Sunday, June 28, 2009

Packing - why are suitcases not big enough.

Ok everything is ready to be packed, my DD Kylie is already packed & also full of cold !!! Yes its vitamin c, enchinoforce & calcivitas all round in our house.

I do not normally agree to take gifts for others but its always inevitable that I say yes if its small, not because I am mean or horrible its because I always like to take gifts myself & we have a riduculous 22kg weight limit...... well over the last few months I have been accumulating a "few" odds and ends for my family - very small. HA HA - well we had a whole dining room table of things that we had accumulated & we need to take a small suitcase just for the overflow that can't fit into both our cases.

Today we charged camera batteries, did last minute special washing, spent a few minutes catching up with both my BIL & SIL re plugs and adaptors etc. Crossed of lists of "to do's" and actually got a lot done. Needless to say the fact that it is very cold in Durbs today helped.

Very importantly we "packed our scrap bag" but only with bare essentials - oh boy it was awful taking out all your favourite "can't do without" to just pack things like craft knives, scissors, pencils,metal rulers, adhesives etc - really bare essentials - I was putting in inks & brads & flowers & DD was taking them out...... no Mom you can't take your stash of ribbons & flowers no matter how light they are. I am lucky to get my thin & normal double sided tape. Thank goodness my neices & SIL are willing to share... especially my SIL who has extra trimmers etc - so a very big thank you to her ...... I guess that whats so special about scrappers they share & care.

I hope I will update my blog a few times during our trip & see whats happening in blogland too.


Bernadine said...

I no the feeling of packing and repacking. I went to the UK in Dec / Jan and spent a dday in JHB with a friend before I flew out and she repacked my suitcase for me and made me leave things behind. lol

On my return journey I was so scared I was going to be over weight that I left some of my "older" clothes behind only to be only 20kgs when I checked in at Heathrow. Instead of stuffing my hand laguage full of stuff I could have definately packed more in my suitcase.

Hope you have a lovely time and come back with lots of pic's and stories to share with us. :)

Jenny said...

And I also have adhesive (a few different ones), ink, flowers, ribbon, c/s, patterned paper, etc, etc and you're welcome to use it. Just bring a knife or pair of scissors and your favourite journalling pen! I am soooo excited!

Jenny said...

Oh and I also have plenty of extra clothes if you need them

Andrea said...

I am sure you are going to have a wonderful wonderful trip...enjoy time with family and create some special memories.


Helen Tilbury said...

Will miss you Jenny...hope you have a fantastic holiday. Am so excited for you. Can't wait to see what scrappy purchases you make & remember to take LOTS of photos at Senz for us ;-D HAVE FUN!!! LOTS OF LOVE TO YOUR SIL FROM ME xx

Kitty Cat said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but your blog name reminds me of my mother - also a Jenny, also in Durban - and so I thought I'd pop by and say hi. I live along the south coast.