Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow is it me or is this year flying

Its half way through the year, it feels as if January was just yesterday......

So life marches on and its hectic for our household (not unusual LOL) as this is the time of the year when hubby travels for business & he left last sunday was back on saturday & left at 4.30am this morning and hopes to be back on friday !!!
His travel agent is really a long suffering lady who does incredible things for him in minutes, Monica said once being a travel agent is not exciting its dependable until along came Alan. She is extremely calm & capable & just gets on with it.

DD is off to get her forex today for our New Zealand trip & is very excited, we are trying to get everything done so we don't have the last minute things to do - I am much more methodical than hubby LOL. On saying that we went to get our international drivers licenses & I was the one who forgot her ID !!!! so its another trip to the AA this afternoon.

Hope you day is good & week is wonderful.


Jenny said...

And before we turn around it will be January 2009! Five weeks to go - YAY

Andrea said...

I so agree with you...time is marching WAY TO FAST....the only good thing is that it is bringing my mother's visit closer in the same way it is taking you closer to your trip so for that we must be grateful :-)

Have a happy day back at you!


Helen Tilbury said...

Yes this year sure is lying - I can't believe it's June already!!! Just not enough hours in the day...sigh...Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Now that you will not be at school every day we should try to get together one morning. When you are back from visiting Jenny in NZ. I enjoy her a lot as a bloggy buddy too ;-D Very envious of you having an overseas trip. Let us all know what the scrappy shops are like there - lots pics for the blog k?