Sunday, August 1, 2010

50 years old - ouch

The family.
Best girlfriends(all avid scrappers ) pouring over one of the albums

The fun !!!

Whew 50 years old !!! I am incredibly blessed to turn fifty & still feel 20... okay maybe more 40 lol.

I am not a front row person I like being in the background so as the time was approaching my family kept saying lets have a party, dinner etc etc I kept saying no no NO. Eventually DH said lets have a braai with my good friend & her hubby - yes ok thats fine. This girlfriend & I share lots of years friendship & confidences. I thought no more about it.

So on Saturday as I was on laundry duty, off I went & the family asked me to do odd things in the morning & my laundry staff even checked up on me doing things but I didn't think anything about it.

DH decided he needed the car I had & would fetch me, nothing unusual in that except I was stuck at the laundry..... no big deal. DH phoned & said he's on his way & we would go for coffee on the way home ( strange since its rugby afternoon !!!) anyway but he had forgotten his wallet off we went home. I did say babe why are there balloons on the gate & door, oh why are there cars in our drive way ?????? and walked straight into a surprize birthday party..... WOW its wonderful & the family had worked hard & it was wonderful, good friends, good braai, washed down with good wine & fresh strawberries, cream & cake.

It was a lovely birthday surprize & it was so appreciated. My DD has been making me a scrapping album for my birthday which I knew about but had not seen, nor seen her do any either. Well its 2 albums & they are Incredible with my family in SA & NZ contributing to so its just Incredible. I will post pics as soon as I can. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

To top it off I had a call from Jen & Adrian in NZ (who knew all about this !!) & that was so special.

So its wonderful to turn 50 & I am so glad to be alive, to have a fantastic family & friends.

"Happy Birthday to me ".


Jenny said...

And so many happy birthday hugs from us. I'm glad that you had a great day - please let me know when both parcels arrive

Helen Tilbury said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! Loved reading about your surprie party - awesome!

Andrea said...

Jenny your warmth has always shone through your blog and comments in mine, and the fact that family and friends went to so much trouble is just testiment to what a special person you are. Happy Happy Birthday special lady!

Lynette said...

Happy, happy glad you had such a fantastic day. I only have a few more months then I will be able to sit with you at the BIG table;-D