Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A whinge please bare with me......
Over the weekend I was told that a local scrapbookshop was closing down due to all kinds of reasons the main one being financial, needless to say I was saddened.
Today I decided to pop into the local shop in question to see for myself, its a small local & "thriving" shop - its not the snobbiest in Durban but it serves lots of scrappers like myself & we have good fun there too.
I asked ( I do tend to put both feet in often) what was going on & the owner just laughed there have been rumours even she has heard them - its not good for business obviously but these rumours are started by like minded scrapping enthusiasts which is worse !!!! Why do people get into a "negative mode " & enjoy it ????
Please support your local scrapbook shops & lets be more positive.


Helen Tilbury said...

Jenny there are a lot of "cows" out there - for want of a better word - and I also don't understand why on earth they don't want to stick together. Can only think that it is because they consider themselves superior. I give my local scrappy shop {too much!} business...I try not to pop in more than once a month because when I'm there I am like a magpie ;-D

Jenny said...

That's dreadful to start a romour like that! But I'm pleased for you