Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow today was fantastic!!!
I was really nervous about having my farewell assembly which is a tradition at Manor Gardens Primary School, especially having to say thank you without crying !!!

The assembly to which my family was invited & all came except for Mark in Joburg... was awesum !!!! Its run by our children (not an adult in sight except for sitting in the audiences) and was amazing. The children read out their little messages which are soooooo cute & funny, and then sing to you about 4 songs all "money" orientated because I am "the money person" Too gorgeous for words & I spoke with a BIG lump in my throat & was so so so overwhelmed by it all. I was given a lovely wood & bronze wall clock (which I chose & shopped for LOL) for my home office & it'll just be another reminder of school. Luckily my colleagues are really good friends & we meet for tea & other crazy things like shoe shopping in Greytown often so I won't miss them too much.

We still had work to do & my ex principal & I were in trouble for taking too long over tea... anyway work done & dusted it was our normal staff end of term lunch & it was just fabulous to relax & enjoy it - its very hard saying goodbye to your comfort zone but I feel so positive about the future & am really at peace with my self. Thanks be to God.

Its back to finishing off my "home" office work and all the last minute goodies before leaving for New Zealand on Tuesday morning !!! Wow I can't believe its nearly here already.

Will post some pics taken at school later........ great that its school holidays & the weekend we can finally relax yay.


Bernadine said...

Have a fantastic time in New Zealand.

Helen Tilbury said...

Yes it is great that it is the end of term at last. That coupled with your upcoming trip is just wonderful for you. I really think you will be very happy not having to work fulltime & will be very busy with all the projects you have on the go personally & your scrapping will really have the opportunity to flourish ;-D

Jenny said...

Sounds like a lovely farewll and we are soooo looking forward to seeing you! Roll on 3.30pm on the 9th