Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Voting day

Ok we all voted after 2 hours in a queue, I must admit the people around us were fun & it wasn't too bad a wait. There were times when I thought I should come back later but no we stuck it out.
On a really fun note our youngest off spring, produced a David Cassidy / Partridge Family LP for me as he was asking me about my teenage years "favourite music" it was really great & hilarious to listen to it. Wow that was a fair while ok.
After that my DH took me for brunch & I bought some new shoes !

Not a bad voting day at all.


Lynette said...

I am waiting for DH to come back from golf...then we are off to our voting station.

xxxx I am practising to get my mark perfect;-)

Jenny said...

Good on you for voting. Oh I remember the Patridge Family too!