Friday, June 19, 2009

19 June 2009

Can you believe it ??? Half way through the year & 5 school days to go !!! Wow that amazing for me, I have 5 days till I leave school. This week has seen tears & goodbyes & lots of fun too (all 3 days of our week.)
My new replacement Janice is delightful & we are having fun, she has worked in another local school & we have met often in conferences etc so its been so easy & fun to hand over to her. Its made this time for me so so easy - so thanks Janice !!
My dear SIL has booked us our classes for Senz yay its just so exciting !!! Thanks to Jenny for her organisation & such quick decisions !!!
This weekend is for relaxation after my last Mothwa AGM I hand over on Saturday - yay.

My ta da list so far ............
  • Finished off Mothwa books & had financials done by auditor.
  • Reports done for Mothwa ladies on Saturday.
  • Scrap booking stash - sorted, tidied & packed !!!!! ( thats a biggie....)
  • All tickets, forex etc safe in my safe place ! ( Hope I remember where it is )
  • Senz classes decided & booked by my SIL.
  • Curry cooked for tonights dinner !!!!!!!

Have a great relaxing & fun weekend.


Jenny said...

Oh yum to the curry! It's so cold and wet here (maybe I shouldn't tell you that!) so I could do with a good cuury. Send an email to youself reminding you where your "safe place" is!

Helen Tilbury said...

Oooh, also like the sound of that curry! I am so excited for you & your greta travelling opportunity & the scrapping you will be getting up to! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how you found every aspect of it, from the pricing to the organisation of it all and, most importantly, the content of the classes & the teaching ability. Hope you have an awesome time away!