Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 minute clean up

I read in a magazine years ago about spending 15 minutes clearing your clutter everyday will leave you a "clutterfree" house - oh I SOOOOO want one of those !!!
So today having a bit of time decided I would try & just empty the little room off our bedroom we granduously call our "walk in wardrobe" in truth its a very very small room with 2 rails up for hanging clothes & all the floor space gets "stuff" dumped on it.
Well we have a church fete in 3 weeks time & I have been meaning to get some suff together for the white elephant etc - well my 30 minutes turned up 3 boxes & 2 bags full of "stuff".
So all those old magazines that didn't make it to our local old age home, all the pickle jars (washed & cleaned) for the church etc etc along with a good clean out of clothes that fitted me at least three years ago went with love.
I can now see the floor, I also discovered the two storage boxes for photos my son Mark ought me for my birthday so yay - photos to prove it !!!!


Lynette said...

I LOVE those boxes...but use it mostly for scrappy supplies:)

Helen Tilbury said...

Ooh I LOVE those boxes...I have also read that 15 minute thing...it's a bit of a con to catch you though, because when you get started it ALWAYS takes more than 15 minutes! Well done on having a good clean out though - so good for the mind!

Jenny said...

The boys and I have done 15 minute clean up for years - except I let them play for 15 minutes then work for 15 minutes and so on until all the work is done. Works well for us

Andrea said...

such a lovely satisfying feeling...15 mins a day hmmmmmm, worth a try :0)