Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry pcs are amazingly fast here....like a dream come true. We are at Singapore Airport at 06.15 local time, nothing open yet off to check out the shops till we can book in for Auckland at 07.45...... I am going to have a cup of tea while DD runs amok.

Singapore Terminal 3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Packing - why are suitcases not big enough.

Ok everything is ready to be packed, my DD Kylie is already packed & also full of cold !!! Yes its vitamin c, enchinoforce & calcivitas all round in our house.

I do not normally agree to take gifts for others but its always inevitable that I say yes if its small, not because I am mean or horrible its because I always like to take gifts myself & we have a riduculous 22kg weight limit...... well over the last few months I have been accumulating a "few" odds and ends for my family - very small. HA HA - well we had a whole dining room table of things that we had accumulated & we need to take a small suitcase just for the overflow that can't fit into both our cases.

Today we charged camera batteries, did last minute special washing, spent a few minutes catching up with both my BIL & SIL re plugs and adaptors etc. Crossed of lists of "to do's" and actually got a lot done. Needless to say the fact that it is very cold in Durbs today helped.

Very importantly we "packed our scrap bag" but only with bare essentials - oh boy it was awful taking out all your favourite "can't do without" to just pack things like craft knives, scissors, pencils,metal rulers, adhesives etc - really bare essentials - I was putting in inks & brads & flowers & DD was taking them out...... no Mom you can't take your stash of ribbons & flowers no matter how light they are. I am lucky to get my thin & normal double sided tape. Thank goodness my neices & SIL are willing to share... especially my SIL who has extra trimmers etc - so a very big thank you to her ...... I guess that whats so special about scrappers they share & care.

I hope I will update my blog a few times during our trip & see whats happening in blogland too.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow today was fantastic!!!
I was really nervous about having my farewell assembly which is a tradition at Manor Gardens Primary School, especially having to say thank you without crying !!!

The assembly to which my family was invited & all came except for Mark in Joburg... was awesum !!!! Its run by our children (not an adult in sight except for sitting in the audiences) and was amazing. The children read out their little messages which are soooooo cute & funny, and then sing to you about 4 songs all "money" orientated because I am "the money person" Too gorgeous for words & I spoke with a BIG lump in my throat & was so so so overwhelmed by it all. I was given a lovely wood & bronze wall clock (which I chose & shopped for LOL) for my home office & it'll just be another reminder of school. Luckily my colleagues are really good friends & we meet for tea & other crazy things like shoe shopping in Greytown often so I won't miss them too much.

We still had work to do & my ex principal & I were in trouble for taking too long over tea... anyway work done & dusted it was our normal staff end of term lunch & it was just fabulous to relax & enjoy it - its very hard saying goodbye to your comfort zone but I feel so positive about the future & am really at peace with my self. Thanks be to God.

Its back to finishing off my "home" office work and all the last minute goodies before leaving for New Zealand on Tuesday morning !!! Wow I can't believe its nearly here already.

Will post some pics taken at school later........ great that its school holidays & the weekend we can finally relax yay.

Friday, June 19, 2009

19 June 2009

Can you believe it ??? Half way through the year & 5 school days to go !!! Wow that amazing for me, I have 5 days till I leave school. This week has seen tears & goodbyes & lots of fun too (all 3 days of our week.)
My new replacement Janice is delightful & we are having fun, she has worked in another local school & we have met often in conferences etc so its been so easy & fun to hand over to her. Its made this time for me so so easy - so thanks Janice !!
My dear SIL has booked us our classes for Senz yay its just so exciting !!! Thanks to Jenny for her organisation & such quick decisions !!!
This weekend is for relaxation after my last Mothwa AGM I hand over on Saturday - yay.

My ta da list so far ............
  • Finished off Mothwa books & had financials done by auditor.
  • Reports done for Mothwa ladies on Saturday.
  • Scrap booking stash - sorted, tidied & packed !!!!! ( thats a biggie....)
  • All tickets, forex etc safe in my safe place ! ( Hope I remember where it is )
  • Senz classes decided & booked by my SIL.
  • Curry cooked for tonights dinner !!!!!!!

Have a great relaxing & fun weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday at last

This week started off badly for me as I was off sick for three days, but being back at school for two days is really just so hectic. Still we have a long weekend ahead of us as its a school holiday on Monday & a public holiday on Tuesday - yay.
DH & I are off to the Midlands to relax and destress & are so looking forward to it. Its also a last romantic weekend till I get back from New Zealand. We love the Natal Midlands and really feel peaceful there.
I have to say my lists of "to do" are getting done albeit slowly but we are ticking them off and I am glad to be closing chapters slowly.
I hope the weekend brings everyone happiness and peace.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow is it me or is this year flying

Its half way through the year, it feels as if January was just yesterday......

So life marches on and its hectic for our household (not unusual LOL) as this is the time of the year when hubby travels for business & he left last sunday was back on saturday & left at 4.30am this morning and hopes to be back on friday !!!
His travel agent is really a long suffering lady who does incredible things for him in minutes, Monica said once being a travel agent is not exciting its dependable until along came Alan. She is extremely calm & capable & just gets on with it.

DD is off to get her forex today for our New Zealand trip & is very excited, we are trying to get everything done so we don't have the last minute things to do - I am much more methodical than hubby LOL. On saying that we went to get our international drivers licenses & I was the one who forgot her ID !!!! so its another trip to the AA this afternoon.

Hope you day is good & week is wonderful.