Thursday, December 4, 2008

School ends today

School closes today for the children- oh what a lovely day. I still work next week but its so nice & quiet and there are no interuptions except for our Christmas lunch & then its HOLIDAYS!!!!!

I am so looking forward to sleeping in past 05.45am & just being able to do things for me. Yes I will be so busy catching up on my scrapping and crafts and having fun. I still have a gift voucher from August for our local scrap shop ! yes its incredible but I just haven't had the time to shop & this holidays I will.

Tomorrow Kylie (my wonderful daughter) & I are off to a Scrapaganza in the lovely setting of the Makaranga gardens & lodge at Kloof. We are packed & ready to go & the photos are being printed & cropped as I write this. So I should have something special to display next week or at least I hope so.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with love & laughter.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Yay its the weekend

Oh wonderful weekend - please don't fly by. Sleeping in on Saturday & Sunday is such a wonderful treat these days.
We have 5 more school days with children & then only 4 without the following week. Then its the lazy summer days of the Christmas holidays - actually not - its the "do everything you never get time to do " but still its holidays!!!
I have been inspired by the busy New Zealanders & all their Christmas planning & organisation so will try & put this into practise this weekend, starting with Christmas tins filled with condensed milk biscuits.
Have a great weekend everyone & God bless.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Creeping Up

Christmas is definately creeping up on us & unlike Penny or Jenny( domestic goddesses) I am not even contemplating such wonderful "homemade goodies." Time is not my friend at the moment but I do intend finishing some homemade cards & hopefully some gifts. Although your ideas are fabulous and are inspiring so maybe I will find time to create some magic.

My nephew Antony & his wife Deena & thre very special children leave SA on Thursday for New Zealand & while I am very happy for them I am also very sad for the families left behind. We wish them lots of love & joy in New Zealand and will be seeing them next year God willing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Ever since Kylie has been back from her UK experience she has been wanting to go to Moyo's a wonderful African themed restaurant - with the most unique decor and face painting and wonderful food. So as it was her birthday yesterday off we went Kylie, Steven & I as hubby is still not able to be up & about & Mark had a last years article clerk dinner.

The 3 of us had a blast, Kylie loved it from the moment we walked in - its on the Ushaka pier at the beachfront so the setting is wonderful. I am posting a few photos but the lighting is quite different so the photos are not wonderfully clear but you can at least see the nights events.

Yay its Friday & Alan,Kylie & I are off to Fordoun a spa in the Natal Midlands to relax, hubby will have a change of scenery & Kylie & I are relaxing & scrapping ! What a wonderful thought.
See ya.

Birthday Dinner

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Huge Storm clears the air

Whew on Friday afternoon we had a huge storm that came out of nowhere ! The rain & hail was unbelievable, it did a lot of damage in the 30 minutes that it raged & of course straight afterwards the sun shone brightly as if nothing had happened. Hillcrest & Molweni had lots of damage & 6 people were killed by houses falling down - the communities have rallied after this tragedy and there is a spirit of hope and renewed life.

This Friday my hubby had an operation on his foot due to damage done years ago as a teenager, this has left him in bed for a week, its been 3 days & he has cabin fever already & is driving us all batty. We have tried to entertain him, feed him, help him - oh my gosh he doesn't like being dependent on anyone. So it was with considerable relief I went to church yesterday & off to school this morning. We are going away this Friday for Kylie's (our daughter & eldest child) birthday to Fordoun in the Natal Midlands. Obviously I will be driving there & he will hopefully relax & be able to enjoy his different surroundings.

As a mother of young adults ( always my children to me !) 26 turning 27, 24 & 22 - we always have a house full of other young adults this weekend I had a mattress in my home office with a young friend who spent 4 days with us. Whilst we love it & encourage the friends - just sometimes I find it difficult to accomodate all these youngsters especially when the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it & the towels in the laundry hamper are overflowing from swimming & showering....... My office however is "my space" where I craft, work & generally just relax, so being confined this weekend was quite difficult, it made me definately think that we need that bigger house as soon as we can. Come January we are house hunting !!!

To everyone have a great week & God Bless.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arts & Crafts

Good morning world. Its a beautiful hot sunny day here in Durban, blue skies & everything is green from our last rains - just stunning. I am inside working - I think there's something basically flawed with that but thats life.

We go to our local church every last Tuesday of the month for arts & crafts & fellowship. We get all kinds of classes & while its great fun for us all it swells the church coffers at the same time. Since its drawing closer to Christmas (yes very scary the year is almost over!) we made African style tea lights which I loved with beads & safety pins !! I thought they were really nice & easy to do.

The next one is of our Christmas card class which is always such fun & I think really special too.Its just so nice getting a group of friends together to get some creativity flowing and lots of laughter and stress relief.

So to all friends & family take some time out to relax & enjoy our lives. They are short & precious & wonderful. Have a good week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am feeling very heartsore at the moment, with families being split apart its very hard to still try and keep that close knit feeling.

Our own family is spread far and wide, as well as good friends. This we all take into our stride with the help of email,skype,gmail,blogs etc etc. But when it comes to one of your family members being ill or hurt or just upset over something - this causes great concern for all. There's just nothing like a big hug when you are down or a cup of coffee, glass of wine with a person not a "cyber" person. As is the case of my SIL's father, we wish we could be there to just give the hug or take the family a meal or fetch and carry - just do what families do !!!

So friends and family members always keep in touch with one another even if it is a cyber hug or words of love and encouragement.

To my family members (all over the world) we all love and miss you and big bear hugs to all the little members.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy days of Summer.

Budget's over & done with now we can go forward with the rest of the year.

We had a wonderful lazy weekend getting up after 9 on Saturday and Alan & I went for breakfast to help us get the energy to get some Christmas shopping done ! Well we had a stroll in Gateway shopping center and ended up leaving it to all the scurrying people. The sun was shining, the sky was blue it was just such an outdoor day - result no shopping.

Our pool is already warming up and our garden is gorgeous as a result of all the rain lately so it won hands down.
Sunday was much the same of just being out in the sun and then after all that effort a sunday snooze, we did make church - just.
I think after all the hectic weeks we have had lately it was just such a pleasant relief to soak up the summer sun and be lazy.

We did however come to a decision about selling our house which we have outgrown with 3 adult children still living at home and think it was time to maybe move on out to Durban North or Musgrave Road. Still its just an idea at this stage because Alan is extremely attached to his house and suburb and is not very good with change - it has to creep up on him slowly.

To everyone have a wonderful week and God bless.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Budget continued

Sorry finger trouble there.

In South Africa education is not free. Our school are mostly good and offer lovely facilities etc but this comes at a cost. So tonight I need to sell the fact that in 2009 our annual school fees per child will be R11150. I am not sure how that compares with the rest of the world but for my little corner of Durban, South Africa its within the norm. Our school is a government school but we only get ten staff for our school and we need twenty four ! hence school fees.

So here's hoping to a quick and peaceful meeting without any major grumblings, which is always helped by the cheese & wine we provide.

Budget Time

Thanks for all the comments - I am so delighted.

I am the bursar(finance manager) at a small school called Manor Gardens Primary School behind our local university. It is set in lush green surroundings and is pretty as a picture.

Its a normal school with about 370 children from grade 1 to grade 7. When I say normal, that is until it rains continuously for two days and they all get stuck indoors. It was a zoo today and we are all praying for sunshine tomorrow. How the teachers cope I am not sure. We have a new principal starting on Monday - only 10 months after our last one retired. Not bad for the Department of Education I am told but a blessing for us as we have managed well but still need our school to be complete and I for one am looking forward to it.

Tonight is our annual budget meeting which is obviously my most important

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday 27 October 2008

Its my first blog - so this is a new experience for me.
As I am a follower of family & friends news (which I need to keep my family especially close) I decided to keep our family & friends updated too.
My sister in law Jenny in Wellington New Zealand is really my inspiration so Jen this first attempt is dedicated to you......
We had a weekend of excitement, The Sharks won the Currie Cup after 12 years !!! all my boys are avid supporters.
Kylie & I went to the Greyville Craft show on Saturday and so enjoyed our day. We loved the exhibits, saw friends, did two out of our three booked classes - the third was just a non event but still we loved the other two. Spent too much money according to my dh and had lunch overlooking the Greyville race course & Durban - quite spectatcular.
Sunday was a lazy sunny day.