Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011

Whew half way through May 2011 already & I am not sure of where its gone.

I am sure of the following though ;

  • I love my DH more every day & can lean on him ( a lot lately).

  • My children are very special to me but definitely are adults in their own right.

  • My home is my refuge & I praise God for it daily.

  • I am not too sure I should be working from home - I miss people.

  • I am so sure my weight is affecting my energy levels but am loathe to do anything.

  • I am battling to get my positivity back & need to work on that.

  • I am finding my walk with God difficult sometimes & need to work on that.

  • I am so grateful to be able to work on the Emmaus walk 91 this weekend.

  • I am out of sinc & it shows in most of what I do or don't do these days.

  • I am definitely going to vote tomorrow.

  • It looks like I need to put myself back into "the tough get going mode " & dump the "woe is me mode" lol.


Bernadine said...

Hi Jenny. Just remember not every day is good but their is good in every day.

Jenny said...

It's hard to get out of that "woe is me" mode but if anyone can do it quickly, you can. Hugs

Lynette said...

sending a hug...we all have those days...so don't beat yourself up!