Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy Day Monday

Its a wet rainy grey Monday morning. Its cold & miserable but I have a month end to complete & thats great because I am very productive in this weather.
Our good friends borrowed our tent & are camping at Scottburgh,so I hope the weather improves for them.
Its school holidays so traffic is wonderfully quiet in our suburb & I love that.
My eldest son spent the long weekend with us for the first time since moving to Johannesburg it was glorious having him home & painful bidding him good bye.
This will be a good week & we have a church fete on Saturday - where both DH & I are on tea garden duty so hope it is hot & sunny.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cards & more

Cards & more cards thats whats on the menu for this weekend.
Heritage day was spent catching up on birthday & good luck cards & this evening & weekend its Christmas cards. I have been to a few lessons/card making days over the last few years & never end up using them, but tonight I unearthed all the unfinished ones & just decided - lets do it. Its also a way to use up old stash so I can move on.
Unfortunately in classes you end up making quite big cards - not so good for posting but great for ideas anyway. I am not really a card maker but enjoy it anyway must be the child in me.
Anyway this Christmas I decided we should get back to old fashioned Christmas values & forget the ridiculous commercial hype that happens these I am on the look out for ideas please.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A whinge please bare with me......
Over the weekend I was told that a local scrapbookshop was closing down due to all kinds of reasons the main one being financial, needless to say I was saddened.
Today I decided to pop into the local shop in question to see for myself, its a small local & "thriving" shop - its not the snobbiest in Durban but it serves lots of scrappers like myself & we have good fun there too.
I asked ( I do tend to put both feet in often) what was going on & the owner just laughed there have been rumours even she has heard them - its not good for business obviously but these rumours are started by like minded scrapping enthusiasts which is worse !!!! Why do people get into a "negative mode " & enjoy it ????
Please support your local scrapbook shops & lets be more positive.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scrapping day

Here is my l/o from today. I found the photos when I got home from Wales Uk 2007 - they were just perfect.

It was a Christmas one & can you believe there are 12 or 13 weeks till Christmas - oh my how time flies.

It was fun to be with a whole lot of like minded people just enjoying the company & fun always involved when scrappers get togther. I really love the social aspect of scrapping & learning from everyone at your table is always enlightening. Making flowers is very definately not my thing but when you are been shown something - give it a go.

My DH has been engrossed in rugby today & is still thoroughly enjoying it - from the Aussie/All Blacks this morning to the Sharks/Cheetahs now, so he too has had an ideal day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

15 minutes on hold

LOL i hurt my back during all this cleaning up frenzy so much to our household's delight - the 15 minutes a day is on hold. I did however manager to clean out quite a bit.
Meanwhile I have a list of tasks everyone else can tackle.
I am off to the chiropractor today Heidi always works wonders & its raining in Durban so afterwards will relax & try & catch up with some reading.
I am off to a scrapping class tomorrow at the The Hobby Hut in Queensburgh for the first time so looking forward to it.

On wednesday I cooked dinner for my family & extra for a friend whose ill with emphysema & is on oxygen at the moment. Her mobility is poor but now she is grounded. Kylie dropped it off for me & they were so relieved as her hubby is getting home,cooking, doing a load of laundry & being a nursemaid - he does it all with love but as they are both in their 60's - its just not as easy to do than 5 or even 10 years ago. It just reminded me that small things done in love are very precious to others & I am ashamed to say that often I think about people but don't often do.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 minute clean up

I read in a magazine years ago about spending 15 minutes clearing your clutter everyday will leave you a "clutterfree" house - oh I SOOOOO want one of those !!!
So today having a bit of time decided I would try & just empty the little room off our bedroom we granduously call our "walk in wardrobe" in truth its a very very small room with 2 rails up for hanging clothes & all the floor space gets "stuff" dumped on it.
Well we have a church fete in 3 weeks time & I have been meaning to get some suff together for the white elephant etc - well my 30 minutes turned up 3 boxes & 2 bags full of "stuff".
So all those old magazines that didn't make it to our local old age home, all the pickle jars (washed & cleaned) for the church etc etc along with a good clean out of clothes that fitted me at least three years ago went with love.
I can now see the floor, I also discovered the two storage boxes for photos my son Mark ought me for my birthday so yay - photos to prove it !!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few layouts

These are l/os from our Pilansberg trip scrapping with my sister Cath(my NZ holiday pics) & today Kylie was busy scrapping up a storm so I did this funky KNP one.

I know i should wait for daylight to photograph them & LOL take the protective sleeves off.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10 th 2009

I should have blogged yesterday with 09-09-09, but didn't get round to it. Thats what is bugging me at the moment I don't seem to be doing as much as I used to & no its not getting older...
I get all my book work done, its easy & enjoyable but never seem to be able to scrap during daylight hours or nighttime come to think of it because I get distracted.
If I was out for tea or going with DH on his travels I could understand it but I seriously spend quite a bit of time "wastefully"(if thats ca real word LOL). I blog & then check out lots of others & I chat on skype mostly to family & friends around the globe - its very pleasant just not productive.
I used to work from 6.30am to 2.30pm, do the shopping, get my hair done, drop in on my fav s/b shops just to have a look etc ,cook dinner & then have an evening activity ..... well I don't do that anymore. I never seem to get things done........

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mark summitted Kili yesterday.

Yes he did & is safe, all his group summitted. He only arrives back in SA at midnight tomorrow.

This is the communication we received " Hi summitted yesterday, very hard. I have been sick from day 3. Please tell Maddie. Will phone when back in SA. Love you guys."

Praise the Lord I am just so glad they made it & will be so glad when he's home so we can check him out. His friend Reint & co climber once said Mothers are all the same Mark don't fight it !!!!!

Congratulations to our boy and all the group from a very proud Mom & Dad.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving our lives.

I love elephants (at a safe distance.) the little one was just so cute... At the Tropic of Capicorn in KNP.

A dainty Nyala doe

Hotair balloons in Pilansberg

Kimberly's big hole - its actually lovely & green .

Alan at Kimberly. He lets me take his pic with great reluctance but I don't stop LOL.

Please think about this !!!!!
We are so lucky (all of us) who have a roof over our heads,hot showers, beds & food to name but a few. Never mind the cars, tv's, dstv's, mp3 players, ps3's etc you know what I mean ( my cuttlebug etc)

I am a soft touch & when we were in the middle of Kruger National Park we saw two young (15-16 year old) Mozambiquan boys running through the park - obviously trying to escape to a better life in their point of view. These young boys looked petrified & had a water bottle (old recycled plastic one) & nothing else they ducked out of our view & although we had seen them we did not report them. We did hope they made it because they must have been so desperate to leave all they had and held dear - its not a planned immigration taking everything you can & having something to go to - its just sheer desparation to survive.
They had to face being out in KNP with its wildlife & then the zenophobia in South Africa - not much hope that I can see but they must have some hope. I only hope & pray they make it & something good happens.

Next time I am down in the dumps over nothing !!! I'll just try & remember what I have nor take for granted anythng or anyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call of the Wild

We have spent a week in Pilansberg & then off to Louis trichard for hubby to do business (the really small funny town) then into Kruger National Park at Punda Maria where its hot & dry.
The fish eagles are calling the most wonderful "call of the wild" - if people ask me what comes to mind about Africa I always say the fish eagles cry & the fever trees.
We are off tomorrow to Nelspruit where DH has business then home & I will be very glad to be home again.
My sister & I caught up in Pilansberg where we went for game drives, scrapped & just relaxed. My BIL & DH took us for a bush walk & we were lucky enough to see hot air balloons glide over us ( I am so going to do that one day) it was amazing these huge ballooons filled with excited people just sail through the air. Photos to follow when I am home.
On a more normal note, we got stuck in Louis Trichard so stayed in a AA recomended hotel, it was a comedy of errors - luke warm water, single beds, a conference going on so no extra pillows etc & then dinner took an hour to arrive !! My DH travels extensively & is very fussy no make that Extremely fussy - so he was ok it happens occasionally. The next mornng we were packed & ready to go & breakfast was lovely. We arrived at Punda Maria camp to find out our accomadtion was very unusual - rooms not a rondavel as expected, well tempers were a little frayed after we had travelled on an "african seondary dirt road". We both managed to hit our heads on a low beam & then a small temper tantrum (no it doesn't stop in childhood- 50 year old males are pretty good at it...) Anyway we went down to braai at the communal braais & met 3 lovely couples (one dutch couple) & had such a good evening. It just goes to show how everything really turns out in the end.
I am off now to join DH - he has finished his business calls & its time for sundowners by the river to watch the elephants as we are in Oliphants camp. Viva Africa !