Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving our lives.

I love elephants (at a safe distance.) the little one was just so cute... At the Tropic of Capicorn in KNP.

A dainty Nyala doe

Hotair balloons in Pilansberg

Kimberly's big hole - its actually lovely & green .

Alan at Kimberly. He lets me take his pic with great reluctance but I don't stop LOL.

Please think about this !!!!!
We are so lucky (all of us) who have a roof over our heads,hot showers, beds & food to name but a few. Never mind the cars, tv's, dstv's, mp3 players, ps3's etc you know what I mean ( my cuttlebug etc)

I am a soft touch & when we were in the middle of Kruger National Park we saw two young (15-16 year old) Mozambiquan boys running through the park - obviously trying to escape to a better life in their point of view. These young boys looked petrified & had a water bottle (old recycled plastic one) & nothing else they ducked out of our view & although we had seen them we did not report them. We did hope they made it because they must have been so desperate to leave all they had and held dear - its not a planned immigration taking everything you can & having something to go to - its just sheer desparation to survive.
They had to face being out in KNP with its wildlife & then the zenophobia in South Africa - not much hope that I can see but they must have some hope. I only hope & pray they make it & something good happens.

Next time I am down in the dumps over nothing !!! I'll just try & remember what I have nor take for granted anythng or anyone.


Jenny said...

Nice photos, Jen. Yes, we are all so very lucky to have what we do

Lynette said...

Great photos Jen..I can't wait to get to know you better.

Have a blessed day.#xx