Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27 January 2011 - life as it is

Ok yesterday we celebrated our 31st wedding aniversary, we are blessed with a fantasic marriage, we've survived the swings & roundabouts, dips & pits & had wonderful fun, extreeme pain & tons of love, laughter & partnership. I love Alan absolutely & hope to spend lots more years together.

Kylie (DD) had her car window shattered & her hand bag & laptop stolen. It was awful & we have done the new ID, new drivers license & am dealing with the car insurance etc. I have to admit to having to say lots of prayers and remember - forgiveness & love. She was parked right outside the bank !!!

I started going to a new Bible study on a Wednesday morning with a fantastic bunch of ladies, its fun & fellowship at its best & I am so enjoying it.
We had our first craft of 2011 on Tuesday evening & made cards, great fun & we spent lots of time catching up & being productive, its a group of about 30 women.

Steven turned 25 on the 21st of Jan(oh my gosh he's our baby.) & we went out for sushi with him on Sunday lunch time, as he had a party for his actual birthday night, went for his traditional birthday dive on the Saturday so he enjoyed. He can't believe he is "old" - his words but was ok when he realised his sister will be 30 this year LOL.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Even More Layouts !!

Definitely having fun catching up.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

still more



A few layouts

a few layouts done while working at the laundry this weekend, we were reasonably quiet after a hectic two weeks & one of the ladies is on leave so for the next 2 weeks I am working. I also have 6 months of project 12 to do (yes 6 months) & I have done 2 except for the journalling so I am getting there.

I don't mind & I get to finish a lot of I actually leave all my tote etc in the cupboard & so only bring home finished layouts. I am enjoying the fact that I am now doing mostly done l/outs so I can put them in my album & actually move on.

The photos are not great, my DS dropped my camera into the sea whilst fishing & he has bought me a newer model, more features etc - well I am gratful but really loved my old camera. So have been loathe to use this one & decided to get on with it. I have got lots of work to do lol.

Well I am off to bed as it's an early start for me tomorrow.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a fantastic SIL & my dearest wish is to spend one birthday day with her.

Hope you have a fantastic day & enjoy. We are thinking of you all day.

My SIL & I are both " Jenny Engelbrecht" we are married to brothers & we are family. Jen & I both have no trouble in knowing who is being spoken to when we are together & have a great deal of fun together.

Love & Hugs