Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arts & Crafts

Good morning world. Its a beautiful hot sunny day here in Durban, blue skies & everything is green from our last rains - just stunning. I am inside working - I think there's something basically flawed with that but thats life.

We go to our local church every last Tuesday of the month for arts & crafts & fellowship. We get all kinds of classes & while its great fun for us all it swells the church coffers at the same time. Since its drawing closer to Christmas (yes very scary the year is almost over!) we made African style tea lights which I loved with beads & safety pins !! I thought they were really nice & easy to do.

The next one is of our Christmas card class which is always such fun & I think really special too.Its just so nice getting a group of friends together to get some creativity flowing and lots of laughter and stress relief.

So to all friends & family take some time out to relax & enjoy our lives. They are short & precious & wonderful. Have a good week.

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Jenny said...

Those tea light holders are lovely - I may need to get some instructions for them!