Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July is nearly over

This was taken on one of our football fridays !!!

July is nearly over & I am exhausted July & August are always busy months for us business & social wise. We have had business going on full steam for June & July (thanks to the world cup the boost was wonderful - hard work but really good.) & its time for my charity agms and back on the committees ( I believe God gave us 2 hands so - one to recieve & one to give) which means new people on the team always challenging & fun.

Plus it means we travel in these months, July we have been up to Joburg, south coast, eastern cape & in August it means Mauritius (pleasure for me a tiny bit of business for DH) & then back in Durbs for 4 days & off to Pilanesberg for time out with my sister & bil. THen through the north eastern transvaal & home via Swaziland. We actually don't slow down till December so I need lots of energy & really I don't have much lol.

I am also trying to get going on my Christmas list so December is not a shopping frenzy, and I have made a small start and am hoping that I gain momento.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

layout finished off lol !!!

Didn't like the empty space on the top right so voila !

So this is better than the last posted l/out.

A couple of layouts

I actually did a bit of scrapping today after Alan & I had tea at Umhlanga after church. I have to admit to not having my camera in my bag as I have just changed bags & the view from the Oyster Box in Umhlanga is so beautiful especially its red & white lighthouse...... gorgeous.

We came back I was full of energy, Alan slept under a blanket (in Durban !!!) but it is a bit chilly here today.

Actually I was thinking of all the lucky ladies who have been at Senz in Christchurch this weekend - i have been wishing that I was there too LOL.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home sweet home

Maluti mountains in the Mount Alyff area quite a contrast.
Gee even the lifts were "soccerized" very nicely done

Alan & flags of the nations

So colourful & soccer friendly

Well we've been to Joburg and back, all good & I survived the traffic and cold. LOl and Alan even survived the shopping (Joburg has such nice shops ) so all in all a success.
Then on saturday morning at 4am we set off for Port Elizabeth via East London via the Transkei, well it was a wonderful meandering trip with the most gorgeous african scenery including the Maluti mountains being capped by snow. No wonder the game in PE on saturday night was so rainy & cold.
We were in East London on saturday night warm & snug in our hotel room but the whole hotel was just so festive & full of soccer cheer. After a lazy sunday breakfast in East London we stopped in at Kidds Beach, Kenton on Sea, Port Alfred and then onto Port Elizabeth. It was so nice to be able to stop & look & we really enjoyed it. Not so Monday, it was business in Port Elizabeth & then Uitenage & then home via a night in Umtata (now Mthata) which has grown since we were last there twenty years ago !!!!!!
Getting back home to a hot pot full of stew & veg care of our DD was magic & of course your own bed. Needless to say today I am not full of beans I wonder why !!!!!!