Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy days of Summer.

Budget's over & done with now we can go forward with the rest of the year.

We had a wonderful lazy weekend getting up after 9 on Saturday and Alan & I went for breakfast to help us get the energy to get some Christmas shopping done ! Well we had a stroll in Gateway shopping center and ended up leaving it to all the scurrying people. The sun was shining, the sky was blue it was just such an outdoor day - result no shopping.

Our pool is already warming up and our garden is gorgeous as a result of all the rain lately so it won hands down.
Sunday was much the same of just being out in the sun and then after all that effort a sunday snooze, we did make church - just.
I think after all the hectic weeks we have had lately it was just such a pleasant relief to soak up the summer sun and be lazy.

We did however come to a decision about selling our house which we have outgrown with 3 adult children still living at home and think it was time to maybe move on out to Durban North or Musgrave Road. Still its just an idea at this stage because Alan is extremely attached to his house and suburb and is not very good with change - it has to creep up on him slowly.

To everyone have a wonderful week and God bless.

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Jenny said...

Nice to have lazy days. That will be the end of an era ... and you've just got kitchen tiles too!