Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blessed Christmas to everyone

Wishing everyone a very Blessed Christmas and I hope that the Hope, Peace, Joy & Love that Jesus brings stays with you for the entire year.

I want to say that every Christmas, we all work hard, getting everything ready & enjoy our day with family, extended family & friends. Its always wonderful and crazy at the same time.

We always go to the Christmas eve service, fall into bed at about 1am & the morning comes far too early.

Next year my hope is that we are not at home for Christmas but somewhere else just as lovely as home with different family.

God bless & keep you in everyway.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is love ?

When I was younger (seems a long time ago lol) I was insecure and I guess emotionally immature, I always wanted to figure out what love was ?
Not the love of our Heavenly Father - human love.
 When I married my DH & our three children were born, I figured this whole picture was love - well I was vastly wrong ......

Love is really having the flu, a red neon nose, being miserable & grumpy & your DH very gently ( probably treading on very thin ice lol) caring for me - I must admit as the wife/mother I do not get sick & if I do as ALL women you get on with it. This time I was really down & out - so DH made soup, picked up & threw out overflowing bins full of tissues(which he cannot handle), made me hot toddys, made sure I took my medication & was incredibly loving.

Today I am feeling better, not fit & healthy ready to go - but better & the funniest thing was my DH telling our DD that he was so relieved it was the worst time of his life. DD & I just chuckled.

Needless to say , there's office work to be done, shopping to be done & oh we ran out of milk lol but we survived and I think I finally found my answer lol.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family matters...

I love my family, we are unique, close, fun to be with & loving - most of the time. They are precious.

Then there are times when my children adult {children}fight with each other for the most stupid reasons eg where to park cars !!really that's so important - compromise - not in their life time !
I am always in the middle of the simmering undertones & I really do not like it at all - considering they don't live at home anymore I find this frustrating & really mentally exhausting.

They normally don't fight when my DH is around and that frustrates me - do I enable them, or am I just too soft {I don't think so lol } 

Anyway this weekend I was away on an Emmaus Walk at Marianhill Monastry - it was so serene, quiet & peaceful & I really need this fantastic sense of well being to continue, so on my return I found DH in an agitated state - the children had decided to keep him company incase he got lonely lol { truth be told they don't have DSTV } & so they "niggled " about the TV remote, no dishes put into the dishwasher, empty milk bottle back in the fridge !

Soultion - DH told them to pack their bags go home & give him some space LOL & they decided to be more compromising in the future. I had a good chuckle because he has just never noticed but he was very pleased to see me home. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boobs yes boobs

Today I used my Christmas gift from my family - a professional bra fitting and choice of a bra or mmmmm maybe two.

Well I have been busy & I was very excited to make the appointment with my voucher but this morning I was nervous - seriously I am not an exhibitionist I am shy & reserved when it comes to displaying my body especially with all the additional rolls etc etc. Can I do this, what was I thinking in December ????

I set off to Kloof in the search of Lisa Clifford Studio armed with a voucher, lots of misgivings & butterflies in my tummy. The directions were perfect I arrived in good time & no sooner had I switched my car off, got out tentatively I was greeted by a delightful young lady who put me at ease and took me through to the studio.

Ummm there are no little cubicles in here, the door is closed and its beautifully lit etc and there are bras of all sorts of shapes and sizes colours etc really very very pretty. Still no cubicles.........

Ok so I was put at ease, measured, not told my measurements yet and put into - yes I repeat put into a bra - stunning was the result absolutely stunning..... I squealed with delight & then the bombshell.  I have been wearing a 42C & although they are slightly big they are comfortable ( sounds terrible now i know)  ta da drum roll please ..... {36 F} is my correct size.   Ok so thats quite shocking I don't think I have ever heard of an {F} size but since their bras go up to a size L  I had to believe it.

All I can say is it a wonderful feeling to be in a super looking, pretty and such a well fitted bra - I am over the moon - they bras are more expensive yes I have to agree but so so worth it. I definitely have a spring in my step my DH was impressed with my enthusiasm & loved the two bras I got.

I am so happy I did this & its a wonderful gift - thanks to my {family} you are amazing even when i come up with crazy ideas.

Friday, March 29, 2013


To everyone a very blessed Easter, may the joy & hope of a risen Christ always be with you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At long last I can see the light

Today I was in court my DH by my side & after a huge wait in the most dismal conditions we were called in, butterflies in my stomach felt like giant eagles, palms sweating and my heart beat doing a tango. All of ten minutes later with not a question asked, we had to sign a form & it was over.
Seriously over.....

Ten years ago my DH's business went under, I got paid a salary from it and as he and I are married in community of property - I was co defendent to be sequestrated.
We had had all the unplesantries of people poking through our things claiming what they could take & not take ten years ago - cars were taken, furniture, bank accounts frozen - it was a nightmare BUT we lived through it, some days were awful some better until finally we just were used to our normal such as it was.

The only hitch in all this was the paper work was never filed (lawyers from all sides) etc so we waited & waited for our legal documents telling us we could get on with living - in september 2012 they came but we still had to make two court appearances, really we were fabaglasted but we wanted the legal ok. Today is the "official" begining of our new lives - of course that is great but we have been building up new lives for about nine years, the first year was really just survival.

I am sooo glad to have this done & we just spent time reflecting on how much we have done & how far we have come in all this, we are wiser, much more sensitive to others needs & what they may be going through & hopefully not as judgemental as we used to be. Our children have learnt huge life lessons & hopefully they will never have to face these same trials & all of them will be married with an antenuptial contract.

Still we have an amazing life, a lovely home, an awesome family & a good life. Thanks be to God because He really does never leave you and i know He does have plans for our future.

So today I am grateful & happy & to anyone going through a similar thing - it does get better I can guarantee that.
De Colores

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today, I am exhausted but tomorrow will be much better, I have finished my big company year end & have two more to go. 

I am going to do as much as I can & do the rest tomorrow, my days of working night & day to get finished are actually behind me - I used to be so painful about it but I have realised a few extra days really doesn't matter.

There are somethings that are so important and there are some that really are not top priority, I need to put my boundaries down & get my priorities in place. Sounds logical & practical sometimes its just not that simple.

So this year I will travel more with hubby, do less volunteering & actually take a step back. It doesn't mean I will blob or opt out just be more particular to what I say yes to. Sounds selfish & to be honest it probably is a bit but I want to grow in God & also have some "me" time. 

Starting with just taking the time to be grateful for my life and everybody in it. Last week we said goodbye to a dear friend who had battled cancer with gusto & faith & humour - she was such a blessing but it bought it back to me that we don't know how many days we have & why waste them on unimportant things.

So I hope I can look back on this year as a year that I found the balance that I need.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday is over but what a great time

Celebrating NZ Jenny's birthday at CargoHold in Ushaka Durban
Girls just like to have fun - celebrating NZ Jenny's birthday at the Spa in Nkwazi on Jozini dam
Well we planned & plotted, we booked & found the best of what we could & we waited...... till our New Zealand family arrived ! It was wonderful & we have loved every minute of it but today they flew off & now its really over. My DH humoured me my tears & said it would make next time even sweeter & he is right but I wish it didn't have to end.
Cousins on top of Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban
New Zealanders walking with elephants in Hazyview
Still we did have fun;