wasn't too bad a wait. There were times when I thought I should come back later but no we stuck it out.
On a really fun note our youngest off spring, produced a David Cassidy / Partridge Family LP for me as he was asking me about my teenage years "favourite music" it was really great & hilarious to listen to it. Wow that was a fair while ok.
After that my DH took me for brunch & I bought some new shoes !

Not a bad voting day at all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011

Whew half way through May 2011 already & I am not sure of where its gone.

I am sure of the following though ;

  • I love my DH more every day & can lean on him ( a lot lately).

  • My children are very special to me but definitely are adults in their own right.

  • My home is my refuge & I praise God for it daily.

  • I am not too sure I should be working from home - I miss people.

  • I am so sure my weight is affecting my energy levels but am loathe to do anything.

  • I am battling to get my positivity back & need to work on that.

  • I am finding my walk with God difficult sometimes & need to work on that.

  • I am so grateful to be able to work on the Emmaus walk 91 this weekend.

  • I am out of sinc & it shows in most of what I do or don't do these days.

  • I am definitely going to vote tomorrow.

  • It looks like I need to put myself back into "the tough get going mode " & dump the "woe is me mode" lol.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love or hate

Wow strong words but I am hurting & angry. I thought I would just vent for myself so maybe I can see or justify someone elses decisions.

  • A very close family member is off seeking himself ? what about the family he has left behind - I love him dearly but right now hate what he is doing to his wife and children.

  • Am I wrong in being upset ? does he have a right to just leave ? what about his children & wife - what about their feelings.

  • I know life sometimes gets to you( it sure does to me too) & I would like to run away too, sure I would like to have no responsibilities or put up with lifes messes & irritations. But isn't that where we just get stronger & it does get better.

  • Yes I know sometimes children drive you round the bend (mine are still doing that & I love them for it) and rules & boundaries get pushed, broken - even torn down. But you need to be there picking up the pieces & dusting yourself down.

  • Am I being one sided am I judging here - yes I quess I am but it still makes me mad.