Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mauritius time is nearly over

Our time in Mauritius is nearly over and while I get sad leaving good friends behind I have had a wonderful time & look forward to being home for 4 days LOL & then onto special time with my sister & BIL in Pilansberg.

My friend Debbie is in remission (from cancer) & its been an answer to our prayers. Debs is so practical & is so full of faith but knows its a matter of time so she makes her time count. It humbles me to think that maybe I don't make my time count enough. Also she has a huge heart & is loved by many & I thank God she has always been a special friend to me.

So my thought for today & tomorrow, make my day count & do as Jesus would - love everyone as best I can.


Andrea said...

A thought provoking post - I also often wonder if I am doing enough with the time given to me. Enjoy the last of your time on hols xxx

Jenny said...

Yes, I agree. Looks beautiful

Lynette said...

Wow...I wish I was there!

So glad your friends cancer is in remission.