Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July is nearly over

This was taken on one of our football fridays !!!

July is nearly over & I am exhausted July & August are always busy months for us business & social wise. We have had business going on full steam for June & July (thanks to the world cup the boost was wonderful - hard work but really good.) & its time for my charity agms and back on the committees ( I believe God gave us 2 hands so - one to recieve & one to give) which means new people on the team always challenging & fun.

Plus it means we travel in these months, July we have been up to Joburg, south coast, eastern cape & in August it means Mauritius (pleasure for me a tiny bit of business for DH) & then back in Durbs for 4 days & off to Pilanesberg for time out with my sister & bil. THen through the north eastern transvaal & home via Swaziland. We actually don't slow down till December so I need lots of energy & really I don't have much lol.

I am also trying to get going on my Christmas list so December is not a shopping frenzy, and I have made a small start and am hoping that I gain momento.


Jenny said...

Love the photo! I must get a decent one of my two. I'm sure that you're looking foward to relaxing in Mauritius though

Helen Tilbury said...

You are quite the traveller! Also trying to keep Christmas shopping for bits & pieces when I am "on my rounds" but it all adds up hey!!