Friday, September 25, 2009

Cards & more

Cards & more cards thats whats on the menu for this weekend.
Heritage day was spent catching up on birthday & good luck cards & this evening & weekend its Christmas cards. I have been to a few lessons/card making days over the last few years & never end up using them, but tonight I unearthed all the unfinished ones & just decided - lets do it. Its also a way to use up old stash so I can move on.
Unfortunately in classes you end up making quite big cards - not so good for posting but great for ideas anyway. I am not really a card maker but enjoy it anyway must be the child in me.
Anyway this Christmas I decided we should get back to old fashioned Christmas values & forget the ridiculous commercial hype that happens these I am on the look out for ideas please.


Jenny said...

Nice cards, Jen!

Desire Fourie said...

Love these cards Jenny. I agree the hype around the festive season is really maddness and so out of context. Its always special to give something that you have handmade yourself with love like eg. baking your own fruit squares and putting them in a little gift box you have made and embellished yourself. Have a great weekend.