Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pilansberg to Kruger

Whew we are in Kruger today after a week in Pilansberg National Park with my sister & BIL.

They are very special people to us & we all love being together but 5 days goes so quickly.

We went for game drives, talked & talked, ate lots of treats & just relaxed.

They went back to Joburg & we drove to Kruger National Park & tomorrow we go into Sabi Sabi game lodge for 2 nights courtesy of our eldest son Mark as a gift - its still wow we can't quite believe it.

Well we had a camera disaster in Pilansberg after taking some (more !!)stunning elephant shots & some of us messing around - we had a digital failure & went to upload to the laptop to get "No images" ......believe me both DH & I couldn't believe it. So now we have been uploading everyday "in case of". As a result I am in trouble fo forgetting the spare memory cards for the camera as well. I normally am responsible for making sure nothing gets left behind etc oh well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Jenny said...

Great few days away and dreadful about the camera. I know there is some way you can "find" them, but you'd have to ask and expert

Andrea said...

You certainly have had a busy time of it, but what a lovely lovely way to be busy.....look forward to seeing where you off to next xxx