Sunday, November 16, 2008

Huge Storm clears the air

Whew on Friday afternoon we had a huge storm that came out of nowhere ! The rain & hail was unbelievable, it did a lot of damage in the 30 minutes that it raged & of course straight afterwards the sun shone brightly as if nothing had happened. Hillcrest & Molweni had lots of damage & 6 people were killed by houses falling down - the communities have rallied after this tragedy and there is a spirit of hope and renewed life.

This Friday my hubby had an operation on his foot due to damage done years ago as a teenager, this has left him in bed for a week, its been 3 days & he has cabin fever already & is driving us all batty. We have tried to entertain him, feed him, help him - oh my gosh he doesn't like being dependent on anyone. So it was with considerable relief I went to church yesterday & off to school this morning. We are going away this Friday for Kylie's (our daughter & eldest child) birthday to Fordoun in the Natal Midlands. Obviously I will be driving there & he will hopefully relax & be able to enjoy his different surroundings.

As a mother of young adults ( always my children to me !) 26 turning 27, 24 & 22 - we always have a house full of other young adults this weekend I had a mattress in my home office with a young friend who spent 4 days with us. Whilst we love it & encourage the friends - just sometimes I find it difficult to accomodate all these youngsters especially when the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it & the towels in the laundry hamper are overflowing from swimming & showering....... My office however is "my space" where I craft, work & generally just relax, so being confined this weekend was quite difficult, it made me definately think that we need that bigger house as soon as we can. Come January we are house hunting !!!

To everyone have a great week & God Bless.

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Jenny said...

I can't believe that Kylie will be 27! Not so long ago she was my 10 yo flower girl. Have a great weekend