Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am feeling very heartsore at the moment, with families being split apart its very hard to still try and keep that close knit feeling.

Our own family is spread far and wide, as well as good friends. This we all take into our stride with the help of email,skype,gmail,blogs etc etc. But when it comes to one of your family members being ill or hurt or just upset over something - this causes great concern for all. There's just nothing like a big hug when you are down or a cup of coffee, glass of wine with a person not a "cyber" person. As is the case of my SIL's father, we wish we could be there to just give the hug or take the family a meal or fetch and carry - just do what families do !!!

So friends and family members always keep in touch with one another even if it is a cyber hug or words of love and encouragement.

To my family members (all over the world) we all love and miss you and big bear hugs to all the little members.

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Jenny said...

But your phone call was wonderful and just knowing that you care means such a lot. I love giggling on the phone with you - I jsut wish that it was cheaper to do it!