Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Budget continued

Sorry finger trouble there.

In South Africa education is not free. Our school are mostly good and offer lovely facilities etc but this comes at a cost. So tonight I need to sell the fact that in 2009 our annual school fees per child will be R11150. I am not sure how that compares with the rest of the world but for my little corner of Durban, South Africa its within the norm. Our school is a government school but we only get ten staff for our school and we need twenty four ! hence school fees.

So here's hoping to a quick and peaceful meeting without any major grumblings, which is always helped by the cheese & wine we provide.


Jenny said...

Converting to NZ$ it's just under$2000 per annum but it's all relative to income too

linda said...

Hi Jenny
Found you through Jenny in NZ's blog.
I'm Linda, living in Brisbane Australia, ex RSA.
Hope your meeting went well.
Comparing school fees. Mine goes to a private school in Brisbane, not the most expensive but not as cheap as Catholic schools and our school fees for 2 kids are A$9,800 per year. That's about R65,000. As Jenny says it's realtive to income, but still a struggle for us. We forgo alot of other stuff to keep them in teh school.
Have a great day