Thursday, September 17, 2009

15 minutes on hold

LOL i hurt my back during all this cleaning up frenzy so much to our household's delight - the 15 minutes a day is on hold. I did however manager to clean out quite a bit.
Meanwhile I have a list of tasks everyone else can tackle.
I am off to the chiropractor today Heidi always works wonders & its raining in Durban so afterwards will relax & try & catch up with some reading.
I am off to a scrapping class tomorrow at the The Hobby Hut in Queensburgh for the first time so looking forward to it.

On wednesday I cooked dinner for my family & extra for a friend whose ill with emphysema & is on oxygen at the moment. Her mobility is poor but now she is grounded. Kylie dropped it off for me & they were so relieved as her hubby is getting home,cooking, doing a load of laundry & being a nursemaid - he does it all with love but as they are both in their 60's - its just not as easy to do than 5 or even 10 years ago. It just reminded me that small things done in love are very precious to others & I am ashamed to say that often I think about people but don't often do.....


Lynette said...

Hope the back is much better. Yes, it is the little things in life that really counts.

Jenny said...

I hope your back gets better really soon so you can be cracking the whip over them all again! Enjoy your class. And it always makes the giver feel so good when she/he does something in love like that

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh dear sorry Jenny that your back is hurting...hope it feels better soon & you can carry on with your 15 minute clean-ups. I always start panicking in September because I like it all done by beginning of December (Holiday Season). Good to help our our "niehgbours" where possible & lovely to be appreciated to ;-D

Andrea said...

Wow Jenny, this post really got me thinking...I have a friend sick in bed at the moment after having her wisdom teeth removed and although I have thought of her often and already called to check in, I certainly haven't made a meal for the family :0(